Dollhouse raposa /YT sucks

fanfly posted on Feb 26, 2009 at 02:21PM
So I just made a fan video for Dollhouse and go to upload it on YouTube and the instant it's done uploading (which takes forever btw), it says it's been blocked because of FOX. >:(
I've noticed other Dollhouse videos and they haven't been blocked so what makes mine different?
And seriously, I've never understood why fan videos get blocked in the first place. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Yeah, piss on your fans! That'll make them happy. It's not like anyone's making money off these things- actually it's more like free advertising for the show!
Well, I'm trying to upload it to Veoh right now and we'll see how that goes.
*EDIT* It was blocked there too! Now on to Megavideo
*2nd EDIT*
Ok so Megavideo took it but who knows how long that will last! Here's the link
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over a year ago nosemuffin said…
That's really lame, sorry Fanfly. It's still up... I couldn't get any sound on it, but it looked cool =)
over a year ago amazondebs said…
that is megalame!
unfortunatly i have already watched 72 minutes of megavideo today (sorry my skins catch up for tonights episode) but i promise to watch it tomorrow

i completly agree nobody is gaining any money, it pleases the fans, it's free advertising, creates a stronger comunity plus how it is any different to the already existing thousands of dollhouse icons

can i ask you where you got your dollhouse clips from?
over a year ago fanfly said…
big smile
Exactly, debs- it strengthens the fan community! Feel the strength pour through the fandom! =DD
I downloaded the full episodes from here-
@nosemuffin- I checked it and I still have sound so I don't know why it would work for you! Sorry.
over a year ago amazondebs said…
ohhh that's awesome thanks for the livejournal community would accept me :(
over a year ago Cinders said…
dailymotion is very accepting of fan videos.

Youtube has such crazy rules, I don't even think I'll keep uploading there.
over a year ago fanfly said…
The file size restrictions for dailymotion are too small(for me anyway), but thanks for the tip Cinders. Considering how many fanvids I've made, I'm surprised I haven't had more trouble with YT- it really depends on how stringent the particular company. Fox is really tough and so is WMG. The fanvids I've made with FOX or WMG content are the ones that get blocked. My CW Supernatural fanvids usually do fine.
over a year ago Asvini said…
It's weird how they let some fanvids stay up and block others. I had a Dollhouse/Terminator one on youtube for ages.

I eventually took it down myself as I had only put it on youtube in the first place because my computer was screwing up and putting it on youtube was the only way it would let me send it to a friend who'd asked to see it (I wouldn't have put it on otherwise, partly because youtube is weird with fanvids, partly because I've only ever made 2 and I suck, lol), but it was a while before I remembered it was there and took it down and I never had a problem.

But I know people who have made fanvids of the same shows and had them blocked.
It's not exactly the most logical approach to fans is it? "These guys like the show enough to make a fanvid about it...better put a stop to that"
over a year ago fanfly said…
Yeah, I've had fanvids up for months and then all the sudden they get blocked. Others get blocked the instant they're uploaded. And some never get blocked. Sometimes it's because of the music you use and you can do an audioswap but I've never done that because I spend way too much time matching my music to my vid to just swap it out with something else. I'm kind of addicted to making fan vids. lol Although most of them are about Supernatural I've made some about Firefly and other stuff. They're addictive! It's a sickness! I need to join Fanvids Anonymous!

But again, just weird to punish a fan's enthusiasm for a show, or music for that matter.
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over a year ago ineedcoffee said…
That was a really cool fan vid!
over a year ago fanfly said…
Thanks! =D
over a year ago Saul_Mikoliunas said…
Awww man, I can't view megavideo! Youtube really does suck. I dont see what the problem is in letting people add fan videos, they are just promoting the show even more!!