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 Reason to amor being alive
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This disney fotografia might contain bar nougat, barra de nougat, bar de torrone, livraria, tabacaria, carne enlatada, and conservas de carne.

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Chapter 5- Runaway of the Lovers

Lady was distraught as she sat with Tramp on her front steps. Once again, the loss of her son hurt her dearly, and so did the loss of his girlfriend. After alerting Jim Dear and Darling hurriedly with barks, the two of them were shocked to see the absence of their rebellious puppies.
“Oh, Jim Dear, Scamp and angel are gone!” Darling declared with a still serene, but sad voice.
“I cannot believe what’s happening to us,” Jim Dear stated sadly.
“Nor can I,” Lady told Tramp as Jim Dear and Darling went inside. “Why couldn’t you come clean of your...
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