disney princesas CONTEST: Round 7: Who is the most interesting conversationalist. Pick LEAST favorite.

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 anukriti2409 posted over a year ago
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anukriti2409 picked cinderela:
Round 8: Ariel
Round 9: Anna
Round 10: Mulan
Round 11: Belle
Round 12: Tiana
Round 13: Elsa

She could talk fine but i wouldn't call her "interesting". I;m not sure how much can she engage someone in a conversation, she'd rather politely agree to most things.
posted over a year ago.
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wavesurf picked Merida:
For being argumentative, yelling at people, hijacking conversations, complaining all the time, moaning "Ancient Kingdom!!!!" when her mother relates a parable, and generally being a boring conversationalist. Because she recites one story to a hall of testy warriors--- who are actually ticked off because of what she, Merida, has chosen--- does not make Merida a great conversationalist. Cinderella's politeness in conversations will always tower over Merida's generally rude personality and her inability to hold her tongue in check.
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audreygrace412 picked jasmim:
Similar to Ariel, I don't think that Jasmine is always that interested in what other have to say. When she is starting to bond with Aladdin, she completely tunes him out to talk about herself but luckily lands in the same spot that he did, conversation-wise. This made me believe that they were meant for each other despite her lack of interest (and experience) in communication. Additionally, she didn't seem to know how to start a conversation without her own prejudices getting in the way. She wasn't really interested in who these people were and seemed to care more about what they represented.

That being said, I think Cinderella is a very interesting conversationalist as she is able to tell the best stories that all of the birds and mice find so interesting in the morning. Also, she has a very polite sense of conversation, sticking up for herself to her step-mother without bringing down her step-sisters to do it. Part of this is not conversation but I think it's a testament to her conversation skills, as well as her patience, that she is able to keep it so positive and neutral even in the worst situations and argue her position clearly and directly, not losing focus.
posted over a year ago.
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anukriti2409 picked cinderela:
^i was contemplating that line of thought for Cinderella but then I thought it was only one incident. She did charm them into listening it with intent. With Jasmine, I feel she was very much interested in what Prince Ali had to say about her, specially when he admits that he was wrong to force her. She also shifted into a new topic, talking about carpet and showed interest in a ride outside the palace. Then she was also talking to him about Abu on rooftop. She could also speak her mind very much freely as well, with much confidence.
posted over a year ago.
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