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Since this section has been very inactive lately I decided to fresh it up por composição literária another article, about my favorito disney Princesses, hope you'll like this artigo :)

13. Merida

She's the only disney Princess that I don't like at all, but I don't dislike her either, I feel neutral towards her. The main reason might sound weird, but it's mainly because I don't think she fits in the disney Princess lineup, to be perfectly honest I would appreciate her character mais if she wasn't an official disney Princess. Besides that there's nothing wrong about her character except her temper, she's...
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Below i have placed an image of Prince Phillip and Prince Eric getting married. I think its a wonderful of two men getting married, as it supports gay marriage and any other lgbt societies and gays/lesbians such as myself.
If you feel this picture is unsuitable and feel that its inappropriate then please comment on whether it should be present.
If i find on this a few negatives about it, i will not put this picture on fanpop. If i find mais positives then i will.
Opinions are important but do not put down any insulting langauge about gays as they are both insulting, rude and WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT.

Thank you
I felt like putting these lists together because I don't feel like composição literária these lists seperately, I already wrote a list of my favorito DP filmes because that one is sort of princess related. I've written a few of these lists seperately a long time atrás (Favorite disney Princes and Most Handsome Princes), the rest are lists you've never seen in any of my artigos before, anyway enjoy this article

Favorite disney Princes:
1. The Prince (this is how I want my future husband/wife to be like)
2. Phillip
3. Kristoff
4. Beast (reminds me a lot of my father)
5. Flynn Rider
6. Prince Charming (only basing...
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posted by sweetie-94
There was a countdown of Fanpop's favorito DP filmes recently and an artigo was published just a few days atrás and because of that I decided to write this list again because it's been changing since the last time I wrote this list, anyway enjoy this article

12. Brave
This is the only DP Movie that I don't like at all, main reason is it lacks nostalgia which the other filmes has, but it has beautiful animation, decent characters, good songs and a good story, but the score is unmemorable so it has the potentional of being a better movie than what it actually is

11. Aladdin
Despite this low placement...
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It's a few minutos past midnight here, but I felt like composição literária this since the list has been changing a bit since last time and also this time I'll add in Anna and Elsa too. Also this will be both a ranking of their cantar voices aswell as their speaking voices, however as I am a bit lazy I won't add links in this article, but you can always procurar up the songs and a few scenes on YouTube, use the procurar word "disney songs swedish" and there you go
And for the same reason I won't add in pictures either, but I hope you'll like this artigo despite that

Singing voices:

13. Tiana
Don't get me wrong,...
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Hello, everyone! Here is the compilation of the results of this spring's DP movie countdown. The ranking was based 32 lists: thirty-one enviado por fanpop users link + mine. Click on the link for mais information on how this countdown works, but in case you are wondering, I awarded one point to the first of each list, two points to the second, and so on. Which means that the movie with the least points was the winner of the countdown.

This artigo includes:

1. The no geral, global ranking;
2. The individual placements;
3. The total of points;
4. Two comments for each film (four for the first place).

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Congratulations to our fã of the mês winner for May 2015, Reflection11!

1. How does it feel to be fã of the Month?
Amazing! I know that sounds a little stupid, but is pretty cool to know that the spot appreciates my work! I’m a little shocked, but happy nonetheless.

2. Your favorito Princess? Why?
Mulan, no question! I amor how quirky and relatable she is, while still being admirable and brave. She’s realistic and highly intelligent and creative. I amor her so much words can’t describe.

3. Your least favorito Princess? Why?
Pocahontas. I find her bland and uninteresting. She is very...
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Congratulations audreybrooke on being fã of the mês January 2015!! Sorry this took so long :D

1. How does it feel to be fã of the Month?
It's such a surprise! I'm so pleased. I never thought I'd get it!

2. Who is your favorito Princess?
My favorito princess is definitely Aurora.

3. Who is your least favorito Princess?
I've never cared for Snow White, unfortunately.

4. Has your favorito princess ever changed?
When I was little, my favorito would have been mulan or Ariel. It changed a few years atrás when I rewatched Sleeping Beauty and realized how much I amor everything about it, especially...
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Again, I'm not an expert on this but I'm trying my best to analyze each princess from a feminist standpoint. Trying to figure out which princess is the most feminist, taking into account their actions, their stories, their portrayals and their accomplishments. Well, now it's time for part two, with the middle three and this one might cause quite a bit of disagreements since this part has very polarizing princesses. And be sure to critique because this is the part I'm the least sure about.

6-7. Ariel
She's tied with Rapunzel. I have a hard time deciding. There's no denying Ariel's a groundbreaking...
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posted by Isabellagirl033
Here is my disney Princess Villian Dreamcast.
1) I havent included Duke of Weselton since I dont consider him a real disney villian.
2) I havent included Mordu (obviously).

Queen Grimhilde: Keira Knightley

The Duchess (2008) estrela Keira Knightley knows a little something about onscreen royalty.After years of playing good girls, she sure needs to play a negative role. She'll add much needed personality to queen Grimhilde.

Lady Tremine: Cate Blanchett

Catherine Élise "Cate" Blanchett is an Australian actress of screen and stage. She was perfect...
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posted by AprilGhost

For those of you who don't know me, I'm AprilGhost, and here is a list of people who, in my opinion, look like disney princesses.

A few things, first:
1. I have not cast Pocahontas. This is partly because it is so hard to find Native American models/actresses, but also because she was a real person. I think it's insulting to dreamcast her.
2. Yes, some of these are, in fact, models. I'm not saying that these people should play the princesses; I'm just saying that that's how I imagine them.
3. I haven't dreamcasted Elsa or Merida since I can't find anyone who looks like them.

On with the list!...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
I’m a huge gymnastics nerd as well as a disney nerd (obviously), and this was just something that’s been on my mind lately: who would each princess’s favorito ginasta be? I know a ton (or all) of you don’t follow gymnastics, so I added a couple of history notes and vídeos of each gymnast, though I know no one’s going to watch them all! If any of you does follow gymnastics or just check out the videos, do you agree with me, or would you pick someone else? Though I will accept no argument on Merida.

Snow White’s Favorite: Olga Korbut
Known for: basically inventing gymnastics
Why she’d...
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Ah, feminism and disney Princess. Such a complicated relationship. Now I'm not an expert, especially being a guy but the topic of feminism in relation to the DPs has always intrigued me. I'm gonna try my hand at ranking the princesses in terms of agency, independence, heroism and other aspects to figure out which one of them is the most feminist. I'm trying to expand my composição literária skills so this is gonna be dividido, dividir into three parts, starting with the bottom four.

WARNING: No Anna and Elsa in this countdown, so let's begin.

11. Aurora
Sorry guys, but I'm one of those people who believes that feminism...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
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Congratulations fiina on being fã of the mês December 2014!!

1. How does it feel to be fã of the Month?
Umm, I feel very surprised, I can't remember I did anything particular. I haven't really been so loud about myself during last ano although I have came here actively everyday. I'm mais like silent person in the corner just watching others. So being fã of the mês is a really big surprise though I'm very grateful for it. :D

2. Your favorito Princess? Why?
Anyone who knows me even little could tell that that's Mulan. I admire her selflessness and I think her character is realistic. I...
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This was reposted due to an unwanted and frankly annoying troll spamming my last article

Over the years, I've noticed that people really HATE Aurora in Keys To The Kingdom from disney Princess encantada Tales: Follow Your Dreams. I've honestly never understood the hate she received, mainly because no one ever freaking EXPLAINS it! I've always asked and they just say "SHE SUCKS," or "SHE'S A GIRLY STEREOTYPE," or "SHE HAS A POP VOICE," and all that but they don't EXPLAIN! The reason this version of Aurora is so hated is even less explained than the plot holes in Frozen. First of all, Enchanted...
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The gang was walking back to the cottage when a arbusto, bush popped up in front of them. mulan gasped at what she saw growing on it. She hurried to the plant. "You guys have to see this!" she exclaimed. The others rallied around. The reactions were mixed. Shang felt his nerves dance a bit, Pocahontas theorized, and John and Merida exchanged scowls. "Cherries?" Merida said. "Mulan, I get you have very valuable things and traditions where YOU come from, but it's just a fruit." John replied. "Just a fruit? John, these are delicate." mulan stated.

"Mulan, it's not like glass where you throw it and it breaks."...
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posted by disneymagic93
This is my ranking of the princess films. These are my personal opinions. It is okay if you don't agree with my list but please no rude comments.

12. Brave

I hate this movie. I haven't seen it in 3 years and I don't want to see it again. I think disney as dimitri put it, was trying to hard to please radical feminists that hate disney princesses. Merida is so rude bratty and obnoxious I just want to soco her in the face. Moving on.

11. Frozen

Another disney movie I can't stand. Like with Brave, I think disney was trying to hard to be progressive. The characters are extremely annoying and the soundtrack...
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posted by sweetie-94
Last time I wrote about songs that I thought suited Anna, now I'll write about songs that I think suits Snow White, hope you'll like this artigo :)

link - Taylor Swift
Just change the lyrics a slight bit and it suits even better, but despite that it really suits her

link - Natasha Bedingfield
This song really suits Snow White, she really has a pocketful of sunshine

link - Ariana Grande
Another perfect fit

link - Hoku
I don't know how to explain this one, but it really suits Snow White

link - Britney Spears
Again, just change some of the lyrics and you've got a perfect fit

link - Rasmus Viberg
I think...
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posted by sweetie-94
Last time I wrote about songs that I thought suited Rapunzel, now I'll write about songs that I think suits Anna, hope you'll like this artigo :)

link - Counting Crows
Totally suits her, she fell in amor with Hans which ended up being a bad decision

link - Céline Díon
This song really suits Anna, she didn't really want to be alone

link - Britney Spears
Doesn't suit her perfectly, but if you change some of the lyrics it could suit her when Hans reveals his true self

link - Sara Lumholdt
Doesn't suit her as good as the other songs on this list, but she fell in amor with the villain of her movie and...
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Last time I wrote about songs that I thought suited Ariel, now I'll write about songs that I think suits Rapunzel, hope you'll like this artigo :)

link - Within Temptation
The message and the refrain of this song is why I think this song suits Rapunzel

link - Within Temptation
This song really suits Rapunzel towards the end of the movie when she's going to be taken away por Mother Gothel

link - Within Temptation
Another song that suits Rapunzel towards the end of the movie, this one suits her when she learns that she's the lost princess

link - Nightwish
Another song that suits Rapunzel when she learns...
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