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 Walt disney And The Mouseketeers
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This disney fotografia contains postigo and wicket. There might also be fielder, fieldsman, jardineiro, fieldman, ferreira, jogador da direita, jardineiro direito, campista direito, chapéu-coco, jogador, and jogador de boliche.

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ralph breaks the internet
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9. Gisselle and ponchastos
Giselle- She stands at 9th : At the beginning of the film, she is originally the stereotype of a disney Princess. Because she lives in the perfect fantasia world of Andalasia, she has barely felt emotions that are rare to the land such as frustration, sadness, and anger, which, of course, are common on Earth. She dreams of having her own Prince Charming, whom she will fall in amor with and live happily ever after. She also loves animals, who help her both in Andalasia and on Earth. She understands amor for all and life.
Poncahontas - she stands at 9th : Pocahontas loves...
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