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While I was doing the youngest/oldest princess list, I was doing the sane fo rthe princes. I knew this list was going to be harder because most, if not all of the prince's ages were not mentioned in the film. But the producers who worked on the films, and disney has confirmed some of their ages, which made this list easier. Some of the placings are not suprising at all, and others are.

All you have to do is look at him, and then look at the rest of the princes, and you will automatically tell that he is the youngest. He has this youthful appearance to him, and he is treated like a teenager...
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I'm sure we all know how old most of the disney Princesses are since we get to know it from their movies, but some of them has a different age in their original and some aren't even mentioned, but this is mainly what other have said, but it's also my guessings on some of them. Anyways enjoy!

Snow White:
There has been many discussions on how old she is in the disney movie since it's never mentioned, but if you didn't knew it already she's 14 in the disney version. In the original fairytale she's only 7 years old as most of us know, but did you knew that in most of the newer versions of the classic...
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It was a fine dia down in the South in New Orleans. Tiana and Naveen were at início enjoying their dia off from Tiana's Palace. Tiana was fixing up some of her daddy's special gumbo for her and Naveen. As she was chopping the okra, Naveen came up behind her and wrapped his arms around Tia's waist. She looked beautiful: with her curly black hair pulled into a ponytail and a smile that was so contagious, Naveen couldn't help but smile too.
"Ma Belle Evangeline." Naveen sang softly into his wife's ear as he gently swayed Tiana's body.
"So far above me, yet I, know her coração belongs to only me." Tiana...
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