disney princesas For FANPOP'S favorito DP filmes - Would you comment below with a STRONG positive or negative opinion on SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS?

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 Silverrose1991 posted over a year ago
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audreygrace412 picked Yes:
The one that started them all, Walt Disney's pioneer masterpiece that stunned the critics. I love everything that this film did to pave the way for more DP films and I actually enjoy when subsequent DP films have similar qualities. (After all, I am a fan of Walt Disney's work! <3) It pretty much has everything I love in a DP film and has stood the test of time. With such an iconic princess, iconic villain, iconic music, iconic sidekicks and iconic imagery, I can see why this was such a big hit in it's day. I love the overall positive moral to the film (you have the power to make your life positive), especially taken in context to the time the movie came out in the Great Depression of the United States. Although some of the later films were able to outshine this one, I do think that this set some really great and high standards that are worth appreciating and truly showed the talent and effort on Walt Disney's part to produce something so unique and memorable. <3
posted over a year ago.
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