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 Reason to amor being alive
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This disney fotografia might contain bar nougat, barra de nougat, bar de torrone, livraria, tabacaria, carne enlatada, and conservas de carne.

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When they got out of the bus all the girls stared in amazement at the beautiful, three-story, cabin. It looked very modern, yet very rustic at the same time. It had a big yard that had become a little over-grown, and large pool in the back yard. “Oh my, how lovely.” Minnie said, “I had no idea they made cabins this beautiful.”

“Wow! I didn’t know they made cabins this luxurious!” margarida exclaimed.

“Oh…it’s prettier than I ever imagined.” Webby said, “Uncle Scrooge, has always promised to bring me here, but he’s been so busy with work. So, I’m really happy I finally...
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The following morning everyone woke-up bright and early. After breakfast, they set out to meet at Judy Quackmore’s house so they could start on their way in the twenty-passenger bus. While the fifteen girls in the chickadee, chapim troop were boarding the bus Mrs. Quackmore came over to Scrooge, “Well, Mr. McDuck where is the driver you promised us?” she asked.

Feeling very excited Webby replied, “He’s right over there,” and pointed toward Duckworth.

“Webbigail, I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to your uncle.” Mrs. Quackmore said arrogantly, “Now Mr. McDuck where is that...
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The seguinte morning Webby woke-up feeling very excited, she jumped out of cama and ran down stairs. When she saw Scrooge sitting in his lounge chair drinking a cup of coffee and leitura a business magazine she ran over to him, “Uncle Scrooge it’s still okay if my chickadee, chapim troop uses your cabin, right?!” she called.

Scrooge looked up from his magazine, “Aye that’s fine dear.” He replied a little less than enthusiastically.

“Oh, goody then I’m going to call Mrs. Quackmore right now and tell her!” Webby exclaimed.

“Alright, you do that darling.” Scrooge said as he chuckled....
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margarida was furious when she found out that Minnie left. Minnie had promised that she would watch her try on clothes, and now she had abandoned her. “How low can you get? Well, I’ll just stay here por myself. I don’t need her. Oh no, I don’t!” she grumbled

After realizing that trying clothes was not nearly as much fun without an audience, margarida bought all the clothing and accessories she liked, and stomped off to look for Minnie. All the while thinking angry thoughts about her. “Oh when find her, I’ll read her the riot act…that’ll teach her to keep a promise!”

Finally margarida came...
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Minnie happened to glance out the window, and noticed it was getting dark outside. She looked at her watch and saw it was almost eight o’clock. “Oh dear I’m going to late for my encontro, data with Mickey!” she exclaimed

“Well, You run along now and have fun on your date. You’ve been so much help today. Scrooge said, he paused then added, “It is getting awfully dark out there maybe I should walk ye to your car.”

Minnie sighed, “Actually guess I’ll have to call a cab. I came here with margarida in her car, and she left…so…”

Minnie started to take out her cell phone to call a cab. While...
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It was Saturday, and encontro, data night for Minnie and Daisy. Daisy, who was always looking for an excuse to buy new clothes, saw going out with Donald to be good a reason. Minnie had reluctantly agreed to go with her to the mall and watch her try on clothes, after margarida had begged her.

They shopped for hours. Going for from store to store in each one Minnie sat outside the dress-room, wishing she were anywhere else. And every time margarida came out of the fitting-room to show-off the seguinte artigo of clothing no matter what was said about it margarida managed to find something wrong this it. Finally Minnie...
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Disney's Tomorrowland
don rosa
Disney's Tomorrowland
walt disney
brad bird
britt robertson
george clooney
Tangled: The Musical
the musical
flynn rider
disney cruise line
toy story - um mundo de aventuras
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Pros:She is chinese come one thats
deserves some brownie points.
Cons: She pretended to be a man which
is kinda off putting.

Pros: She is beautiful and she looks
just amazing. Cons:she is just too
princess if that makes sense.

Pros: she is like a wife and a
mum put togheter. Cons: she is a
bit to plain and boring sorry cinders.

Pros: she has amazing long thick black
hair and her figure is amazing. Cons:
she is a bit unfashionable and too follow
you heart.

Pros: come one even if she is pixar
she is insanly beautiful. Cons: she
is a bit too much for any man or...
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disney junior
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A Princesa Sofia