disney princesas If disney allowed it, which princess would most likely curse?

Pick one:
Ariel: "I amor him daddy, so f*ck off!"
Cinderella: "Oh f*ck! I have to go right NOW!"
Jasmine: "Get the f*ck off me you perv!"
Mulan: "Seriously Mushu? What the f*ck?"
Snow White: "AHHH! What- who the f*ck are you?!"
Belle: "Oh, just leave me the f*ck ALONE already!"
Aurora: "Did you HAVE to dash my hopes and dreams? F*ck you fairies!"
Tiana: "What the f*ck did you DO to me?!"
Pocahontas: "Really Thomas, why the f*ck did you kill him?"
 firegirl1515 posted over a year ago
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