dr. spencer reid New FF *Nothing Lasts Forever*.....

Leothebest18 posted on Nov 08, 2011 at 04:44AM
Hope u all like my first attempt to pendown something for this wonderful team!


Its a scene in the Hospital....U see Reid lying unconscious and all tied up in drips and the monitor to note his vitals.....Hotch stands next to him staring at his pale face....Tears well up in his eyes as he realises how much in pain reid must be!
Just then u see Reid stir and breath hard...Hotch rushes to his side and just as he holds onto his hand....Hotch feels how cold reid was when he falls back into the bed....still....Lifeless.....Shocked he stares at the monitor beep a Straight line in the ECG....Stunned he turns back and calls out for the docs on duty!

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