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I haven't written anything in a while, so I thought I'd whip out this list I wrote some weeks atrás and unleash my opinions out to the wild.

13. Cinderella

Ah, I have never liked Cinderella's hair. Even when I was five. It's bland, it's boring, I can't tell if it's wavy or poofy or what, and the color reminds me of mustard (which I quite strongly dislike.) Even in an updo, it looks like a butt.

12. Tiana

Her hair seemed like it would have been really curly and pretty. . . had she let it down. Before I chopped all my hair off in a whirlwind rage, I could relate to wanting to keep my...
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 oi Ironhide, news flash! Princess can be Valente too!
Hey Ironhide, news flash! Princess can be brave too!
I thought I'd spare a moment to describe the braveness of the bravest group of gals I know: the disney Princesses!

This isn't a countdown of the bravest princess, this is merely a list describing what I feel to be the bravest moment of each princess (in what I hope is chronological order).

Snow White

We start with the first! I feel Snow White to be one of the bravest princesses, for many reasons. 1) She put up with being a slave for fourteen years, 2) she didn't completely freak out when the Prince snuck up on her, 3) she pulled herself back together after being chased in the creepiest forest...
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(author's note: Snow White will forever be my favourite princess... I also have thoughts about her apology afterwards but I'll post that later when I actually put it into words and write it)


Firstly, Snow White goes from picking wildflowers, humming “One Song” to herself, helping a baby bird… to nearly being killed and realizing that everything that had just happened (=break from being virtually slave) was for that purpose.

Out of self-preservation - and not weakness - she runs into the forest. As of now, she...
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 You won't see anything like this here.
You won't see anything like this here.
Welcome to another Silverrose1991's favoritos countdown. Today we will be reviewing Cinderella's outfits. Silverrose1991 would like to remind you that all characters mentioned in this artigo are owned por disney and all outfits in this countdown can be found in Walt Disney's Cinderella.

Let's get started.

6. Light blue nightgown

This outfit is cute and lady-like, but old-fashioned. I'm pretty sure Lady Tremaine just gave cinderela the worst nightgown in the house to wear, so it musn't be very comfortable, either. I like the neckline with the bow and the color isn't all that bad, but dull.

 Nightgowns: Great for twirling around cinderela style!...
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I've been a part of this fanclub for a while, and it's my favorito club on Fanpop, so I want to share with anyone willing to read, my disney Princess list. A lot of factors take place during their list including, personality, style and enjoyment of their feature films. This is my opinion so please don't be offended por anything. Also note, that I don't HATE any disney Princess. I do hold all of them dear to me, even if I complain about them.

11) Merida- Before you all roll your eyes, I have to admit that when I saw the first commercial for Valente I was so excited and forced my boyfriend to take...
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posted by fiina
 mais or less how I look. I couldn't find any actual image.
More or less how I look. I couldn't find any actual image.
So, I decided to do this too. After two years. Being typical finnish I don't give personal information very easily, but this doesn't really go that personal. I hope you like :)

Yeah right, so this is just one of those I don't like reveal on internet. But my middle name is Hellevi, it is real name but please tell if you know someone with same name because I have never met one.

 I amor my country
I amor my country

Mom, dad, elder and younger brother. I also count my 3 gatos in it, though they live with my grandparents as we could not keep cat in city. One old madam cat and two little and...
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posted by dclairmont
 Which one will land on top?
Which one will land on top?
I did an artigo on this 5 months ago, and mais recently 3 months ago, but my opinions are ever changing (my opinions have probably already changed since composição literária this article) and I wanted to update my list yet again. I honestly amor all the princesses from first to last so this list was very hard to make, but I'm pretty happy with it. :)

11. cinderela

5 months ago: 8th

3 months ago: 10th

Poor Cindy, she just keeps falling down on my list. cinderela is a great princess, no doubt, and I have little to no faults with her, but maybe that's the problem. She doesn't keep me enticed, or entertained,...
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I decided to start a series of analyzing the DP Couples in depth (and later, the other disney Couples) after I got bored one day, and wanted to write a series of articles. You can recommend me which couple to do seguinte in the couples section. So here is how it is going to go. I will first explain my no geral, global statement about the couples in a paragraph, and then I will analyze each scene to look at the inner and outer feelings of the characters individually an the couple itself.

Here is the first DP Couple Analysis:link

First thoughts right after watching the Movie
Right after watching Tangled,I...
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posted by hatelarxene
 I am Merida, and I'll be shooting for my own hand!
I am Merida, and I'll be shooting for my own hand!
10. Aurora
Merida just wouldn't understand why Aurora obeys authority and is respectful, instead of opposing everyone around her. She would find Aurora boring and too girly, always sonhar acordado about men in her dreams. Aurora is exactly the type of person Merida doesn't want to be. Aurora put her duty first before her own pleasures, and Merida wants to gain her freedom. She wouldn't see Aurora's actions in a positive light and will find her too inactive and passive.

9. Cinderella
Merida would misjudge cinderela immediately as a doormat who has no backbone. She wouldn't get why she never stands...
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I have been here for a few months, and I noticed that I did not post my opinion of the weakest to strongest DP Film. Since it would not be fair to put all of these films together (as they were made in different times), I will do it in eras. The Disney/Pixar Merger Era is where disney bought pixar after their contract expired, and WDAS was slowly returning to their former glory, while pixar was slowly losing their impact as the best animated company, as WDAS, DreamWorks, Blue Sky and others became big competition. The filmes that are in this era that I will be covering are The Princess and the...
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posted by GreatLance_30
 Belle and Beast
Belle and Beast
For me, Belle is one of the smartest princesses. I know some of you wouldn't agree, but I really think she is brainy. Now I'll start my discussion...

1. Being a Bookworm
For me, bookworms are oftenly smart. You know, the mais you read the mais you learn, the mais you absorb information. Plus, leitura a lot of stories makes her articulate and English literate. Last one, this is a personal experience, all of the bookworms I know are one of those very smart people I know in this world, so it may also be the same instance as Belle.

2. Being Open Minded
For me, Belle is an open minded person. Open mindedness...
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We all know Ariel isn't really the most favorable disney Princess. Albeit all her adoring fans, there's also a tremendous amount of hate to come with that. There's no need to explain why to both, many fãs already established that, so why bring it up again?

Yes, the character hate is understandable...at least to a point. Up until the flaws have overshadowed the good in Ariel, or have been somewhat exaggerated.

So here're a few traits Ariel have, but seem to always go unnoticed

Ariel's caring nature

While this may seem a bit dubious, Ariel really does care. And it's a trait highlighted on her...
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My personal list:

10. Cinderella
Though I amor the lyrics and Cinderella's soothing voice, there are no songs that actually stand out for me. I think the soundtrack is a tad bit unoriginal and too simple for my taste.

Favorite Song: A Dream is a Wish Your coração Makes
Least favorito Song: The Work Song

9. Tangled
I'm not saying the songs are not well composed but honestly, I'm just not fond of this soundtrack. Mother Knows Best Reprise is the only song that I think is remarkable; the score and lyrics.

Favorite Song: Mother Knows Best Reprise
Least favorito Song: I've got a Dream

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oi everyone! I know it's officially 2013, but I decided to make this the favorito hairstyle of 2012 since the ano just ended and January and February are when they have all the award shows for 2012 so it's kind of the same idea. Here are the last 10 places for the hairstyle countdown.

51. Ariel's Blue Riding Hat

obviously...this is ugly. No one liked it, it was not a tough decision whatsoever. Good place for this one...dead last.

She looks bad whenever her bangs are off her face, she has a pretty high forehead. - rhythmicmagic

I don't like her bangs, but she looks better with them. - VGfan30

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The seguinte morning Aurora putted on her purple princess dress and was happy over getting to wear the dress again. She became surprised when she saw that Snow White was dressed in a new dress
"What a lovely dress you wear, it matches your personality", Aurora exclaimed
"Thank you, your dress is beautiful too, I think purple is your color", Snow White replied

Suddenly they heard the door open and Aurora hided under the bed, from there she saw what she guessed would be the huntsman and she started to remember what happened last night. She tried her best to stay quiet and as soon as the door closed...
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Young Stars Edition

Snow White-Selena Gomez

Cinderella-Bridgit Mendller

Aurora-Jennette McCurdy

Ariel-Ariana Grande

Belle-Anna Popplewell

Jasmine-Melinda Shankar

Pocahontas-Q'orianka Kilcher

Mulan-Ashley Argota

Tiana-Keke Palmer

Rapunzel-Annasophia Robb