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11. Pocahontas: The lovely Pocahontas. I'm going to be honest when I say that I actually think she would have been higher on the list if in wasn't for the fact that I couldn't find a good picture of her. Anyway the lovely native american princess Pocahontas.

10. Tiana: She is very lovely indeed with pretty black hair and rosy red lips I mean shes even cute as a frog just barley makes 8 because I had to think for a long time as to who is prettier Tiana or Pocahontas. Well congratulations Tiana for beating out a sexy Native American.

9. Cinderella: The segundo disney princess and the first disney blond haired blue eyed beauty. Of course she would have a spot on my list. Her beauty is sometimes underrated as people are all about the unique beauty thing and unique beauty is sometimes the best but people tend to over look traditionally pretty.

8. Meg: I think this girl is sometimes over looked in the beauty department. Some people think her facial features are to pointy and that she looks weird and is just plain ugly. But I happen to think that she is very pretty. Her body is just a tad to unrealistic.

7. Jane: I was trying to decide between Meg and Jane but I decided to put Jane ahead of Meg because she seems a lot mais realistic and natural to me.

6. Mulan: I think this girl is underrated in the beauty department to. I mean shes gorgeous! Shes a natural beauty that prefers to skip on the makeup (which is actually a good thing). She is my favorito disney character but even I have to admit she is not pretty enough to get into the topo, início 5.

5.Ariel: I know everyone is going to be like "oh my god how could you put her there." Well yes even I have to admit she is beautiful I just hate her a so much and her personality really brings her rating down for me.

4. Jasmine: She truly is a beauty with seductive eyes, a near perfect smile and a perfect body. If you look up hottest disney girl she will be in the topo, início 3 of most any list (for me topo, início 4) and if you look up hottest cartoon characters she will be in at the very least topo, início ten. Yes a true beauty indeed.

3. Belle: No wonder her name means beauty and no wonder Gaston was always trying to get her to marry him. Most beautiful girl in town and number three on my list this girl is oozing with beauty inside and out.

2. Aurora: Most commonly known as Sleeping Beauty and there's no wonder why shes gorgeous! She takes the classic blonde hair and adds the most awesome eye color ever. Purple! God I would amor to have purple eyes it would be so cool! You do not need to see the movie to know that she was blesses with beauty.

1. Esmeralda: With big green eyes, long flowing raven hair, a belly dancers body,and a dangerous seductive smile there is no wonder how she was able to seduce 3 men at once with out even trying and getting number 1 on mine and many others list.
oi everyone! Well, I decided, since I haven't made an artigo in awhile, do a list of my topo, início 5 disney males. I had to think, but I've got the list together. So...sit back and enjoy reading! No mean comments please.

5. The Prince (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

I amor this guy so much. Seriously. Even though we don't get to see him much, he left a lasting impression on me. I mean, right away. When he goes over the wall, and you see his smile, you know he's genuine. And when he pops up and sings into the well with her, it's hilarious. Especially Snow White's reaction. And when he starts singing...
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The talking airplanes are back for mais action in this sequel to Planes. In theaters July 2014.
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I lIke all disney filmes but these are the topo, início 5 i amor the most

5.Beauty and the Beast encantada Christmas
a disney sequel most people dont like disney sequels and some are pretty bad but Beauty and the Beast encantada natal is my favourite sequel it never fails to make me happy at natal and i amor the songs but the two i amor the most are As Long As Their natal and Stories i always sing as long as their natal the most i do like the original beauty and the beast but i amor this one more.

4.The Little Mermaid
I amor the little mermaid i grew up with this and i really amor the songs...
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