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movygirl posted on Mar 06, 2009 at 11:39AM
Hello to every buffy mad-lover out there!

Since ep 1 of Dollhouse, i've kept wondering if this new Joss show has anything in similar with his previous BRILLIANT show, Buffy. Characters, plotlines, quotes, themes, u name it.
So, here's a topic where every buffyfan -*cough, cough* buffymaniac- out there can discuss any parallelisms between these two Whedon shows.

Here's an example:

Echo - Buffy
Boyd - Giles
Dr.Claire Saunders - Willow
Topher - Andrew
Adele - (i haven't thought of a good match yet. Maybe Faith or Maggie Walsh)
Dominic - Caleb
Alpha - Adam (or s8 Dark Willow)
Sierra - Kendra
Lubov/Victor - Xander
Paul - Angel
Jo Hern - Snyder/Forest
Mellie - s4 Tara

P.S. Of course, these guesses are not boolet-proof. Please don't throw me to the lions! :S
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over a year ago VMars4ever said…
I can maybe see Topher similar to Xander, but not Andrew. And Adelle is similar to Maggie Walsh, but nothing else. Echo and Buffy are not similar, neither is Boyd to Giles, Dr. Saunders to Willow, or any others. Especially not Alpha to Adam.
over a year ago chasity_dawn said…
good point....its a good idea to keep analyzing it
over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
Storylines-Eye gouging! I amen't sure which one was more disgusting, Alpha to his handler or Caleb to Xander, I had to shut my eyes during both scenes!!