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The fans pick: Yes it would be awsome.
it smells like fart!
it is epic!
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Dragon Ball AF mural

ultradbzman13 said …
this club suck glob Posted over a year ago
FriezaLordDBZ9 said …
um sorry but dbaf is a crap ton of touro spit and if you people actually believe that its real for even just one segundo then you should be ashamed to call yourselves db universe fãs
Posted over a year ago
echo12 said …
welcome to my perfil madlang people Posted over a year ago
FriezaLordDBZ9 commented…
i like your mural and perfil but sadly youre an idiot if you think dbaf is real over a year ago
Houston1 commented…
dude i have no idea when you created this club but it sucks over a year ago