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posted by Candy77019
I know I got like two artigos to finish but I needed some inspiration so I decided to do this.

Since a lot of the artigos are about countdowns about favorito disney Princess or Prince and Worst Character and etc, I wanted to read a little bit mais stories, like fanfics.

Okay, I'm going to throw some ideas out here, and if you want to continue making it a fanfic, write it, then post it and in your título put "For Candy77019" so I'll read it.

And you could also use my other artigo "Another Shot at Fantasy".

BUT NOBODY USES MY BAUDELAIRE ARTICLE. I promised myself that I'd finish that article...
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1)How do you feel about being fã of the month?

I’m so grateful for everyone who voted for me. I really believe a lot of fanpoppers deserve this recognition, so it’s great to know people appreciate what I do to the spot.

2)Who is your favorito princess and prince and why?

My favorito princess has always been Belle. She’s so sweet, witty, stubborn, kind, bleh… everything about her I just adore. <3 As for my favorito prince, that would have to be Phillip. He’s incredibly chivalrous and what I believe a “classic prince” should be like.

3)Who is your least favorito princess and prince...
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A/N: I think this is actually the part of the story that I thought up
first, this basically inspired this whole story and turned it into what
it is, and it also explains why Eugene became Flynn Rider. I hope
you enjoy! And thank you so much for the review! Please review
this story and give me any suggestions or share any comments
you have.

Disclamer: I don't own "Tangled" or the characters, they belong to

Weeks passed and Eugene had finally got the hang of stealing.
He would go up to the aleatório carts on the rua and grab everything
he could, then run away as fast as his little legs could carry...
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Charming choked out dirty water as he struggled to stay afloat. He could hear his wife screaming his name somewhere, but the pain in his stomach wouldn't leave his mind alone.
Le Fou was slapping the water with his arms and shouting out nonsense. Among them, Charming heard, "I can't swim!"
Great, Char. Now you're gonna have to do the right thing. He started paddling toward Le Fou but drew back after the pain stung him again. He looked into the black water and saw red coming.
"Le Fou, hold onto Princey!" Gaston yelled.
Le Fou scrambled toward the prince and climbed onto him.
Charming groaned....
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posted by princesslullaby
When it was DreamyGal who got voted princess of the mês in May, dweeb had to interview her. Dweeb personally told me she was going to make DreamyGal's interview short and lame, because she didn't like DreamyGal. I offered to re-interview her so she could have an actual interview. Dweeb actually wrote a nasty paragraph at the end of the interview that was about DreamyGal.

So heres the artigo DreamyGal deserves.

1. Let's get formatilies out of the way- How do you feel about being Princess fã of the mês for May?
It’s wonderful! I don’t come on here to gain recognition, I just do it for...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
The Liveliest disney Princess

The disney Princesses vary in many ways, and their liveliness and energy levels are no exception to this rule. Some princesses are thought to be relatively calm, relaxed, and laid-back. Others are thought to be spunky and energetic far mais often. Which princesses are considered mais lively than the others? To find out, read this article.

9. Cinderella

The least lively princess according to fanpop was Cinderella. Temperamentally, cinderela is a very calm and relaxed princess, and also her placement is given because of her refusal to do anything about her unfortunate...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    With a big bang, Alice’s book shut abruptly. jasmim commented, “So, they are trapped…”
    Snow White began to cry a little bit. “I know that they are bad, but I can’t imagine them…them…”
    In an instant, Cinderella’s fairy godmother arrived, and patted Snow White on the shoulder. “Oh, don’t worry my dear, the two of them are probably having a fine time with your stepmother and the others who tried to hurt you. The thing is now, they can’t come back and hurt you, can they?”
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    Mulan paced in the front as the princesses sat down and faced her. With determination, she told the others, “I don’t think I could do this por myself…indeed I was in the army, but it’d take a miracle to get me into the castelo por myself.”
    She then turned to Alice, and asked her, “What do you want to do, Alice?”
    Alice didn’t respond. She was leitura a book, which she seemed totally obsessed over. Esmeralda soon took the book off Alice’s escrivaninha, mesa and asked, “You don’t care if Belle and Pocahontas are mistreated?”...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    Aurora walked around a bit and with a glance of glee, she found the other six princesses sleeping under the tree. “Hello!” Aurora greeted.
    “Mmm...mmm…” Snow White replied sleepily, she was not totally awake yet.
    “Apparently they don’t hear us,” John Smith told Aurora. “Let me try.”
    John Smith walked toward Pocahontas and with a gentle voice, he whispered, “Pocahontas, I am back.”
    Pocahontas abruptly woke up, waking up the other six princesses. After she...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    The loud sound of a tooting horn awakened Aurora from her sleep. She was wondering where she was…she just remembered, she was with the other princesses. However, she was taken away por Gaston, and now she had no idea where she was. She rubbed her eyes and realized though, that she was in a dim area in a small enclosed space.
    She stood up and stated, “Oh no, where am I?”
    “So, you’ve woken up,” a voice stated weakly.
    Aurora twisted a bit and stated, “Gaston, stop it! Let me go!”
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We all know the stories of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Mulan, and The Princess and The Frog. This story all started in Cinderella's world. Despite calls for Lady Trimane and Drizella's deaths, cinderela was so kind that Lady Trimane and Drizella were only banished. Lady Trimane's last words were "I'll be back, you scullary maid in princess clothing and everything you own and amor will be mine" though no one other than cinderela thought it was a serious threat. One dia Fairy GodMother went to a fairy convention which...
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My 8th artigo on this spot~!
My favorito Princess Movies~!

10.Princess and the Frog

Now though I amor Tiana this movie was not good. It was uninteresting to me. I was very bored with it. IDK if it was because the main characters were frogs most of the time or because I did not amor any of the characters.

9. Sleeping Beauty

Boring. I amor Phillip && the fairy scenes but the princess was boring && asleep for a lot of the time.

8. Pocahontas

Now I adore Poca && I think she is beautiful. I dont not like this movie but I just like the others more. I would hsvr liked...
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I've already written an artigo about why I think the classic princesses are great role models, but now I wanted to write about their intelligence. The pesquisa about who the most intelligent classic princess was inspired me to write this, and I've just been in a composição literária mood in general. I won't be ranking them, just giving the reasons as to why I believe they're intelligent. So I hope you all enjoy this article!! Let's get started!

Snow White

Snow White is often painted as the dumbest of the three, namely because of her eating of the apple. First off, being naive doesn't necessarily mean not...
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posted by BelleAnastasia
*** enrolados SPOILER ALERT***

Ok, I haven't written an artigo in a couple of months, so I decided I might as well write one now. And the best topic I imagined to be my favorito scene is each DP movie. So enjoy :)


My favorito scene is the one, where the dwarfs are rushing towards their house in order to save Snow White from the Queen, while in the same time the hag and Snow White talk about wishes and apples. I find this scene really amazing, because of all the action and all the emotions: dwarfs are scared that Snow White might be harmed, Snow White is enchanted...
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posted by hisblueeyes
Since everyone has one of these, I decided to do one. Please comment & enjoy! (:

10. Aurora - Sleeping Beauty
Maybe its because she only has sixteen minutos of screen-time. Or maybe because she has no personality. Whichever reason, Aurora is just a boring amor crazed teenager whom I don't really care for. I do amor her movie though.
 Pretty as a picture, sweeter than a swisher, mad cause I'm cuter than the girl thats with ya.
Pretty as a picture, sweeter than a swisher, mad cause I'm cuter than the girl thats with ya.

9. Pocahontas - Pocahontas
I used to amor Pocahontas, but after re-watching her movie a few times I found her to be a bit bland and...not very smart. I mean, it takes...
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 no clue where Snow, Belle and Aurora got bridal wear, but okay.
no clue where Snow, Belle and Aurora got bridal wear, but okay.
The six disney Princess brides are the princesses we've seen in bridal wear on screen. This is my opinion on how beautiful each princesses clothing choices made them. This is my opnion, and you're entitled to your own. But I rarely see these kind of articles, so I decided to write one. Enjoy!

6. Ariel
I'm sorry Ariel. Your dress was a monstrosity. The grees detailing plus the glittering golden crown made you look like a natal decoration. Perhaps the angel they put on the tree. And those sleeves! Dear Goddess, those sleeves looked like they could andorinha you alive. But all mistakes on...
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posted by shanyuisboss
 My all time favorito T.V Show discluding animes, W.I.T.C.H!!!!!
My all time favorite T.V Show discluding animes, W.I.T.C.H!!!!!
Hello everybody! I am kind of new to fanpop and I have been hoping to make an artigo like this for a while. I am going to introduce myself. I will try to not make it to long, lol.

First name: Aliyah Al-Kareem

Age: 17

Orgin: Jordan

City: Salt Lake City

Hobbies: Singing, acting, composição literária poetry, playing sports, dia dreaming.

Movies i like: Mulan, lion king, BatB, Pocahontas, (basically most of the renaissance era movies) Sprited away, castelo in the sky, first 4 barbie movies, Kung fu panda, naruto and Pokemon movies, Harry potter movies, anastasia and cisne princess, ect.

Shows I like: Most old disney...
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 Full Lineup
Full Lineup
Hi! I've been a part of fanpop for a little over two years and I realized I have never written this kind of artigo before. I know this is an artigo that people normally write when they first join, but oh well. Anyway, I've decided to write it now and I hope you guys enjoy it. Feel free to express your opinion, but please do so in a mature and considerate fashion. Lets begin!

13. Merida
I think Merida is mais cute then she is pretty and she kind of looks funny from the side view. Her mother is pretty than her, but I think Merida has very beautiful eyes. Her eyes are blue (my favorito color)...
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 Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the twin tower.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel and the twin tower.
After all of the princesses and Dee Dee are enjoying their lunch at a Nyonya Restaurant, suddenly everything goes black and they become scared. " What was that?" asked Merida, trying not to sound scared. Then, a black, giant smoke appears in the middle and it forms into a black reaper-like figure.
"So you have arrive in Malaysia now, I'll curse the whole of the country into darkness and despair with the help of my friend, Jafar!" It lets out an evil laughter and disappears, then everything goes back to normal.
"Who was that?" asks Dee Dee, "that is the spirit of despair!" replied Cinderella,...
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So I was leitura through old articles, and I found one por link, in which he does his lists on basically everything. I thought it was really interesting, so I thought "Why not?" and decided to make my list. The main rankings are based on the movies, and then the sub-rankings are for the princess, prince, villain, ect. in the movie. So, let's get started! (Also, I know that a lot of the placings are messed up (as in a couple things have the same placing), but I already spent forever on this artigo so I kind of just let it go *cue singing*)

11. The Little Mermaid

My bottom four are all kind of...
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