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 Pocahontas got best picture for this stunning fotografia of her as a zombie Credit:x-Tsuzurao-x
Pocahontas got best picture for this stunning photo of her as a zombie Credit:x-Tsuzurao-x
Previously on DNTM: Pocahontas is emotionally affected from the death of John Smith and the modelos pose as zombies. jasmim and Elsa produce bad pictures but it was jasmim was sent home. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessional after elimination
Pocahontas: I am really sad that jasmim left. She helped me get through this death and I don't know what I can do now.
Ariel: I had drama originally with jasmim but we became great friends I really wanted her to be in the competition longer.
Elsa: For the segundo week in a row I had a bad picture and was almost sent home. I really need to improve or...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
Aye, ears are cool. So here we go :3

Ears that may or may not exist:

Snow White



Ears that be hidden: (for the most part)




Ears that deserve recognition:




Ear that are resfriador, refrigerador than cool:





For the record, this artigo started as a serious favorito ear list. Err.. as you see.. I got a bit carried away with the pictures and it escalated to this. So, aye. XD
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It's been about two months since I wrote one of these articles, but seeing as only two spots have remained the same, I thought it would be a good time to update it! Well, I hope you guys enjoy leitura :)

13. Ariel
Previously: 12

Ariel is a great princess, no doubt, but when I think about it, nothing about her entices me. I can't really list a single thing I amor about her. She's cute, yes, she's passionate, yes, she's adventurous and driven, yes, but I don't really care about those qualities. I suppose her naivety to the human world is endearing, but her irresponsible, rash, forgetful, reckless...
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 Best Hair All Around.
Best Hair All Around.
This is part one of my most beautiful princess articles. I will be judging the princesses by: Hair, Waist, Face, Legs, Eyes, Smile, Knees, Arms, Hands and Shoulders or in other words the things that I find attractive in girls. Then I will have an all around artigo where I rank them all with the points. So this is article, I amor hair, all of the princesses have hair on their heads, so that's an important thing to know and talk about. Also I will be bring how the hair's personalty, because hair does have that. Now time for my ranking.

13: Aurora
 Okay hair
Okay hair

I'm so sorry Aurora, your very beautiful...
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posted by MissAngelPaws
 My current ícone
My current icon
oi guys :) I've been active on this spot for a while so I thought I should write an article. I decided to start with this since everyone wrote these kind of articles.

Basic Info:
My name is Dania Murad and I was born on November 23, 1999. I am 14 years old. Currently, I live in Canada with my parents and my 8 year-old sister.

My favorito disney things:
If you didn't know, I really amor Frozen. It's my favorito movie and it has my favorito disney Princess (Elsa) and it's high on most of my lists, but it's not always first. I also really amor Tangled, Valente and PatF. So basically all the modern...
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posted by dclairmont
Not sure if you all have seen my ramblings on the wall, but I've converted! I am now officially a Merida fã (not that I wasn't before, but just recently I've fallen in amor with her mais than ever before). She's now sixth on my list including Anna and Elsa, and fourth not including them. This kind of came out of nowhere, but lately I'm over the moon about her and I think it's a good time to write one of these artigos for her. I've already written one for Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Tiana, Elsa, and Anna, and plan on making one for all of the princesses at some point....
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Keep in mind this is an opinion article. ;) This is not a "defending the classics article", it is stating why cinderela is the best Classic princess.

While I amor all three classics, cinderela has always stood out to me. And no it is not because of her ball gown( although it is lovely). Many criticize her for being weak and passive but she is not at all that. Many people have been defending Sleeping Beauty and The Fairiest of Them All Lately. Also known as Snow and Aurora. But here is why Cindy is the best out of them all in my opinion.

Cinderella is one of those people who always treats...
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 The stars of the show <3 (Art not my own - found on pinterest)
The stars of the show <3 (Art not my own - found on pinterest)
I have been wanting to write another artigo for a while, so I decided to write about: "Why I amor the modern princesses". With any luck, I should be able to do a full series for all the eras :)

Tiana -
What I have always loved about Tiana is so hard-working and determined she is! She doesn't sit and wait for her dream to happen. She works hard dia and night to achieve her goals. To me, that is a great example to set to young girls! I feel there are too many girls I know who do not try at anything at all. Tiana helps to teach that wishing and hoping only gets you so far in life. The reality...
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posted by RapunzelAnna
please don't write rude comments
this personally is my own opinion we all have different opinions and this is mine

13.Snow White

She is spunky with just the right amount of maturity and femininity. Her many talents get her so far in life. And she doesn't need a man to help get her there. But I had NO CHOICE but
to put her in 12th

Her Movie is epic I amor her and her amazing skills
but somehow I just had to put her as 11th
she's awesome and got good skills!

I Used to amor her
when I was little but she still remains awesome
I amor her songs they're...
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 Ariel earned best picture por stunning the judges with this very high fashion re-interpretation of steam punk
Ariel earned best picture by stunning the judges with this very high fashion re-interpretation of steam punk
anterior artigo links:
Week 1:link
Week 2:link
Week 3:link
Week 4:link

Previously on DNTM: jasmim and Ariel become good friends and the majority of the modelos struggle at a steam punk themed fotografia shoot. Anna was deemed the one who struggled the most and she was eliminated. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination:
Elsa: I am really sad because Anna went home. She is my sister and I wanted to experience this with her all they way to the final two. I just have to worry about my performance in the competition and forget that Anna is no longer here.
 Elsa is sad about Anna leaving
Elsa is sad about...
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The BRAVERY of cinderela going to the BALL

1 - Survivor of Abuse
2 - Fights for her Right
3 - Work Responsibly
4 - Denies their Satisfaction
5 - Still attempts to Go
6 - Maintains some Belief and Faith
7 - Going to the Ball



Firstly, for perspective, a summary of what has happened to cinderela up to that point (most points are adaptations of direct quotes):
--Mother dies (=her father was “a widowed gentleman”)
--Father dies. He was a kind and devoted father who gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort
--Her stepmother was cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of her charm...
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Snow White-She's a Hufflepuff because she is hard-working and loyal. Both to her step-mom at first (Why else didn't she run away earlier?) and then to the dwarfs.

Cinderella first choice for her is Hufflepuff because she's loyal to everyone. My 2nd choice for her is Gryfindor because she's stands up to her step-mom once in the movie.

Aurora-I can't decided wether to put her in hufflepuff or ravenclaw

For me basically almost all the disney rensiance princesses are Gryfindors.

Ariel-Gryfindor-she acts brash and only cares about what her coração wants and not want her head wants. Besides she doesn't...
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 Belle rightfully earned best picture for portraying a nerdy college student
Belle rightfully earned best picture for portraying a nerdy college student
anterior artigo links:
Intro: link
Week 1: link
Week 2: link
Week 3: link

Previously on DNTM: Ariel and jasmim made a truce and after a college themed fotografia shoot mulan was eliminated. Who will be eliminated next?

Confessionals after the elmination:
Snow White: I was sad that mulan went home
Anna: mulan would always know what the Mickey Mails meant. What are we going to do know?
Ariel: I was in the bottom two last week because of my fotografia and how I was distracted por drama. I have to improve.
Rapunzel: I had a great fotografia again!
 Rapunzel is happy about getting a good picture
Rapunzel is happy about getting a good picture

Belle: My fotografia was...
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 Now slip me snug about your ears, I've never yet been wrong, I'll have a look inside your mind and tell where you belong!
Now slip me snug about your ears, I've never yet been wrong, I'll have a look inside your mind and tell where you belong!
Since I'm a fã of the Harry Potter book series, I've decided to do a series of artigos interpreting disney characters into the Hogwarts Houses. I'll be doing all the princesses and princes, and maybe some side characters and villains. This article'll just be the Renaissance Princesses, since the descriptions are going to be pretty lengthy and I doubt you guys could handle leitura another of my super long articles. If you don't like Harry Potter you might be a bit confused, but if you have basic knowledge of the houses you'll be fine. Oh, and all of this is just my opinion.

Also, just for reference,...
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I took the idea of the modelling from BKG201's article. I decided to state my opinion on which princesses would be great models. I just want to say before I start, that I don't judge only por appearance, because to be a good model you don't have neccesarily to be gorgeous looking. Anyway, here we go.

13) Anna

Firstly, Anna is pretty but her mouth and her nose are quite awful and her eyes are too close to each other. Her hair is ok, I guess. Her body is great for a model. The biggest problem is the way she moves. She's awkward, clumsy and slouch and remember that moment when she was singing...
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 Elsa demonstrated her modelling skills with this beautiful picture as a Sailor Scout, which helped her earn best picture.
Elsa demonstrated her modelling skills with this beautiful picture as a Sailor Scout, which helped her earn best picture.
Firstly if you haven't read the first articles:
Introduction: link
Week 1: link
Week 2: link

Previously on DNTM: The argument between Ariel and jasmim continued, Elsa won the first pista challenge and the modelos posed as Sailor scouts. However Tiana didn't know how to mover in front of the camera properly and she was sent home. 11 girls remain, who will get eliminated next?

Confessionals After Elimination
Snow White: Sadly Tiana went home
Belle: Tiana worked hard in this competition.For example before the fotografia shoot she did hours of posing practice. It shows how much I have to work to continue...
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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
So, I just felt like doing this because I really don't have much progress and I wanted to regain it all. It doesn't have reprises.
This took me forever to do por memory and I'm pretty sure I won't get any recognition for this, but hey....I'm contributing, right?

I'm Wishing/One Song
Want to hear a secret?
Promise to never tell?
We are standing por a wishing well.
Make a wish into the well
That's all you have to do
And when you hear it echoing
You're wish will soon come true.
I'm wishing
For the one I love, To find me
I'm wishing, And I'm dreaming of
The nice things, He'll say.

One Song, I have but...
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 Best fotografia of last week was Rapunzel who gave us a spine shivering evil version of herself
Best Photo of last week was Rapunzel who gave us a spine shivering evil version of herself
Firstly if you haven't read the first articles:
Introduction: link
Week 1: link

Previously on DNTM: jasmim gets on Ariel's nerves after talking about her behind her back, the modelos pose as evil versions of themselves and at a shocking elimination Aurora was sent home. Who will be eliminated tonight?

Confessionals after elimination
Snow White: I was shocked that Aurora was sent home, I thought the two of us would make it to the final two together
 Snow White in confessional
Snow White in confessional

Cinderella: Was not expecting Aurora to be eliminated
Merida: I was in the bottom two with Aurora. I definitely thought...
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posted by cuteasprincie
You guys already know that I started a pesquisa and added a pergunta in the respective columns of the disney Princess pot,asking for your favorito 3D disney Princess,that are,Rapunzel,Merida,Anna and Elsa.And now,the results are out!

4.Merida (12% in poll,3 votes in answers)

Merida is the 11th official disney Princess,who was added in the DP line up officially on 11 May,2013.She is the main female protagonist of the Disney's 2012 Animated Feature 'Brave' directed por Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman.

Reviews por Merida Fans

kittykittykat13 said : Merida is not afraid of being herself.

RoseOfRapunzel said...
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posted by RoseOfRapunzel
On my old account, THEDisneyFreak, I created a personality award to see which fanpopper is most like *insert disney Princess here* so I hope no drama starts. And thank you to those who participated!

Let's get started!

Snow White

This award is presented to....

Congratulations sweetie!

Well....the seguinte princess is.....duh


The winner is.....

Congratulations MalloMar!


This award goes to dear

Congrats Awinitarose!...
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