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spencerfave posted on Feb 15, 2010 at 08:30PM
OK so I really want them to bring back Lila Archer from season 1 so here is the link to the user feedback form on CBS.com , go to it and tell them you want Lila Archer back and why , I am hoping if enough people want her back they will bring her back!!! (Please reply and tell me what you think of this idea)

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over a year ago allyxx said…
hey did it but to be honest i always liked austin better i only did it cos i LOVE seeing reid all embarresed and etc haha sooo funny and cute
over a year ago lovespencereid said…
I dont like Lila. BOO.
over a year ago teamdimitri6 said…
i dont like Lila either :( reid is one of those characters who are better single lol lol
over a year ago reid4infinity said…
nobody (who is a big enough fan of reid) likes lila. shouldn't she have moved on or, like, DIED since season 1? BOO LILA! he lokks better with a brunette anyway.