Lammy was sitting in Doc MC stuffins's club office one day. she was very sad. Doc mcstuffins came in. she seen Lammy. "good morning Lammy" Doc said happily. "hi Doc" Lammy answered sadly. Doc mcstuffins knew something was wrong with Lammy. she hated to see her friends upset and decided to ask what the problem was.
"whats the matter Lammy" Doc asked. "Nothing" Lammy answered as she stared at the ground sadly. "you know i can't help you unless you tell me whats wrong" Doc stated as she sat seguinte to Lammy. "well..." Lammy started "i kinda got a crush on Stuffy but i don't know what to do and I'm too shy to tell him".
Doc smiled. "its OK Lammy" Doc said "a crush is natural. it just means that you have feelings or amor for a person.". Doc patted Lammy's back.
"i think you should tell stuffy how you feel" Doc said. "no i can't do that" Lammy said "what if he won't wanna talk to me anymore. I’d feel terrible.". "you're gonna feel much worse if you don't tell tell him how you feel" Doc said "it's always important to tell people how you feel."
Lammy thought about it.
"I’ll do it" she said "will you help me Doc?". "of course" Doc said with a giggle "what are friends for?". Lammy hugged Doc happily.
Later on that dia everyone was in the office chatting and talking. Doc decided to put the plan in motion.
"hey Stuffy" Doc called out "i need to have a word with you and Lammy outside". "coming Doc" Stuffy said. Doc and stuffy went outside. Lammy shyly followed.
once outside the toys turned to face Doc. "so what did you want to talk about doc?" Stuffy asked. "well to be honest Lammy is the one who wants to talk to you" Doc said. Stuffy turned and faced Lammy. "what is it?" he asked curiously.
"well.....i.....uh" Lammy said as she stammered and blushed. she looked over at Doc who gave her one of those "keep going" kind of looks with a smile.
Lammy swallowed her fear and came out with it. "Stuffy me and you have been friends for a long time and i wanted to tell you that i.......". Before Lammy could say anything else the neighbor's dog busted through the fence. he ran at them growling and barking. everyone was scared. "run everyone!" she shouted. everyone tried to run back into the club office. Lammy tripped and fell. the dog began charging at her. "Lammy!!!!" Stuffy and Doc shouted. Stuffy ran and tried to stall the dog. Doc grabbed Lammy. Stuffy tried to fight the dog off but the dog was too big and too powerful.
"we have to help him Lammy said". "how?" Doc asked. "i got a plan" Lammy said. Lammy ran into the club office and grabbed a pin. she ran at the dog and stuck the dog in the leg with the pin. the dog jumped up and howled in pain. he let Stuffy go. Lammy stuck the dog with the pin again and the dog yelped and ran away whimpering. Lammy and Doc ran to Stuffy's side. surprisingly he was fine. not a scratch was on him.
"that was some pretty good thinking." Doc said to Lammy "you were brave". Lammy smiled and blushed. "that dog is lucky" Stuffy said "i was about to rough him up." everyone had a laugh.
"so what were you about to tell me?" Stuffy said to Lammy as he stood up. after what had just happened Lammy wasn’t afraid to speak her feelings anymore. she faced Stuffy and took a deep breath.
"i got a crush on you" Lammy said "i always liked you.". "why didn’t you tell me?" Stuffy asked. "i was scared that you wouldn’t wanna talk to me or be friends with me no more." Lammy said but i don't have to worry anymore because i know now that it's important to say how you feel.
"i always liked you too" Stuffy said "cuddle?"
"cuddle" Lammy said. the 2 hugged each other and gave each other a sweet kiss on the cheek.
they then walked off holding hands and talked to each other. Doc giggled and walked back into her club office where the rest of her toy friends was waiting for her.