15. Emperors New Groove- A new film that might not be considered as a classic por some people. But in my opinion it is funny and a great watch.
Some of you disney fãs may not agree with this list but this my opinion and I want you to know about it.
The disney films I like are usually underrated ones (like the Rescuers or the Great rato Detective) Or the disney Renaissance comedy type films ( like Mulan, Hercules or Aladdin.) So read on and Enjoy.
Take note that pixar films are also included on this list
Some of these films are ones that are unexpected or ones you were shocked at of being so low or so high. I know I have a weird taste in films so.
This is the segundo part so enjoy from the 15th spot film to the 1st
14. The Jungle Book- A musical adventure with a simple plot. A real jem in disneys crown.
13. Hercules- A musical that is funny and sad but has a great plotline.
12. Beauty and the Beast- I haven't seen this film in years but of what i can remember it is a great film and a classic to remember.
11. The Rescuers Down Under- This film is a great sequel to a great film. Also I live in Australia so it is extra special.
10.Oliver and Company- A very good musical with a twist on a good story. Also has funny characters.
9. Walle- the segundo pixar film on this list, this film is funny aand the characters are so cute.
8. Peter Pan- A great classic with action and adventure about childhood.
7. Lilo and Stitch- The best 2d film of the last decade it is great with a meaning about family.
6. Finding Nemo-The last pixar film on this list, it is funny and has lots of adventure.
5. 101 Dalmations- A true classic that has adventure and action that I always watch.
4.Aladdin- A great film that is funny and has great fightung scenc. Very action packed.
3. The Great rato Detective- A very underated film it is full of wit and adventure.
2. Rescuers. The most underated film drawing with The Great rato Detevitve it is a musical that is sad and has a lot of adventure.
1. Mulan- The best disney film in my opinion it has a great meaning and has great action scences.