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Moana's list is another interesting one because unlike Anna and Snow White I really don't think Moana would care much for the disney Princesses save for her favorites. Tiana, Jasmine, and Ariel were particularly tough to place and if you have suggestions on how Moana would feel about them, please feel free to share.

11. Aurora

I actually originally was going to group all the classic princesses together in one picture because frankly I don't think Moana would give them the time of day. Aurora and Moana have nothing in common and wouldn't even be remotely interested in each other.

10. Cinderella...
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 Yes, THESE designs.
Yes, THESE designs.
When it comes to the DP lineup, fãs have come to expect that the merchandise designs of our favorito characters aren't always going to match their looks in the movie. Sometimes you give the benefit of the doubt, because there may be some difficulty in translating to the new lineup art style, or changes may be done on purpose for marketing reasons. But other times, there is no exception. And for years we have dealt with some shameless representations of these heroines. Let it be said, though; some are fairly close to the fonte material. Today I'll be counting down which of the above character...
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These are just my opinions regarding the two filmes compiled together. BEWARE SOME SPOILERS!!!!

Weirdly enough, I like Emma Watson's speaking voice better than Paige O'Hara's (though Paige is definitely the stronger singer), and I think that's probably why I even like 2017 Belle slightly mais than the 1991 version. Emma Watson's voice is mais down-to-earth while still being elegant and classy, fit for a magical fantasy. Meanwhile, Paige O'Hara's speaking voice sounds like, well...a sino (get it? cause her name's Belle). Paige's voice sounds too perfect which probably made the original Belle...
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The only thing I still come on this club to do. Let's begin.

This can get kind of hard to read sometimes and we're sorry, but we're also lazy. And lots of language. Oops. We're pretty immature, sorry about that! I hope you enjoy!

11. Snow White

LanaQueen: I knew Snow would place here. But she's a precious little snowflake so I feel bad..
LanaQueen: ....Except I also placed her last. Heh, heh...
darby: wow bringing out the italics someones mad
Hajirah: Oh, is that how we're doing it?
BelleOlive: I loved it that...
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