disney princesas CONTEST: Round 6: Who is the most interesting conversationalist. Pick LEAST favorite.

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 anukriti2409 posted over a year ago
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anukriti2409 picked Snow:
Round 7: Cinderella
Round 8: Ariel
Round 9: Anna
Round 10: Mulan
Round 11: Belle
Round 12: Tiana
Round 13: Elsa
posted over a year ago.
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anukriti2409 picked Snow:
Like Cinderella, she's interested in conversations and would talk to animals about her feelings and work etc. but she's not much of an engager. She's polite and respectful but i wouldn't call her an interesting conversationalist, someone i can sit and listen or talk to for hours.
posted over a year ago.
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wavesurf picked Merida:
Most of her conversations consist of hijacking someone else's story, or yelling at her mom. Merida only makes one public speech, and has to yell at people rudely to get their attention. Merida is not what I'd call a great conversationalist.
posted over a year ago.
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audreygrace412 picked jasmim:
Same as before. I can see why people choose Rapunzel but I think for someone who was isolated her whole life, she was very interested in what Eugene had to say and polite with him. I think she handled conversations with him pretty well.
posted over a year ago.
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