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even Walt is there if you look closely
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 The Jungle Book Poster!
The Jungle Book Poster!
Hi guys, this ano marks the 50th anniversary of the animated classic that we all grew up with. So, here is my review on the timeless classic.

The Story

I felt that the film was slightly darker compare to the original novel as well as later adaptations of the story, the funny thing is that one of the lobos was voiced por Ben Wright, who would later went on to voice Grimsby, Eric's butler in the Little Mermaid. Coincidentally, this film also stars Darleen Carr, the younger sister of the late Charmain Carr (famously known as Liesl Von Trapp). Making Ben Wright to work the Carr sisters in 2 famous...
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cadastrar-se Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce), gaio, jay (Booboo Stewart) and introducing the newest VK, Uma (China Anne McClain) on an epic journey filled with high stakes, friendship and so many ways to be wicked.
posted by Windrises
So far there has been 2 live action films in Disney's live action film series adaption of Alice in Wonderland. In 2010 there was Alice in Wonderland and in 2016 there was Alice Through the Looking Glass. I'm hoping for a sequel.

Here's what I want in Alice 3

Tarrant Hightopp getting mais screen time.

Tarrant is the Hatter. He's the most entertaining character in the franchise. He's already gotten plenty of screen time in the anterior films, but mais of him would be great.

I want Time to return.

Time seems like a 1 film type of character, but he's a fun character who I want to watch mais of....
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Moving on from Sandy Cheeks, I've got something mais cool and fun to talk about. I'm sorting disney characters into Hogwarts houses. I'm starting with the Sensational Six. That includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, margarida Duck, and Pluto.

First of all, there's Mickey Mouse. I've put him in Gryffindor for he is adventurous, brave, and heroic. He is the lead figure as well. Gryffindors are said to be cool and popular.

Then there's Minnie. I sorted her into Hufflepuff for her sweet, fun personality.

Next, there's Donald Duck. I put him in Slytherin for he is cranky....
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Wow. I can already see the hate brewing and I'm so sorry but she just annoys me.

Just hear me out:

The first time I watched Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante I had no problem with her. I didn't necessarily like her but I didn't dislike her either. I was completely neutral to her.

I am going to flat out say it. Elsa is overrated.

I'm not hating on anyone for liking her, but I would like her oh so much mais if the fandom didn't constantly tear down other Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante characters and DP's and anything related to Disney, just to make Elsa look better. And what if you don't like Elsa? The fãs get so frustrated and start going on...
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I've been meaning to get to this artigo for a long time, but things kept getting in the way. I had school work, my job (which thank goodness I get to quit), other articles, and new filmes that I wanted to add to this list. I even thought of making this a topo, início 100 list, but when I attempted to do that it was just too overwhelming. Plus with new filmes coming around I was afraid it would change. I think that all of these filmes are genuinely amazing, no matter their flaws. There are no guilty pleasures on here, just what I consider to be truly amazing disney movies. I'm only going to only talk...
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I already made my topo, início disney villains countdown, and now I will be making my topo, início disney villain song countdown! Making this list was actually very hard, because I amor all the songs. I started this artigo last year. Since I became busy with school and activities, I put a delay on it. Now it is FINALLY here. BE PREPARED!

Honorable Mentions
Vanessa's Song- Sung por Ursula/Vanessa from The Little Mermaid

Gaston- Sung por Gaston from tBeauty and the Beast

10. Mine,Mine, Mine

Villain - Governer Radcliffe from Pocahontas

Radcliffe is something else. Only he would boast about himself while singing...
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posted by mountaindewman
So, i managed to see Bunk'd . What do i think of it? I................ have mais important stuff to say.
1: I will soon copy off of PieGuyRULZ and make a South Park episode reviewed! Someday .
2: I plan on doing a review on every Dan Schneider show.
3: My eminem Reviews will be put on hold. I forgot to mention...... i have autism , The Aspergers spectrum and one of those habits is changing interests often.
4: I plan on taking my wife to Florida seguinte week. I don't know if I'll update .
So, Bunk'd. When i first heard of a Jessie spin off, I thought " This is gonna be shit! Jessie sucked, so this...
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