disney princesas Which video game featuring the disney princesses is your favorite?

Pick one:
Snow White for Game Boy
cinderela for Game Boy
The Little Mermaid for nintendo
Ariel the Little Mermaid for Sega
TLM: Magic in 2 Kingdoms for Game Boy
TLM: Ariel's Undersea Adventure for Nntendo DS
The Little Mermaid II for playstation
BatB: Belle's Quest for Sega
aladdin for Super nintendo
aladdin for Sega
Pocahontas for Sega
mulan for Game Boy
The Princess and the Frog for nintendo DS
The Princess and the Frog for Wii
enrolados for Wii and DS
disney Princess for Game Boy
DP: Royal Adventures for Game Boy
DP: Magical Jewels for nintendo DS
DP: encantada Journey for Wii
Kingdom Hearts for PS2
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for Game Boy
Kingdom Hearts II for PS2
Kingdom Hearts: Birth por Sleep
Never played ANY of them!
Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge for PS1
 disneyprince posted over a year ago
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