It was a windy morning. Dotty "doc" mcstuffins had woken up. after brushing her teeth, washing her face and putting her shirt, polka dot tights and doctor uniform she went down stairs. after eating breakfast dotty went outside. all of her toys were out in the clinic waiting for her.
Lammy was sitting on the counter with sir kirby the knight. everyone else was on the floor walking and talking. "it's a wonderful day" Sir Kirby said. "yes honey it is" Lammy said back. Stuffy climbed onto the counter. Lammy got really happy. she was with Sir Kirby but she always loved Stuffy a lot. maybe even mais then Sir kirby.

"why don't you guys come play with us on the floor?" Stuffy asked. Lammy got excited. "we'd amor to" Lammy said. "absolutely not" Sir kirby said in disagreement. Lammy became sad. "but why" she asked. "we're too go to be on floors" Sir kirby said. Lammy got upset. "im not too good for it" She said "im going down there.". "suit yourself" Sir kirby said. Lammy grabbed Stuffy's arm and the 2 went down to play with the other toys.

lammy and Stuffy began to play with each other. they were laughing and giggling. Dotty seen them and smiled at them. "you two always seem so happy when you are with each other.". Lammy and Stuffy looked at each other and blushed. "what makes you say that?" they asked. "well" dotty started "the way you guys always laugh and smile at and with each other. you guys always seem happy like a couple". Lammy and Stuffy blushed. "we're not a couple" Stuffy said. "yeah" Stuffy said "we're just friends". the 2 toys looked away and blushed majorly. Dotty knew what was going on but did'nt push the issue. she decided to let them keep up the facade. Sir kirby rode up on his horse. "my darling Lammy" Sir kirby said "i want you to accompany me outside.". "ok honey" Lammy said. she smiled at sir Kirby. and turned around and frowned. "i'll see you guys later." Lammy said sadly. she cuddled with doc and Stuffy and then left with Sir kirby.

Outside Lammy walked along side Sir kirby. she was sad. "whats the Matter?" Sir kirby asked. "Nothing" Lammy replied. Sir Kirby looked Puzzled. "you became sad as soon as we left the clinic." He said "tell me, this would'nt have anything to do with Stuffy would it?". "N-N-N-no" Lammy lied. even though Lammy lied Sir kirby still caught on. he knew Lammy was lying. she was in amor with Stuffy and he could'nt take it. "its always the same with you Lammy" Sir Kirby said "you smile around Stuffy and frown arond me. you must hate me.". "no i don't" Lammy said back "i amor you Sir kirby". "i forbid you to see Stuffy again" Sir kirby said.

Lammy got Very Angry. "i can take a lot of things" SHe said "your snobbish ways. your cocky attitude but i will not let you run my life. you want the truth well here it is. i amor Stuffy. we're in love. im never gonna stop seeing him." Sir Kirby got mad. he then looked at Lammy evilly. Lammy began getting scared.

inside of the clubhouse. everyone was dancing. soon they heard Lammy screaming from outside. dotty and Stuffy ran outside. they looked around. "up here" Sir Kirby said. Stuffy and Dotty looked up at him. Sir kirby and Lammy were on a árvore branch. Sir Kirby had Lammy tied up with a rope. "What are you doing?" Dotty asked. "it would seem that the cordeiro does'nt amor me no more" Sir Kirby "she's fallin for the Dragon.". Stuffy smiled. "i amor you stuffy" Lammy said. "i amor you too"Stuffy said. the 2 looked at each other and blushed. Sir kirby got mad. "come get her then" Sir Kirby said to Stuffy.

Stuffy climbed the tree. he hopped on the branch. Sir kirby tried to run at him. Stuffy ran back. the 2 began to wrestle and fight each other. "oh my gosh" Lammy said. Stuffy over powered Sir Kirby. he pushed him back really hard. Sir Kirby flew back and hit Lammy. the 2 felll from the tree. "ahhhhhhhh" Lammy screamed. "Lammy!!!!" Stuffy screamed. he ran and jumped off of the árvore after Lammy. he grabbed her and held on tight. Dotty caught Lammy and Stuffy but Sir Kirby fell and broke his leg and arm pieces.

after Dotty repaired Sir Kirby she put him in her Brother's room. Stuffy and Lammy meanwhile had a talk.
"so you do amor me" Stuffy said to Lammy. "yes"Stuffy said "i do". Lammy and Stuffy kissed each other. Doc smiled at them.
after beijar Lammy and Stuffy looked at doc. "Sir Kirby won't be bothering you guys for a while." She said. "good" Stuffy said "its okver between us anyway. im with Stuffy now.". Stuffy and Lammy looked at each tother and blushed. "come on you two amor birds" Doc joked "lets go play in the clinic". the 3 of them went inside and joined the other toys
The end Hope you enjoyed it!!!! (: ♥