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 Beauty And The Beast 3D
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Beauty And The Beast 3D
 My User ícone Made por Myself
My User Icon Made By Myself
This is mostly inspired por the link por PrincessAyeka12. I thought it was really neat the way it gave a chance for people to talk about like interests as well as get to know the user better as a well-rounded person beyond just their DP favoritos etc. So I hope you guys don't mind this artigo and I'd amor to hear from you about what we do and/or don't have in common. :)

Behind the Screen Name: I amor leitura and composição literária so I wanted to pick a name that was very symbolic for me. I amor and strive for balance as I truly believe it is the key to life. My screenname was meant to represent the balance...
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I did the 20 Worst DP outfits, and not wanting to waste time on the mediocre ones, will now rank my favorites.

20. Ariel's Nightgown
 "So excited to wear this frilly rosa, -de-rosa nightgown!"
"So excited to wear this frilly rosa, -de-rosa nightgown!"

Yes, it's just a nightgown, and yes, rosa, -de-rosa is not her color, but yes oh yes does it look pretty, comfortable and just appealing.

19. Snow White' Servant Dress
 "So fab rn."
"So fab rn."

If the ends were just cleaned up a bit, and she changed out of those ugly clogs, this would be an adorable outfit. She is rockin' that hairbow.

18.Cinderella's Servant Dress
 "They can make me work, but they can't make me stop being amazing."
"They can make me work, but they can't...
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Here's my ranking of disney Prince, barring Prince Hans as he's the DP villain. Hope you'll find it entertaining.

11. Florian:
Apart from cantar and showing courtesy and respect to a young maid of lower status, there's literally no interaction and no scenes to understand his personality. It was kind of creepy for me that he'd kiss a supposedly dead maiden. So yeah, he's the last in my list.

10. Naveen:
Spoiled rich brat who didn't even learn after plundering all the ancestoral wealth and thought of fixing it the easy way to find a rich girl to marry. Too flirtatious, too lazy, too laid-back...
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 My Favorite: "When You Wish Upon A Star" Score into the Whistle as the castelo Builds Itself Magically, Ending with Walt's Signature Logo
My Favorite: "When You Wish Upon A Star" Score into the Whistle as the Castle Builds Itself Magically, Ending with Walt's Signature Logo
Inspired por link, who did an amazing job(! <3), I really wanted to do my own version with favorito Openings. I actually really amor the original fairy tale concept of the disney Princesses and I amor the openings that give a mais magical and fairy tale kind of feel. (By the way, I am primarily trying to stick to the first 2-4 minutes.) So here is my ranking of the DP film openings, I hope you guys enjoy this light read! :D

12. Frozen: Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante Heart/Ice Opening
I personally found this to be uninteresting and irrelevant to the film's magic, fairy tale and princesses (mostly) in the film. No explanation...
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So I amor Disneyland and Disneyworld and I amor their Princess-themed attractions. That being said, I always thought it would be really cool if there were mais things at the park pertaining specifically to the Princesses as I am a huge fan! <3 So I thought I'd try to see if I could figure out some form of new attraction (ride, shop, restaurant, etc.) for each DP film. I hope you guys enjoy!

PROPS to link for inspiring me to do this artigo with one of her link

1. Snow White's Scary Forest
I thought this would be an annual Dia das bruxas event. Something to get the kids ready for the scary walk throughs...
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So yesterday I wrote an artigo about the Scariest Moments In Each DP Movie IMO, today I'm going to write about the topo, início 10 Scariest DP Movie Moments IMO, I'm also going to write an artigo about the Scariest DP Movies. You'll probably recognise some moments from my anterior articles, but there'll be new ones too so I hope you'll enjoy this article

10. Mordú

I'll just copy what I said in my anterior article: This urso is really scary looking imo especially with all of those arrows on him and the eyes are creepy too and his dark look also helps making him mais scary. Now his death isn't...
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 Astrological Zodiac Signs
Astrological Zodiac Signs
Okay so I have seen some artigos (outside of this site) with "Disney Princess astrologia Signs" but I always feel like they are inaccurate, most likely made por people who are not as big DP fãs as the people here. I also think they assign the DPs to specific astrologia signs based on their image rather than the substance of the character (i.e. Making Ariel a Pisces just because she's a mermaid or Merida a Sagittarius just because she loves archery.) That being said, I used to amor astrologia when I was a teenager, as I thought it was very neat and I have always loved the stars. I had a phase...
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To continue the Dia das bruxas theme, I thought it would be neat to picture each disney Princess' favorito Halloween-themed activity. I'd amor to hear what you guys think!

Prefer to stay indoors on Halloween:

Snow White: Passing Out Candy- I think Snow White look most progressivo, para a frente to passing out doces to all of the spunky visiting children. I think the smile on their faces as she drops the doces in their little bags would make her very happy. I don't think she'd be much interested in any of the mais scary elements of this holiday.

Cinderella: Making Costumes- Whether a costume for herself or all of...
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 source: Pete Ware
source: Pete Ware
Okay, so I have come across a lot of criticism against Merida that she is childish, rude, reckless, selfish and what not. But since she's my 2nd favorito princess, i'd like to put up a case in her favor for people to consider and see her in better light. I have tried to dissect the movie scenes, probed into possible perspective on various minor details that may have been overlooked.

Why she isn't sophisticated as others:
She no doubt loves both her mother and father, but Merida takes off a part of feisty, loud and unapologetically honest side from her father. She loves to fight with him, laughing...
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Keeping along with my Halloween/Autumn-themed articles, I wanted to make a "DP favorito Scary Movie" post! I amor to binge watch scary filmes in the mês of October; I suppose it's my way of celebrating the Dia das bruxas holiday since I don't do trick-or-treating or anything like that. I have heard plenty of complaints about children being on this site so for that reason I will only be providing films with a rating of "PG" or "PG-13" so that it is all content-friendly. (I even provided the rankings for each film along with the ano since there was no "PG-13" rating pre 1984 [coincidentally!].)...
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Last time I wrote this list Valente and Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante hadn't been released so now I'll write this list with them included, hope you'll like it

12. Pocahontas

This scene is amazing to look at, no wonder many people loves this ending, but why is it then last on my list? While it's an amazing scene to look at it isn't a happy ending, normally I don't mind it, but disney is known for making happy endings so honestly if this movie was made por another company and was live action I probably would amor the ending more

11. Mulan

This ending starts off great with mulan reuniting with her father and Shang...
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It is the mês of October which, in reference to DPs, definitely makes me think of the villains! Since I enjoy themes, October will have a "Halloween, Autumn, or Villain" theme in most of my posts. This one is going with Dia das bruxas & Villains! I still cannot add any fotografias to these artigos but I will be doing so as soon as possible. I only included the villains that I actually remember doing an "evil laugh" in their original film:

9. Governor Ratcliffe- Pocahontas: Not really an evil laugh, mais of a "bad person" laugh. Not too scary.

8. Lady Tremaine- Cinderella: Although it's evil,...
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I got inspired por anukriti2409's artigo so I decided to write my own list, it was hard to do, but I narrowed it down to these 10 things, hope you'll enjoy this article

10. The Lantern Scene

This scene is imo the most beautiful 3d animated scene, especially the part where the King and queen releases their lantern and then the rest of the kingdom follows, that part gives me goosebumps everytime. It also inspired me to release a lantern on New Year's Eve 2013

9. The Bayou Wedding Scene

This scene is the most beautiful thing from a DP Movie released after 2000, what especially makes this...
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 Credit to Sparklefairy375
Credit to Sparklefairy375
I thought it would be a cute idea to do an artigo with something positive about each of the disney Princesses in the style of a high school yearbook. Since I am composição literária this from my opinion, I have labeled them with traits that I find the most positive in a princess/female.

1. Snow White- Most Caring & Kind: Snow White wouldn't hurt a fly. She is so kind and caring that she doesn't even understand why the animais were trying to attack the evil queen disguised as an old woman. "With a smile and a song" it is clear that Snow White is very nurturing. She immediately takes to the dwarves like...
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 "The flor that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all."
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all."
So while there are a lot of great things that are pointed out about the movie Mulan, there are also things that I haven't seen pointed out yet so I wanted to share.

1. Realistic Representation of Culture: I amor that it is not over-Americanized and mostly stays true to Chinese and Asian culture. The most American part of the film is the fact that she thinks she can take a man's place in the army. That and Grandmother Fa's comments in general. Other than that, the movie is pretty accurate to her culture. I find this important because I don't understand the point of showing a different culture...
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