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 disney Princess line up
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Here are all of the disney Girls posing por themselves that you can use to make your own disney Princess line-up
beauty & the beast
Well, here's part two of the results from the Most Similar Pairs of Princesses Countdown. These are the pairs thought to generally be relatively similar, and they get mais and mais similar as the list goes on... and ultimately, which pair will get #1? Read this artigo to find out!!!

20. Ariel and Snow White

Ariel and Snow White are thought to have a lot of similarities. Both members of this pair are young, bubbly, naive, and fun. However, people also think that Snow White is a lot mais contented than Ariel, and several people who voted for this pairing also think that Snow White is calm...
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I didn't make this- It's por AmaterasuTao on youtube. The song is Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy por Tata Young. I thought it was really well done, and I amor the song!
música video
The rankings list for the ten lowest places in the Best disney Princess Sequel Outfit Countdown. I know I didn't have to do this, but hey, disney did a pretty good job on the clothes in their sequels, even if the sequels suck. Thanks to cromulanfav for the idea of doing a sort of "honorable mentions" list!

 disney Princess encantada Tales- Jasmine's Peacock Outfit
Disney Princess encantada Tales- Jasmine's Peacock Outfit

31) Jasmine's Peacock Outfit

"This is just completely gross." ~Straggy

"This is weird..." ~AllegroGiocoso

"No, no, no!!" ~becca85

 cinderela 2- Fancy rosa, -de-rosa Dress
Cinderella 2- Fancy rosa, -de-rosa Dress

30) Cinderella's Fancy rosa, -de-rosa Dress

"This is just so bad. I mean a lot...
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 DreamyGal Productions
DreamyGal Productions
I started this countdown when it was Couples Month, but I had a lot of personal stuff going on, so it took me a while to get back on track and finish it.
Whether it's a kiss at a wedding, a kiss that brings about a wondrous transformation, or if it's a kiss for a dead person, we all voted and the results are in!

13. cinderela & Prince Charmings Wedding Kiss
 Have faith in dreams, and someday, your arco iris, arco-íris will come shining through...
Have faith in dreams, and someday, your arco iris, arco-íris will come shining through...

Cinderella has just married her very own "Prince Charming". There are plenty of people who amor Cinderella, but her relationship with Charming lacks a hell...
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So I did this awhile back for Esmeralda and Megara (and even further back for Merida). So I thought I'd do it for the other two main unofficial princesses. Funny thing is, Kida, despite being a princess, probably has mais reasons not to be included than any other heroine. But I digress, let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of adding Jane Porter and Kidagakash to the line-up.
 Princess of the Apes
Princess of the Apes

Reasons Why
-Kida actually is a princess.
-One could say Jane is the princess of the jungle.
-Tarzan was a relatively successful movie, that produced a successful franchise.
-Kida is somewhat...
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