disney princesas Have you noticed any plot holes or mistakes in Aladdin?

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Yes, (I'll tell you in the comments.)
No. aladdin is perfect!
 Lissabelle116 posted over a year ago
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dimitri_ picked Yes, (I'll tell you in the comments.):
Mostly at the ending...
- The way Jafar is defeated...
- Jasmine, The Sultan, any of them could have used the lamp to wish Aladdin was a Prince again.
- Why is he no longer a Prince? Wasn't that one of his wishes, or was he just a pretend Prince? I thought he wished for being a real Prince.
- Genie can't turn Aladdin into a Prince again when he got free? Of course he can, why doesn't he?
- The Sultan could have changed the law all along... but he only decided to do it at the very end.
But I still love this movie, it's special to me.
posted over a year ago.
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Pikatogeon16 picked Yes, (I'll tell you in the comments.):
Oh the stereotypes of Middle East and 90s references (oh shut up you love it too)

But anyway:

To fool Aladdin in the Dungeon. Jafar is able to completely alter his face, teeth and body to look like an old man. yet he still need Iago to be the hump on his back. Also he yanks his beard off and the gold tooth an everything else comes off with it.
posted over a year ago.
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Silverrose1991 picked Yes, (I'll tell you in the comments.):
Jafar simply takes off his disguise after he shuts Aladdin in the cave. WTF? He had different teeth, eyes, everything - that wasn't a simple mask.
posted over a year ago.
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Tygers_Eye picked Yes, (I'll tell you in the comments.):
Quite a few, actually.

- The Cave of Wonders is likely very ancient. It says "only one may enter," who turns out to be Aladdin. Does it mean one person per generation, or one person in existence? Does it just sleep waiting for that one person, turn away the unworthy, and, if the one person never shows up, just snooze for eternity? What's the point in having so much treasure if it's going to kill every unworthy person that comes in AND "the diamond in the rough" just for TOUCHING the treasure? After the treasure is touched, the cave literally melts and "dies." Why kill itself just for someone touching treasure?

- How are Jasmine, Raja, the Sultan, and Jafar are the ONLY inhabitants of that giant empty palace? Where are the mentioned-but-never-seen servants, royal courts, nobles of different kinds, and so on?

- When the guards arrest Aladdin, they are very surprised to find Princess Jasmine there and ask "What are you doing outside the palace? And with this street rat?" When she confronts Jafar, he claims Aladdin was arrested and beheaded for "kidnapping the princess, of course." Why does she believe him since she saw guards who arrested him were surprised to find her outside the palace and with him?

- After the song "Prince Ali," Jafar shoves all the parade people out the door. We see that the Genie can summon tons of people, animals, and so on out of thin air, and make them disappear in a flash too. (Like during "Friend Like Me.") However, right before the song ends, he goes back into the lamp hidden in Aladdin's hat. What happened to all the parade people? Did they "poof!" into thin air in front of the city, stand there awkwardly waiting for the Genie's next instructions, mingle among the Agraba's townsfolk, walk out of the city?

- And finally: Why does the movie treat Aladdin choosing between becoming a prince and freeing the Genie as a "dilemma"? Jasmine and the Sultan are standing right there. Surely one of them can wish him a prince and then free him.

It's a good movie, but it leaves a lot of questions.
posted over a year ago.
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carrieicecream picked No. aladdin is perfect!:
One of my favorite movies <3
posted over a year ago.
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RapunzelAnna picked No. aladdin is perfect!:
Tangled and Aladdin are the BEST!!!!!
Rapunzel and Jasmine are my favourite princesses

posted over a year ago.
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ne1fer10s said:
When Jasmine and Aladdin meet, He's very familiar with Agribah's marketplace. He has an established place of residence that he shows to Jasmine. He tells her that's it's just him and a Abu and he's free to come and go as he pleases, which is one of the things she finds so interesting about him.
Aladdin gets arrested, called a street rat by her own palace guards. And when she asks Jafat about Aladdin, Jafar says he killed him. Which is why she hates Jafar so much.

SO! Why does she believe Aladdin's lie that he dresses like a commoner to escape his palace? It makes NO SENSE. Yes Jasmine, I think you are stupid.
posted over a year ago.
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