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 Snow White Pop Art
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This disney princesas fotografia might contain anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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My first artigo for this month. This time I decided to take a closer look at my favorito DP movie endings. So sit back and enjoy :)

10. Princess and the Frog

Ok, last on my list is the Princess and the Frog ending... and honestly I didn't like it at all. First of all the movie was a total lolfest. The música was not memorable, the characters were boring. I basically couldn't wait for it to finish. And then in the end it has like 5 different endings... Wedding in the swamps, wedding in a church, buying the restaurant, fixing the restaurant, cantar one mais unmemorable song... after each...
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We all have voted and here is our winner - Straggy! Congratulations!

I personally think the best present for her is being October a Mulan's month!

Well, please read her interview!

1 How do you feel about being a Princess fã of the mês for September?

I'm like ecstatic. :D I didn't think people would ever choose me to be fã of the month... Especially not on Belle month! It's nice to have people show some appreciation for something I just do out of habit now - I turn on my computer, open Fanpop, and go straight to the DP spot! This is also like an early birthday present for me, seeing as I turn...
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Okay I’m a week late but here is my artigo about watching Sleeping Beauty for the first time in years!

Like the artigo for Snow White and Seven Dwarfs I will write about;

1. How much I enjoyed/disliked the movie as a child

2. How much I have forgotten

3. Princess (will she be higher on my list or lower?)

4. Movie (will the movie be higher on my list or lower?)

5. Rating

6. How much has my opinion changed?

7. Would I watch it again?

Tonight's rewatch: Sleeping Beauty
Last time watched: February 14, 2009 (had a movie marathon that day)

So, how much did I liked or disliked this movie as a child?

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