Notes: Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante and DC are not owned and created por me. This story is for both and Fanpop. This story is dedicated to Adam West (my favorito batman and my favorito mayor).

Princess Anna came into the living room with excitement. Anna screamed "Elsa! Elsa!"
queen Elsa said "What's up Anna?"
Anna happily said "I have big news. Gotham City's 2 most dangerous villains have come to our city."
Elsa said "You seem oddly excited about that."
Anna said "Oh I sure am. Since Gotham's villains are here that means that Gotham's hero is also coming."
Elsa said "Do you mean Batman?"
Anna jokingly said "No. I mean the Flash. Of course I mean Batman."
Elsa said "So are we going to help Batman?"
Anna said "Of course." Anna got on her super hero costume. She was inspired por Captain cuecas so she didn't wear pants or a shirt. She wore rosa, -de-rosa underclothes, mask, cape, and boots. The mask and cape are based off of Batman's costume. Elsa's costume looked similar, but her costume is light blue.

While dressed as super heroes Anna and Elsa looked around for Batman. Suddenly batman found them. batman was dressed in blue and gray. Anna said "Mr. batman me and my sidekick are super heroes."
Elsa said "I'm not your sidekick."
batman said "It's always a honor to meet fellow super heroes. I'm looking for my main villains."
Anna said "Me and my sidekick um I mean me and my sister can help you find them."
batman said "I appreciate the help."
Anna proudly said "I'm Super chocolate Lover."
Elsa said "And I'm Super Icicles."
batman said "Cool names. Where are your pants?"
Anna angrily said "You better not judge us. Your sidekick, Robin, doesn't wear pants."
batman thought about it and said "I guess you're right. At least he wore a shirt."
Anna angrily said "Are you judging me and my sister again?"
batman nervously said "I'm sorry. Lets go searching for crime."

Meanwhile the Duke of Weselton teamed up with the Joker and the Penguin. The Duke of Weselton said "With you 2 por my side taking Arendelle's money will be easy. After all Weselton deserved the trade money that queen Monster took from me."
Joker said "Lets go to the bank and rob ourselves some good laughs. Ha, ha, ha."
pinguim said "Mr. Weselton take us to the bank."
The Duke showed Joker and pinguim the bank. The Duke said "Go rob the bank."
pinguim used a secret lever on his umbrella to break the bank's safe. Joker and pinguim started taking the money while the Duke watched with a evil smile on his face.
Anna said "It sounds like there's chaos going on at the bank."
batman said "It's worse than chaos. It's my 2 most dangerous villains: Joker and Penguin."
Anna said "Really? Isn't Bane mais dangerous? Bane could crush people."
batman said "Right now I don't have time to discuss that."
Anna, Elsa, and batman used grappling hooks to balanço into the bank.
batman said "It's time for justice."
Joker said "Actually it's 10:30 a.m. Ha, ha, ha!"
The Duke of Weselton said "Oh dear. It's Batman."
pinguim said "And 2 oddly dressed girls."
The Duke of Weselton said "Those monsters should wear pants."
Anna said "I ran out of fabric!"
The Duke of Weselton said "Get rid of them."
batman said "Joker there's nothing funny about being a villain."
Joker said "I disagree you caped fool. Ha, ha, ha!" batman and Joker battled each other.
batman said "You really should stop being a villain."
Joker said "Why?"
batman said "The heroes win in every episode and the villains always lose."
Joker said "Well then it's time to change that. Ha, ha, ha!"
batman said "Why did you laugh? You didn't say anything funny."
Joker said "That's what you think. Ha, ha, ha!"
Anna said "Bring it on Birdy."
pinguim said "Penguin. It's Penguin!" pinguim fired a bomb out of his umbrella. Anna ducked to avoid getting blown up.
Anna said "Looks like you're out of tricks Oswald."
pinguim said "Oh I actually have a simple, but effective plan." pinguim hit Anna with his umbrella. The umbrella hurt Anna.
Elsa said "I have to do something and I know what to do." Elsa froze Penguin's umbrella.
pinguim said "Are you related to Mr. Freeze?"
Elsa said "Surprisingly no."
batman said "Joker look behind you."
Joker said "Do you really think that I'll fall for that?"
batman said "Mark Hamill is behind you."
Joker said "Hang on while I grab my autograph book." batman punched Joker. Joker said "You tricked me. That's not funny."
batman said "Life's not all about being silly."
Anna and Joker said "I disagree."
The Duke of Weselton said "I better get going." While the heroes fought Joker and pinguim the Duke was taking the money. The Duke tried to run off with all of the bank's money.
Anna said "Oh no. He runs so fast."
batman said "Not fast enough for Weselton Repellent Bat Spray." batman used his Weselton Repellent Bat Spray which made the Duke slow down. batman ran up to him and caught him. Anna and Elsa returned the money to the bank.
Joker said "Thankfully I had my henchmen set up a plane so we can make a getaway. Ha, ha, ha!"
pinguim said "We better hurry."
The Duke of Weselton said "What about me?"
Joker said "Have fun in the retirement center for old villains. Ha, ha, ha!"
The Duke of Weselton said "I'm young and handsome." Anna and Elsa rolled their eyes.
Anna said "Batman your villains are getting away."
batman said "I actually set up a surprise for those 2."
Elsa said "What do you mean?"
batman said "Joker and pinguim think that their henchmen are in the plane, but earlier I caught the henchmen."
Elsa said "Then who is in the plane?"
batman said "Robin and Batgirl. They will fly Joker and pinguim to jail."

Anna said "Batman you did a good job."
batman said "You 2 girls did a good job too. In fact I have a surprise for you."
Elsa said "What is it?"
batman said "Please follow me."
batman pulled something out of his bat mobile. batman said "Here you go."
Anna said "What is this."
batman said "Bat chocolate."
Anna and Elsa said "Thank you Batman."
batman said "You're welcome. I better go back to Gotham now. Thank you for all your help."

Anna said "Elsa we finally got to meet the best super hero."
Elsa said "Yes. No super hero is better than Batman."
super-homem said "Ahem."
Elsa said "Batman's mais popular than you so let it go."
super-homem said "Okay."