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 Princesses takes wefie - Wreck it Ralph 2
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Source: WiR2 sneak peek
a pequena sereia
princess ariel
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princess merida
It's been over a ano since I last wrote this artigo so here's an updated list with Anna and Elsa included

12. Jasmine

Like I did in my anterior artigos I decided to seperate jasmim and mulan because even though Lea Salonga did both their cantar voices they're different enough to seperate. Anyway I've never been a fã of Jasmine's cantar voice, it's too papoula, papoila for my taste

11. Belle

Another voice I've never been a big fã of although I'm starting to like her voice a little more, but it's still not a very pretty cantar voice to me and the voice is too old for Belle

10. Ariel
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 The Official Lineup (as of Jul. 2014) + Anna & Elsa
The Official Lineup (as of Jul. 2014) + Anna & Elsa
Hi there, and welcome to my 5th article! Last December, I wrote my link on my favorito disney Princesses, but I didn't include Anna or Elsa yet because I wanted to wait for them to cadastrar-se the lineup officially. Well, they're still not in the franchise quite yet, but seeing as how plenty of us (including myself) have them in pesquisas and artigos and whatnot, I'll include them anyway. :D My placements will fluctuate, I'm sure, but here's how my list stands as of July 2014.

(¯¨*·.¸_¸.·» ApplesauceDoctr's favorito disney Princesses

13. Aurora (Previous Placement: 11th out of 11)
Aurora used to...
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Bonjour! So basically what I am doing is a list of my favourite outfits; but I am sticking to one outfit per princess. Also this only applies to the first and original movie; there are no sequels included. This artigo also includes Elsa and Anna. This is not a countdown; I tried to do one and it was too hard. I will also be talking about some of the accessories that go with that outfit, including shoes, jewellery, gloves, hairpieces etc. (There is only one outfit that Pocahontas wears, so there can only be one favourite. However I am still including her because I can still say some things...
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I amor imagining the disney Princesses associating with each other and being friends, and while I think they could all manage to get along somewhat well, I think there would definitely be certain clicks that would work better than others. This artigo is just about some of my favorito of those friendships so yeah I hope you enjoy leitura it ^-^ It's in no order whatsoever, so yeah ._.

Aurora, Pocahontas, and Elsa

This is my all time favorito group of friends, I just think they would work so well together! All of them share a rather serious front, yet know how to have fun as well. I think Pocahontas...
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First, let’s look at the living environment of these girls. This will give context and incentive for their specific wants and needs.


Snow, Cindy, and Aurora grow up isolated and have no (human) friend - they only have animais for company.

In addition to growing up isolated, both Snow and Cindy grew up orphaned young girls and directly suffer due to a jealous older woman: the queen dresses Snow in rags and forces her to be a scullery maid; Lady Tremaine abuses, humiliates, and forces Cindy to become a servant.

Summary: wants someone to...
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So far these are the results for the countdown of the most beautiful disney heroines, places 31-40. Most people didn't consider these girls pretty and definitely not beautiful. So just like the last time I did this countdown I'm going to tell how the public felt about them and then what I think about them. Please comment and keep in mind that this isn't my personal list but the public's opinion.

40.Miss Birdwell
 Very masculine looking.- cruella
Very masculine looking.- cruella
Pretty much everyone agreed about the same opinion of here, that's she's hideous. They said her nose was huge, her facial structure is masculine...
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