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posted by Jamie38459
Scene 1- outside of th stepsister's house.

Narrator: Once upon a freekin time, there was a tall guy named Carl, and a little girl(that's her daughter) named Hella. They used 2 been happy 2gether doin alot of stuf, havin such great memories, talkin, playin, and laughin at other people injurin themselves on AFV. One day, the 2 of them were going 2 visit Carls new wife at her old,tall,wrinkly,ugly(AND EVIL!) house(shes Hella's stepmom), Along with her daughters Anabella and Denaji(but no one cares about them since they have no life).

Scene 2-Hospital(fast forwarding a few days).
It was a pity that...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
 Imagine having one of them as a sister!
Imagine having one of them as a sister!
9. Snow White

 Here you go! A nice pie!
Here you go! A nice pie!

Coming in last on the countdown is Snow White. Her reasons for being wanted as a sister and for not being wanted as a sister are the same- her cheerfulness and her passion for cleaning. There was variance on what people thought about those two things entering their lives, but enough people did not want Snow White's traits to make her the first princess removed.

“She'd probably always want the room cleaned, or maybe decide to clean it herself. I like my room messy.”- disneygirl

“I seriously wouldn't mind having Snow white as a sister, she can make...
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Here are my topo, início ten favorito Princess songs.

10. "Honor to Us All"
 Wait and see, when we're through, boys will gladly go to war for you...
Wait and see, when we're through, boys will gladly go to war for you...

I like this song so much because I adore this scene where mulan is getting ready to meet the matchmaker. I like watching her get dolled up!

9. "So This is Love"
 My coração has wings, Mmmm, and I can fly...
My coração has wings, Mmmm, and I can fly...

I amor this song because it reminds me of when you first fall in amor with someone. Everything seems brighter and sweeter. You literally feel all lit up inside. This song pretty much sums all of that up.

8. "A Whole New World"
 A thrilling chase, a wondrous place...
A thrilling chase,...
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Princess ervilha was not your ordinary princess. She was not sweet. She was not all that graceful. In fact, her own royal subjects really couldn't stand her. You see, the thing you have to understand about ervilha was that she didn't know she was obnoxious. She considered it helpful on her part to ask her royal advisor if he's ever considered going on a diet. She thought she was being considerate to imply that the visiting duchess smelled like a sweaty armpit in July. Quite truthfully, Princess ervilha had never known a world where people told her she couldn't do something. Everyone always seemed to sit...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
SHILOH!" ok so now you know my name, thats the beginging of a introduction right. Well im Shiloh, And that voice was the most annoying villian wannabe that ever set foot in disney, well applied and failed.
Dalivia, is her odd name. You'd think that with her personality and status it would be somthing that gave you chills and made you gasp in fright, well im a three foot mytical creature and I still ain't scared of her, so you shouldnt either..
"Get in HERE!!" she chockes. Ok tell you know, that croak is fake,, she does it on porpose, to sound mais scary... quite frankly it sound hilarious,,...
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On August 21, 2008, disney Character Warehouse - AMS will be opening it's door at 10am. They have said that they will have lot's of new and exciting merchandise. The location is 14078 E. Firestone Blvd., Sante Fe Springs, CA.

Merchandise up to 80% off the ticketed price. We are also looking for retail experience team members so if you are interested for seasonal job, please contact me at ams-liquidation.com.
otherwise come see me at the location on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 from 11am to 4pm. Ask for Jim.

Why pay high prices, come to our Grand Opening August 20, 2009 at 10am.
posted by disneyworld007
You know, after a couple of years of loving disney princesses and learning to amor for them and even wish tht was my life, i have figured out a couple of things.
To my knowing ther is only 10 official princesses yet I beg to differ.
Snow White
See, wht i think an offical princess is well.... well this is the definition of one
daughter of a king, or marries a son of a king
except they use monarch instead but still. So therefore 2 of those people on the list are actual not real princesses. The two would be mulan and Pochantos
The rest make...
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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the anticipated, the nerve-wrecking...
 Ack. This looks girly, I know. But I was in a rush, and I really liked this and so I just smacked on some fonts and... tadaaaa!
Ack. This looks girly, I know. But I was in a rush, and I really liked this and so I just smacked on some fonts and... tadaaaa!

Let us start with...

No doubt about it, he's very logical, down-to-earth, intelligent, creative, and has a great sense of humor! He seems like the kind of person who could grow up as a writer or journalist, and always works hard. This guy, like Roger Radcliffe, will never give up!

Next up is...
 Don't pretend like you didn't see this coming!
Don't pretend like you didn't see this coming!

She's bold (literally),...
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posted by Annabethandco
Everybody seems to have their own views on frozen. Some amor it, some don't mind it, and some can't stand it. I liked frozen, and I thought it was about time I wrote another artigo about it. This artigo (like Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante itself) will focus on Anna and her character.


-Easy to relate to
Anna has so many aspects that people can relate to. She is a bit of a 'people's princess'. For example, who hasn't at some point in their lives found themselves in an awkward position and acted like her? And, I don't know about you, but I get Anna-styled cama head all the time! I amor the flawless princesses...
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Hi everyone! This is another rank of Fanpop's prettiest princesses. Yes, another one? Well, let me explain for those that did not participate in the pick.

This is different from the past two prettiest countdowns we just had because this rank takes into account both the high and the low ranks of the princesses. The normal countdown takes into account getting rid of low-ranked princesses on people's lists, while the reverse countdown gets rid of high-ranked princesses on people's lists. This ranking here is a middleground between "most pretty" and "getting rid of the least pretty", and thus,...
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Yeah, yeah I write this like every month. But seriously, I just have to share with you guys my list everytime mais than a placement changes. I hope you don't consider this spamming. I probably write this list mais often than most people. But anyways, I know people will most definitely disagree, considering who my last two places are, but please remember this is my opinion, so it's obvious that people will disagree, just please don't be rude about it. Well, here's my list! Enjoy!

#13: Elsa (Previously 12)

Oh, shocker, shocker. Fanpop's most popular Princess (well, almost) last. If you know me,...
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posted by gigglingjasmine
fanpop is a wonderful webside which is easy and enjoyable to use. You can tell your opinions, write your artigos and you know people are always going to hear them carefully. The most amazing part of it is that you hear different opinions, negative or possitive, but in the end of the dia the opinion you once have can change and be mais possitive or mais negative, but people will still be here to listen to your opinions. Every single one of us is a part of my world, we are a small family. We have pesquisas and quizzes. pesquisas are very enjoyable, but believe me there's no such thing as composição literária articles...
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So this is gonna be a kind of short quick article. But since I'm new to the spot I thought I'd kind of just let everyone know who my two favoritos are and why.


I like Ariel for a few reasons. One of which is the fact that I like her story line the best. I amor the whole underwater thing and the fact that she's one of the only not human Princesses is pretty cool. I was in amor with the idea of her trying to become human...and the fact that she traded her voice for legs was very unique. Her story was just a fun watch.

I also really amor her voice. It's just so pretty and soothing and what...
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posted by jacksfrost
I got this idea from avatar_tla_fan, so you should go check out her article! It's only two below mine, so ^^ Anyway this'll just be a quick look at some of my lists, no explanations, just giving my lists because I'm still somewhat new here and I'd like for you guys to know my opinions ^^ Anyway here we go! {By the way none of these lists are explicit, I'm unsure on almost all of them}


13. Belle
12. Rapunzel
11. Ariel
10. Mulan
9. Merida
8. Elsa
7. Tiana
6. Cinderella
5. Aurora
4. Anna
3. Jasmine
2. Pocahontas
1. Snow White

 Her high spirits, multi-layered attitude, what's not to love?
Her high spirits, multi-layered attitude, what's not to love?

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posted by rapunzelsgold_
Alrighty, so I've finally gotten a chance to sort out my disney Princess list, and a lot of my other lists. I've really thought all of these through, and now I'm planned to put them up for the segundo time.

Princesses list
1: cinderela (Cinderella)
2: Elsa (Frozen)
3: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
4: Rapunzel (Tangled)
5: Anna (Frozen)
6: Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
7: Tiana (Princess and the Frog)
8: jasmim (Aladdin)
9: Merida (Brave)
10: Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
11: Pocahontas (Pocahontas)
12: Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
13: mulan (Mulan)

Princes list
1: Kristoff (Frozen)
2: Eugene (Tangled)...
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posted by MR0290553
 She was willing to sacrifice her life for what is right!
She was willing to sacrifice her life for what is right!
1.    Pocahontas
She saw beyond skin color, she ignored the rumors that all European Settlers were dangerous. She gave one a chance, and then risked her life for him! Even though they came into her land, she welcomed them, and wanted to get to know them!
2.    Esmeralda
She did the right thing always! She stood up for those without a voice, she cried out to God, she prayed for those who were unfortunate! She is beautiful and brave, and has a beautiful heart!
3.    Cinderella
Kind and gentle to everyone, even those who mistreat her!
4.    Snow...
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posted by audreybrooke
Hello, everyone! I'm a new user here, so I figured I'd do an introduction article. I already have one up link, but I assume most of you have probably seen it already. :)

All About Me

My name is Audrey. I'm 20 years old, and my birthday is July 21st (so I'm a Cancer, in case anyone's into astrology). I'm from the United States, specifically the state of New York, and I'm currently studying Classics and Art History in college.

English is obviously my native language, but through my major in Classics, I also know Latin and ancient Greek--and a smidgeon of Spanish from elementary school. I amor ancient...
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So, this is Team Poca's collab artigo for the team games! Collages were made por me. I had to parasize some of the descriptions due to the fact everyone had a lot of things to say about each princess. To save space, I came up with short nicknames listed below.

Cr: CRaZy_rawR (me)
324: 324anna
Zf: zikkiforever
Pr: purplerose17
Sd: ShadowintheDark

11. Snow White

Cr: I amor Snow to death! Imo, she has quite a few layers, sweet, motherly, bossy, optimistic, and manipulative. I wish I could put her higher, really..

324: I really feel sad for that placement, but I still can't put Snow higher. She's...
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posted by ShadowintheDark
My list never really changes, except for when new people are added to the lineup.

12. Rapunzel and Anna
They are both hyper active, annoying girls. There pretty much the same in looks and attitude. I really cannot STAND them. /.

11. Mulan
The whole tough girl thing is not something I'm fond of in a princess. She is just too perfect,

10. Merida
Again, too much tough girl going on. She does not have a very good personality either.

9. Tiana
Realistic as can be, but that contributes to boring to me. Ohkay, she works hard and finds amor and turns to a frog on the way. Cool?...

8. Belle
Bookworm, outcast....
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posted by fhghu
Hi, guys! Some of you might not know me because I don't comment a lot on the club, though I do occasionally, but I'm fhghu, one of the ancient fanpop users. XD So, since a lot of you might not know who I am, I decided that I wanted you guys to get to know me a little better.

Where do you live?

California, baby! XD Grown up here all my life, and it's very nice, as is the weather. I'm happy to have grown up in California, because California has some of the most breathtaking sights you'll ever see.

Where do you hope to go when you're older?

I want to go to many countries, especially countries of...
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