disney princesas Getting to Know Each Other Game!

nmdis posted on Jan 23, 2013 at 02:11PM
We had known each other for quite a while(some more some less). We know which DP character our friends love and we know which they hate,

Now it's time to take it to a new level!

This is how this game works:

I will ask a questin about the user,for example..

Me:Do you have any pets?

Then the one who sees that will answer the question and add his/her own question..

User1:Yes,i have a dog named Spikes. :)
What's your real name?

Then the next person will answer his/hers question and add another one again...

First Question : Who is your favorite Singer?

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faz 5 meses twinklestar11 said…
"Sweet but Psycho" by Ava Max

same question
faz 5 meses BB2010 said…
Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley

Are there any animated characters you think you look similar to?
faz 4 meses twinklestar11 said…
no. not that i know of
same question
faz 4 meses disneyfan500 said…
I get a lot of Jasmine and Snow White so I would say a mix of those 2.

Have you seen Once Upon a Time or want to watch it?
faz 4 meses MalloMar said…
I watched the first episode. I had horrible internet connection at the time, so it took forever to load. Waiting for another whole episode to buffer just wasn't worth it to me. Beside that, I've seen a few clips of some Disney characters that interest me.
Now that I have a faster internet, I could give it another go.

Do you remember what first brought you to this site (not this particular club)?
faz 4 meses twinklestar11 said…
looking through google images. and i by mistake clicked the link which it lead me to this club actually

same question
faz 4 meses Sparklefairy375 said…
Well, by searching images towards google and most of them came from Fanpop, and so yeah, here I am xD

What's your least favorite food?
faz 4 meses deedragongirl said…
Dim Sum!

Favourite YTP?
twinklestar11 commented…
what is ytp? faz 4 meses
MalloMar commented…
YouTube Poop. faz 4 meses
twinklestar11 commented…
oh faz 4 meses
faz 4 meses MalloMar said…
The LOL King! It's been a long time since I've watched YTP though. This one's long but hilarious nonetheless. I attempted to embed this video here, but it isn't letting me for some reason. Anyway, if you want a good laugh, search "The LOL King" on YouTube.

Are you in a romantic relationship?
faz 4 meses twinklestar11 said…

same question
last edited faz 4 meses
faz 4 meses MalloMar said…
No. I never have been either, but I'm okay with that.

Favorite non-Princess Disney movie?
faz 4 meses twinklestar11 said…
Secret life of pets, Coco, and some others that i cant think of rn

how many pets do have?
faz 4 meses Sparklefairy375 said…
I don't have any pets.

Iphone or Android?
faz 4 meses deedragongirl said…

Have you read and seen A Dog's Purpose?
faz 4 meses twinklestar11 said…
no. but i heard of it. and i want to check it out sometime.... i think my sister read it, not sure tho

what is your favorite food?
faz 2 meses BB2010 said…

Are you excited about any upcoming Disney movie?
faz 2 meses Mongoose09 said…
honestly? no. lmao

Same question
faz 2 meses deedragongirl said…
Just Toy Story 4, Frozen II and Star Wars.

Are you involve in any children organisations? Like Metroworld or Unicef?
faz 2 meses BB2010 said…

Are there any remakes you like? (Not just the new 2010s ones, the ones that came out in the 90's too)
faz 2 meses simrananime said…
I haven't seen many 90s remake so I can't say but I really liked the new live action Jungle Book and Cinderella remake.

What will you do if you were given a million dollar?
faz 2 meses Mongoose09 said…
Travel the world

Favorite videogame?
faz 2 meses deedragongirl said…
Super Mario Brothers!

Same Question!
faz 2 meses Mongoose09 said…
Spyro <3

What's your favorite type of weather?