Gaston would have made it on this if he wasn't a villian
This is the results from my countdown from my countdown it's not my personal opinion but I'm happy with the topo, início two my friend hindaa did an a countdown on the hottest disney ladies and Ariel won and I'm so happy she did and I'm a guy so it's hard for me to find them hot but I'll try to do the best please use nice comments there's no need to be rude and I know some of you maynot be happy but oi I can't help what people vote for so please don't act like little kids who complain when they don't get their way if you can't say anything nice don't say it at all enjoy.
15.Milo he's a nerd but he's handsome in his own way but who need looks when you got brain he managed to get a hot princess he doesn't care for look but I kinda like his hair but it's what's inside that counts
14.Phoebus he's handsome he's charming well some what charming she's nice though alot of people don't like him because he roubou Esmerelda from Quasimodo but he's okay to me
13.Snow White's Prince someone said she thinks he looks like a girl but he looks nothing like a girl he's handsome and so what if we didn't see much of him he saved our beautiful heroine and he stated all the heros
12.Prince Charming okay he's has as much time in the first and movie as Snow White's Prince but in the third be becomes mais handsome and mais personality my cousin has a crush on him
11.Kuzco for someone who thinks he mais hot than he is he's handsome I guss he learns it's what's inside that counts and in the series he gets a girlfriend named Malina (his nickname for her is hottie hot hottie)
10.Tarzan he's a girl's dream a muscial guy swinging threw the vines kind to animais and he wears a loin cloth even though I don't care for that girls do
9.Terence he's handsome nice smart a good friend some people say he looks like a 10 ano old but he looks nothing of the sort he's the same age as sininho he's a fairy
8.Hercules he's handsome smart nice he looks like a greek god because he is and he's got big strong musials
7.Adam/Beast he's handsome smart nice though had a temper but learned that it's what's inside that counts and some say he's ugly as a human but he's not
6.Shang he's handsome strang smart Valente loyal he maybe stiff but I've seen girls melt when he's shirtless
5.Naveen he's the new guy he's the one with the face that's new and freash he's handsome and girls say even as a frog he was cute
4.John Smith he's handsome with cool hair and girls I've met say he's sexy
3.Philip he's handsome smart Valente any girl would be lucky to have him because he'll kill a dragon for his princess and he's the first prince to have personality and a proper name
2.Aladdin he's handsome smart kind sneaky he's the first prince not to be born into royalty and to not be wearing a camisa
1.Eric I hoped he would win he's handsome I always wanted his hair his eyes I always wanted to look like him and plus he has the most beautiful disney girl as his amor intreast he's thw inner the hottest disney guy