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Welcome, welcome to the Disney's seguinte topo, início Model Competition, located right here on The disney Princess spot on Fanpop. I'm your host, Breebree446!
Disney's seguinte topo, início Model is based on finding the girl who represents disney the best. Hopes, dreams, courage, but at the same time knowing the difference between right and wrong, and discipline. Ten contestants have been choosen to take part in the competition. Why don't we meet them now...

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 The most famous castelo
The most famous castle
If you wonder why the heck do I have to make mention of every thing in my countdowns, well, I hate to left some thing just like that, so here it is:

24. Mulan's soldier tent
Of course that this one is the last. It was made por poor mulan who just joined the army and wasn't totally herself. It is small, uncomfortable, it looks like it's going to ruin every moment. Oh, and it's right seguinte to pond, so it probably stinks and there are mosquitoes too.

23. Pocahontas's longhouse
Someone told me that proper term is longhouse, I hope it is. So what to say, ordinary wooden house with one room,...
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posted by KataraLover
It's been two week, cinderela has been looking at the picture of her family. All she could think about after the old woman came was her mother and father. Christopher, Jaq, Bruno, and Chief have tried everything to cheer her up.

"What we gonna do" asked Jaq

"Well I'm gonna try to talk to her again wish me luck" said Christopher

"I miss you both" whispered Cinderella

"Cinderella mind if I talk to you..... again" asked Christopher

"I guss" said Cinderella

"Why are you ignoreing me and just focusing on that picture of you and your parents" asked Christopher

"It's all I have left of my parents. I have...
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posted by Straggy
 Who will come out on top? Well, you'll just have to read it. >:I
Who will come out on top? Well, you'll just have to read it. >:I
Everyone else was doing it, so why not?
Some people even say that they like my comments on things because they find it funny. Meh, whatever, I just say it how it is.
I think I'm going to start in the customary way, por working from the bottom to the top.
Yes, I swear. Because I'm not 5. If you have a problem with that, then you really need to get off the Internet.

9) Belle
 Her looks have mais than one parallel.
Her looks have mais than one parallel.

Yes, Belle. I really hate her, in case you didn't get that yet. I hate her voice, I hate her songs, I hate her personality and I hate her clothes. She's plain and boring and I just dislike...
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posted by princesslullaby
This artigo was collectively written by: Cromulanfav, JonnaSe, Ppgbelle4, and Princesslullaby

Snow White would find jasmim rude, temperamental, and generally unkind. jasmim doesn't articulate in a calm, patient manner, and Snow White would find this kind of shocking. The only time Snow White would like jasmim is when she is saying she wants to marry for amor and lets the birds go, but otherwise find her too stubborn and headstrong.

Snow White wouldn't like that mulan isn't very feminine, would find her actions very scary instead of brave, and just plain would...
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posted by zikkiforever
This is why I LOVE Ariel and this is an artigo to protect her. I know some others done this a few months back, but this MY one. I will be doing the exact same with Merida, but why I prefer Ariel over her will be included. That will be posted soon.

First of all let's start with the most common argument against Ariel

Statement-Ariel is selfish

Now let see some definitions of words relating to the word selfish and the defintion of the word selfish.

Selfish-(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.

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posted by dclairmont
I've already made an artigo like this for my topo, início 7 (link, link, link, link, link, link, and link), and thought it was about time to make one for my eighth, Jasmine. Despite Jasmine's "low" place, I really, really amor her! If you don't include Anna and Elsa on my list, she's actually sixth. I've really been warming up to jasmim lately, moving her slowly out of my bottom 5 and there's a possibility that she could mover up even higher. This will be a scene-by-scene review, so it may get quite long. So let's get started with the article!

We're introduced to jasmim with a bit of a bang. I love...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
Mkay. I know my prettiest princess list is kind of full of unpopular opinions. XD I find them all pretty, but some mais so than others. I'm going to put the I find the prettiest up for each princess.

 Prettiest shot, por faaaar.
Prettiest shot, por faaaar.

13. Snow White

She is cute, honestly. Yes, I do realize that she is only fourteen, and isn't supposed to look mature. I just really dislike her lips, her eye shape, and eye color. I do like her hair. I think her as cores have nice contrast, but I can't seem to get past the face shape and her other facial features.

Please note: I am not a Snow White or Classic Era hater....
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I've been thinking to do this artigo for a long time. Please excuse if my artigo is poorly written but i'm french and english isn't my native language. Enjoy!


I don't dislike Rapunzel as much I used to but i don't like her either. First of all,It really annoys me that everybody loves her when they meet her. Secondly,I just feel that disney tried too hard to make her funny (for example the scene when she from happy to sad again and again, it was nnoying). In therm of personality,sometimes she's sweet,creative and very cute but most of the time she's irritating,annoying and...
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So I was leitura through old articles, and I found one por link, in which he does his lists on basically everything. I thought it was really interesting, so I thought "Why not?" and decided to make my list. The main rankings are based on the movies, and then the sub-rankings are for the princess, prince, villain, ect. in the movie. So, let's get started! (Also, I know that a lot of the placings are messed up (as in a couple things have the same placing), but I already spent forever on this artigo so I kind of just let it go *cue singing*)

11. The Little Mermaid

My bottom four are all kind of...
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oi everyone, I know I have written one of these before, but I made it way too short and simple and I made it back when I first joined and since then so many new people joined so I wanted to make an improved one. I hope you guys like it!

Name: Aliyah
I am happy that I got a name that is unique but easy to pronounce for people that don't have the Arab accent. I guess I'm pretty happy with my name.

Age: 18
Just graduated from high school last year. My birthday is on April fools day, which is pretty cool, but people didn't use that the right way

Nationality: Jordanian American
I am one of the few...
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posted by Alantlm
Specialization: Small animals

Extra-curricular: música (vocal performance)

Stereotype: the Mom/do-it-all


Specialization: Small animals

Caring of animals

The family relationship of cinderela and her animais (=the mice, the birds, dog Bruno, and horse Major) is shown throughout the movie. This is all not to say she treats the mice as humans, rather, she treats even the smallest animais with consideration. Thus, she acts lovingly towards them and isn’t going to allow any unfair suffering under her care - perfect for being a vet.

(And - needless to...
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So as the título states, I recently started a countdown to see what fanpop thinks is the Best DP Ending, and to be honest, I am shocked that some made it as far as it did and etc. For the countdown, I practically considered everything that happened right after the Villain's passing or defeat.

11. enrolados Ending (Rapunzel reunites with parents, Corona have a geléia, geleia in the kingdom)

Practically, the no geral, global consensus of this ending was that Flynn's dialogue of him getting drunk and them waiting YEARS AND MONTHS and such ruined it. They also thought that the flying cupid and such ruined the ending...
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I did my English list yesterday and decided to do my Norwegian list today :) The Norwegian voices are all very pretty in my opinion so it was very hard ranking them, I hope you enjoy c:

10. jasmim

Jasmine's voice is great, but it's a bit forgettable. I think it's a bit too girly for her character, and the high notes do sound a bit brittle at points, but other than that her voice is really good. I do prefer it to her English voice, which is saying a lot since she's number ten.


9. Rapunzel

Rapunzel's voice is very fitting for Rapunzel in my opinion. It sounds a bit childish, but also strong....
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posted by Giyane
I thought seguinte up, I'd rate the windows to the soul: the princess' eyes!

13. Merida

I amor the color! Her eyes are a cold clear blue, and they make me feel like I'm glancing into the Arctic Circle. However, they are seemingly lashless and plain, which lands them at 13.

12. Anna

Once again, very nice color. I just can't get over the shape. Something about them makes her face look like a puppy.

 [img1 center, large]
[img1 center, large]

11. Jasmine

I'm not complaining about size in this article, see how I didn't say anything about Anna? I mean, they ARE cartoons, they'd look odd with normal eyes (the skinniness is...
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posted by JNTA1234
Well I just realized haven't done this list yet, so I figured why not. My personal ranking of the princesses' outfits, and who better to judge womens' clothing than straight dude who barely even knows how to dress himself? I'll try to address each outfit of each princess. Well let's get this train wreck on the road.

I know people are gonna give me hell for putting her at the bottom but I really don't like Aurora's clothes. Firstly, her peasant dress sucks to the extreme! The only good things about it are the corset and the skirt. Everything else is just boringly ugly, the color, the...
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posted by AudreyFreak
Well, it seems like I'm doing all my artigos backwards here. I made 3 other lengthy artigos but just NOW introducing myself. I posted here a ano atrás and was pretty harsh but I try to be mais respectful about expressing myself, although I'm pretty strong minded about my opinions still.

It doesn't feel right not properly introducing myself at one of my favorito sites, so here you go. I'm sorry that like *all* my artigos this is long. Even after I edited this to death!

Location: Indiana, and I amor this under-appreciated state! We have some of the mais interesting people and hidden places to...
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posted by JNTA1234
This review was originally posted months atrás but I deleted it because......I was gonna use it for a school assignment and I didn't wanna leave this up so my lecturer could procurar and accuse me of plagiarism. lmao

Anyway, I ended up not using it and I decided to put it back up.

So right off the bat, I have to say that this movie is very.....average. It honestly feels like a tv episode padded out with songs to make it feature length. Moana is a likable enough character, I can almost pinpoint exact moments where she's like anterior disney female protagonists like Ariel, Pocahontas, mulan and Rapunzel...
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As asteriamalfoy recently reported on the club wall, it appears that Moana will soon become the newest member of the disney Princess lineup. The club's reception to the news is a mixed bag, which is the latest example of how the general fanpop opinion (namely, this club's opinion) doesn't always match that of the internet. It's interesting why that is, and I will attempt to find the reason here.

Before going forward, be aware that everything that I consider an "opinion" of fanpop and/or the internet is a generalization. True, there are some users on both this website and the rest of the worldwide...
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Tangled: The Series, now called Rapunzel's enrolados Adventure, premiered in March 2017 with the pilot movie, Tangled: Before Ever After (hopefully that sentence wasn't too confusing!). The film sees Rapunzel adjusting to life in Corona and introduces several concepts that the rest of the series will explore: Rapunzel's golden hair growing back, the growth of magical spiky rocks that can devastate Corona, foes with a thirst for revenge, Rapunzel and Eugene's marriage, and Rapunzel learning how to become a good queen.

At first, I was surprised that Tangled was getting a TV show. Even though I quite...
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