Dollhouse Unaired Pilot Discussion *Spoilers*

Saul_Mikoliunas posted on Jul 19, 2009 at 01:18PM
Unaired Pillot Episode-Echo

This is a discussion for everybody who has seen the episode so bviously major spoilers for the episode. I shall get us started with some random thoughts =D

What I liked
I realised that most of the clips that i really liked, were used in other episodes. Adelle talking to the client (Epitaph one), Ballard & Victor talking on the rooftop (I wanna be fraking Doris Day!), Echo getting into her pod and whispering Caroline. It seems like every major storyline from season 1, was condensed, or hinted at in this episode.
I wish the scene with Topher telling Boyd everybpody was programmed had been included, I liked that.

What I disliked
Echo shooting ballard. I liked Ballard and to me that was just.....not what I expected to happen. It just seemed so ....not right haha

Best Quotes
They're a little bit bison! (Regardless of which episode that is in, I love it!)
I feel oohgey about them.
Paul: Destroy. Manipulate. Control Victor:Yeah, people are a lot of crap.
Everybody's Programmed Boyd.
Love is a selfish Emotion.
I imprinted her as a sociopath not an idiot!

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over a year ago em_em said…
I think that the way most of the season 1 arc was put into the pilot shows how genius all the guys on the show are, Joss is definitely boss!!
I'm not sure that I like how Paul and Echo meet and there bit in his apartment :S
I do like that Boyd and Topher have a bit more of a relationship straight off in pilot than they do in the series.

All in all I think I approve of the Pilot and that its not COMPLETELY different to the actual show! I've only watched it in full once so far (having only gat the DVD the other day) so my opinion may changed after many repeated viewings LOL :)

Oh and I love the Bison quote too :D haha