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I have to say, this was a pretty good countdown. I'm happy with most of the results and we barely had any issues. A few fake accounts here or there, but nothing that big. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who participated & left comments, and also to Dreamygal, for sharing her picture-making secrets with me. I hope you enjoy the results, & please feel free to comment how you feel about them.

10.Snow White
Voiced by: Adriana Caselotti
Sings in: I'm Wishing, With a Smile & a Song, Whistle While You Work, Someday my Prince Will Come.
Snow White, the beauty that started it all, is a...
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A/N#1: Listened to the song "Beauty and the Beast" and saw a comment about a piece of the song inspiring someone, so I picked one that always seemed to give me goosebumps...I dont know why this part of the song does...I just think after seeing Belle/Beast from beginning to end...its enchanting to see how nervous about amor both of them are.

Disclaimer: Dont Own the Lyrics, or the characters...or Beauty and the Beast...thei Disney's.

Song Lyrics: "...Both A Little Scared, Neither One Prepared..."

[Belle POV]

Tonight was the night, the night I finally figured out what was truly going on with me...
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I don't know if you guys will find this interesting or not but I found this off a website called partysupplieshut.com and I found it somewhat interesting and thought I would share.

Disney Princess claims its history as part of the Walt disney franchise. This series based on prior line ups in disney filmes that have contained past disney Princesses. Those such as Pocohontas, Mulan, Tiana and others come together in this group. There have also been a host of 'unofficial' princesses that have joined the ranks of disney Princess. Those such as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Tinker sino from the...
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Song is from Lilo & Stitch and it sung por A*Teens
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*cuing annoyed Charlie Brown scream*

I have been so frickin' busy this time of ano and I put off practically everything I should be doing. But I still have 4 artigos to go counting this one.

In said article, this one will be my favorito disney Princess movie and why it's there.

Now for the record; I want to say none of these are my favorito disney movie, but a few of these are topo, início 10. I'm going over favorito disney PRINCESS movie. I myself prefer the underrated disney movies, but that's just me.

Moving on...

Favorite disney Princess Movie

These are my opinions, I'm also doing this artigo solo,...
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artigo counting down the favourite unofficial disney couple, which were created por these picks:

10. Shang and Pocahontas

I'm not surprised that this couple was the first to leave. I think this couple might clash just a tiny little bit because they are COMPLETE opposites (imo) and would have very very different views on life. Shang is a war general and Pocahontas hates war, somehow don't see this one working.

- PociandSmith: 'they are not made for each other'

- Justinfangrrl:' ^I agree, It just doesn't fit. mulan is the only one I can see with him....
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