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Fan fiction by TotallyMe105 posted over a year ago
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A/N- Just a little natal story. I wrote this in the style of "Beauty
and the Beast" because...I don't know. The filmes have been on
for two days and it just came to me.

Disclaimer: Don't own any of these characters they belong to Disney.

"Which would you two like to read tonight?" I asked the two
little girls who were currently content in being held por their papa.
It had been 6 years since the spell had been broken, since the
wedding had taken place, and since the birth of our two adorable
twin girls. Adam and I had been ruling over France for the past two
years after his uncle, who had taken his place when he disappeared,
died suddenly. We hadn't had much family time except for bedtime
that was special, every night we read a little of a story.
"You pick Momma," Rose smiled sleepily at me while she place her
head delicately on one of Adam's shoulder while Elizabeth put her
Fan fiction by KataraLover posted over a year ago
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Okay so me and Aurora are walking through the woods trying to get as far away from the cottage as possible. We came por the árvore where Aurora goes por to look at the kingdom.

"How about we go to the kingdom" asked Aurora

"No that's a bad idea" I said

"Why" asked Aurora

"It's complicated" I said

"But I've always wanted to go there" said Aurora

"You have" I asked

"Yes I've been looking at the kingdom ever since I was eight wanting to go" said Aurora

"You will go tonight" I said

"Why not now" asked Aurora

"Just wait until tonight when she sun goes down blondie" I said

"But....." started Aurora

"Trust me" I said

"I always wanted to go and see what it's like out there" said Aurora

"Yeah there are things I want to see too" I said

"Like what" asked Aurora

"Nothing forget it" I said

Opinion by LisaForde posted over a year ago
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Here are topo, início #5 favourite disney princess couples.

#5 jasmim & Aladdin: What do I like about this couple well for starters I like how aladdin is a nobody or as he likes to call himself a rua rato who falls for a Arabian princess who likes him for what he is and not as someone that he wasn’t(he asked the genie to be a prince so that he could win her over but she liked him just the way he was).I amor their romance especially that scene A Whole New World which was so breathtaking.

#4 Ariel & Eric; Another couple that I adore I simply amor how Ariel sacrifices her life to be with Eric. I adore the scene where they are on a barco and Sebastian cantar kiss the Girl or the part where Eric and Ariel get married and share true love’s kiss. (sniffs) man I amor fairytales.

#3 Tiana and Naveen: They have to be my least favourite couple to be honest because Naveen is a cocky bastard(sorry for the language) who thinks his the sexiest prince in history which really irritates me. Tiana is too old fashioned in my opinion she’s like a black version of cinderela and Belle in one. (Yeah I know some people will say oh then why do you like Giselle...
Article by cromulanfav posted over a year ago
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Congratulations to fhghu, our fã of the mês November! I did an interview with her, and here's what she has to say:

1)How do you feel about being fã of the month?

I'm so happy! I think all deserve it, but it's nice to be appreciated! Thanks to all who voted for me!

2)Who are your favorito princess and prince and why?

My favorito princess is Belle. I amor BELLE. FREAKIN. LOVE. HER. She's sweet, loves the Beast for who he is and not for looks, she's stubborn, sarcastic, and a bookworm. GOSH I JUST amor HER.

favorito Prince: ERIC. ERIC ERIC ERIC. I'm a little biased since I think he's a hot piece of ass, but yea. I amor when he was giving her a tour of the kingdom and looked like he was enjoying his time with Ariel. Not only that, he saved his dog from a burning ship!

3)Who are your least favorito princess and prince and why?

My least favorito princess is Jasmine. I think jasmim is incredibly spoiled and selfish. She's rude to her father and several suitors and acts like she has the worst life ever.
Opinion by FullMoonFever posted over a year ago
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Let’s be honest here: basically every movie sequel song sucks. Still, some of the good songs have lost their way to the sequels. This artigo is about my favorito sequel songs. As captions I used my favorito lines from the song. Let’s start.

10. For A Moment (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea)
This song always gets to me. It’s just that… erm... I’m not sure. Melody is too enthusiastic for my taste. On the other hand, it’s really good that she’s so enthusiastic. Otherwise the whole song would be ruined. Hard to explain. Still, I really like this song. It’s very inspiring.

9. Athena's Song (The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning)
The only reason why this movie is on the 9th place is that it’s too short, about 40 seconds. It’s really beautiful, though, and suits Athena. She’s such a warm persona and she radiates her warmth through the song, too. Even Arista and Aquata stop fighting when she’s singing.
Guide by breebree446 posted over a year ago
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Here are the results of the disney Line-up versions. I'm sorry about the delay...

The choices for link were between her blue outfit and her purple outfit. The blue outfit rained victorious.

It's mais royal looking, the other one is mais casual wear - firegirl1515

Well, I actually prefer jasmim wearing the blue one but in the line-up, I think she should wear purple because Aurora and cinderela already have blue dresses - TigerRanma

The purple outfit is my favorito disney princess outfit - princesslullaby

I like both - pretty_angel92

There were three choices for link Her blue dress and tiara, her light green dress, and her dark green dress. Her light green dress...
Fan fiction by KataraLover posted over a year ago
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oi everyone I got myself into a little bit of trouble, because you see I got Cinderella's fairy godmother to send me to the world of Sleeping Beauty. However I can't leave until I help Aurora get her happily ever after. Well if she's gonna get her happily ever after I'm going to do it my way. I'm just going to keep her from the spinning wheel until the sun goes down. This'll be easy because this girl is NAIVE, I amor her and everything but she's gonna be as easy as cooking a pizza.

Anyway I'm outside of the cottage and I'm trying to climb up to Aurora's room. I've done rock climbing but with that there's always someone holding me up with a cord so this wasn't easy. I finally got up there and Aurora was in her room crying and I feel sorry for her.

"Are you okay" I asked

"Who are you" asked Aurora

"I asked you a pergunta first" I said

"I'm fine it's just I'm a little sad because....." said Aurora

"I know just please stop crying" I said
Article by firegirl1515 posted over a year ago
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Here are the lyrics to a song I learned from my música teacher growing up. We'd act it out using her spinning wheel, and none of the girls could ever wait to be Aurora. Even though I didn't like her back then, I still wanted the chance to touch the spinning wheel. I thought it was fitting I post this, it being Aurora mês and all. So, in honor of our own Brier Rose, here's the Irish folk song "Fair Rosa":

Fair Rosa was a lovely child,
A lovely child, a lovely child,
Fair Rosa was a lovely child
A long time ago.

A wicked fairy cast a spell,
Cast a spell, cast a spell,
A wicked fairy cast a spell,
A long time ago.

She pricked her finger on a spinning wheel
A spinning wheel, a spinning wheel,
She pricked her finger on a spinning wheel,
A long time ago

Fan fiction by TotallyMe105 posted over a year ago
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A/N: Chapter 7? Haha I have the cover for this story...or the
temporary cover. I will probably make another.

Chapter 7:

A mês went por and things only got worse, small distubances
between the colonist and the natives were becoming mais commom.
People had been hurt, but no one had been killed.
I hadn't ventured out into the woods since my first dia here, I was
secretly terrified of running into the Natives again. That night really
had shaken me up.
I have a scar on my forehead where the branch had cut me on the
way to their village, the doctor told me that it was highly likely that
I would have it the rest of my life.
I could'nt let any of this effect me today, my parents were arriving
from Londres and I was excited to see them.
As we were readying ourselves for their arrival Cecily kept her
back turned to me. Since our arrival she had been even colder to
Opinion by hindaa posted over a year ago
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I promised myself that I wouldn't make this artigo until enrolados comes out because I knew from the beginning that it's going to be in my top5

I gave each movie ratings for
the princess, prince, songs, kiss, ending, sidekicks.
*the following filmes r arranged from my least to my favorito DP.

Princess:Jasmine 1/10 I never liked her,personality and I never related to her.
Prince:Aladdin 4/10 I like him but I don't amor him.
Songs: 8/10 I really like Genie's songs, jasmim and Aladdin's voice r amazing.
Kiss: 8/10 very romantic.
Ending: 9/10 I really like the ending when the r cantar A Whole New World.
Sidekicks : 6/10 not a fã of Abo but I really like Genie.
Total points :36 , in general watching aladdin is a delight the only thing I don't like in this movie is Jasmine.

Opinion by Genius_626 posted over a year ago
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OK, I amor "Tangled." Period. Maybe you need some back story if you really want to grasp my situation:

I support disney even when they're faultering,(although I think they've recovered already) kind of like I would a friend, that's just how I am; I feel I owe disney something since their filmes have shown me my true calling in life: to animate, to direct, to make filmes and to entertain the masses and challange myself with my creativity. Granted I'm only a teenager, I know what I'm going to do with my life because of disney.

Anyway, I am greatly dissapointed with the reviews "Tangled" is getting, especially when they compare it to Disney's greatest classics! Don't they realize that disney is coming out of a creative, technological block right now? They compare "Tangled" to "Snow White" and say that the songs in enrolados are childish and hard to get through (implied if you're an adult and have no wimsy; if you're just taking your five ano old to the movie they'd been begging to see since they saw the first trailer; if you're the kind of adult that thinks all animated filmes are kid movies, which they're not!--that reminds me, there is a difference between...
Fan fiction by TotallyMe105 posted over a year ago
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A/N#1: Well this Chapter 6 and I really don't know where this chapter
is going to I will see where it takes itself.

Chapter 6:

"Why do you think they let us go?" I heard Adam ask from beside
me as we walked over branches and bushes, we were nearing the
Stopping completly and leaning against a árvore I looked at him for
awhile trying to come up with an answer.
"The Honest truth is that I really don't know why he let us go, but
we now probably created a war" This scared me, what would my parents
think hearing that I had been kidnapped por Natives on the dia of
my arrival because I had snuck out.
"Maybe not, if we lie" Now I had to roll my eyes at the idea of that,
we cheirado, cheirava, smelt of firewood and forest pine, and we didnt look bad enough
to say we had been mauled por any animais or that we got lost.
"That would never work, your a terrible liar and you know that
Opinion by Straggy posted over a year ago
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The new lineup! But who'll come top?
Otherwise called "let's just stick Rapunzel in there as an excuse for a new article."
It's snowing heavily outside and I'm super ill and it's super cold and yeah... If I spell everything wrong and sound distracted then I can't really help it. I keep looking out of the window in awe whilst sticking tissue up my nostrils. The whole world is white... It's just BEAUTIFUL.
Anyway, yeah, I wrote an artigo months and months and months atrás so I'm trying not to just replicate that. Because my list only ever
changes for a new princess. I like my rut, don't be mean to it.
So yeah, same thing as always, swearing as much as I fucking want and being blunt and mean and scary. artigo TIME!

10) Belle

Oh, this placement is such a surprise! It's not like I'm constantly slagging her off or anything, that would be a proposterous suggestion.
Opinion by VGfan30 posted over a year ago
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I've been thinking of composição literária a artigo for awhile now, but I wanted to wait until after enrolados came out before I wrote it. This is my first article.

10. Tiana(The Princess and the Frog)
I don't dislike Tiana, but I don't care much for her either. She's a dreamer, but her dream is a realistic one, and a like the daydreamers more. She also quite bland compared to some of the other characters, such as charlotte and Naveen. If she wasn't the main character, I'd probably wouldn't remember her as much.

9. Jasmine(Aladdin)
Now, I like Jasmine. She's smart, pretty, and knows how to stand up for herself. I just don't think we would get along that well. I feel like we would always end up fighting, and I would pretty much always end up losing. That, and I just like the other princesses more.

8. Pocahontas(Pocahontas)
I like Pocahontas, but I don't know exactly why. Maybe it's that fact that I amor to watch her dive a cliff or listen to her beautiful voice. Maybe it's the fact that she saved her amor from his head being smashed and stopping a war. I really don't know.
Fan fiction by TotallyMe105 posted over a year ago
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A/N#1: So here's Chapter 5, I really don't know where this chapter will
go, I'm just gonna write it and see what comes from it.

Chapter 5:

I could tell my legs were bleeding, they had been dragging me for
atleast 15 minutos and the rocks and twigs had somehow found
their way into my boots scratching against the side and cutting the
I stopped trying to escape awhile ago, after they had released my feet
I tried to kick and scream for help but it didn't exactly work.
Adam never tried to escape he let them drag him through the forest
without a word. He was being so calm about this that I couldn't understand
why he was not also trying to free himself.
Smelling the odor of camp fogo I realized that we were close to the
tribe now.
Finally we were taken through a break in the woods and were greeted
por an actually fairly large camp ground. Their houses were made of
Opinion by princesslullaby posted over a year ago
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I know I've changed my mind like 84932084932048392048329 times. Okay like 4. I was rounding. But this is the list I can look at and be satisfied. This is the list I don't want to change anything around. This is the list where I'm not constantly questioning myself. This is the list where I just instinctively put the princesses in their spots instead of overthinking. Get it? It's a good list. So this time, I got to skip the heavy drinking and lab results (...okay, maybe only the latter) and here's my list.

[F] 10. Aurora
*to the tune of link*
and everything bland
these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little princess
but disney forgot to add an extra ingredient to the concotion....chemical complex!
Thus princess Aurora was born!
Fan fiction by TotallyMe105 posted over a year ago
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A/N#1: Chapter 4 is actually something I have been waiting to write for awhile now. Last chapter for tonight.

Chapter 4:

My footsteps were light like a deer's as I hid in shadows and behind
It was easy slipping through the fence, the guards wern't the most
observant men. But still the thoughts of Natives laurking around waiting
for me to step out with bows and arrows truthfully frightened me.
I managed to grab a sword before I left from a tool shed where I would
return it in the morning, but for now it rested in its case on my hip
swishing as I walked along.
The forest was lush and green even in the night you could see the
true beauty it held. The leaves in the air danced as the gentle breeze
fluttered about blowing my hair as dark as night along with it.
The wind had provided great comfort for the time I had been here, it
almost sang as it whistled through the pines and over the hills. The moon
Fan fiction by TotallyMe105 posted over a year ago
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A/N#1: Blahhh another boring chapter:/ Sorry gotta get through all the
descriptions and introductions! But the story will pick up very soon!

Chapter 3:

Four months on a barco in the middle of the ocean with no land in
sight, that was until today.
We finally arrived in a small town that was surrounded por huge oaks
and pines, a cliff overlooked the sea and the sand was a brownish
color. It wasnt the most beautiful land ever but it was land, I wanted
off this barco so bad that I didn't care where they let me off as long
as the land was solid.
The wind whipped through my long black hair and I grabbed the
elasitic I had on my wrist to tie it back, then put it back around my
wrist again. I loved the feeling of the wind whipping through my
hair, the sound of it was like a gentle lullaby that reminded me of
one that my Mother sang to me so many years ago.
I missed mom and dad, four months is a long time to go without
Fan fiction by TotallyMe105 posted over a year ago
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A/N#2: This is Chapter 2.

We had been on the sea for a week already, the crew was nice enough, so was the captain. No one had
really been talking, to busy with each individual's dream of what was in Jamestown; Freedom? Riches?
Edward was even mais arrogant then I had thought originally, he walks around everyday with his brother
who I found out was the black haired boy who had been standing seguinte to him. He was ok, but Edward
just got under my skin with his rude comments about my father and how he has a high repuatation.
"Cecily?" I called searching for my sister up on the deck in the warm sunlight. I had been searching for her
all morning and couldnt find her anywhere.
"Over here!" I heard a high voice that I knew well from living with all these years.
"Hey I have been..." I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw who she was talking with, Edward. He smiled at
me as if nothing was wrong as I scowled back at him.
Fan fiction by TotallyMe105 posted over a year ago
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A/N#1: So I watched "Pocahontas" today and I had forgotten how great of a movie it was, it's now my segundo favorite
disney movie. I have not watched the second...personally...I probably never will...soooo I'm just composição literária this on what
knowledge I have of the tale and if something is incorrect...or if there was a character death I'm not aware of...then they
are alive in my yeah. This is just a chapter...I want to know how this will be received, but dont this
story our favorito "Pocahontas" couple will be together. Okay! Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

My raven black hair whipped in the salty sea air as I stood upon one of the crates about to be loaded. The sun was high
over head, bearing down on my pale skin. I couldnt help but smile, I was going to enjoy this adventure.
The names Elizabeth Smith, daughter of the highly acclaimed Captain John Smith and Pocahontas Smith, sixteen years of age.
True my motherwas close to marrying that creep John Rolfe, but dont worry all you lovely people, true amor always comes out on top.
Review by Persephone713 posted over a year ago
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I was pleasantly surprised. I still don't like the título but, you cant judge a movie por its title. The movie as some of you probably already know-was beautifully done and the characters were so memorable. Her two sidekicks " Pascal" and " Maximus" were very entertaining. Both said mais with their actions than words could have said. Yes they are part of the few mute but very funny disney characters. por mute I mean no talking. And Mother Gothel certainly deserves her spot in the disney Villain line. She was wicked in every sense of the word. Not frightening. Although this little girl was so scared of her behind me she wouldn't quit crying. And Flynn is a handsome and worthy hero/prince. Him and Rapunzel have wonderful chemistry and playoff each other nicely. They actually learn a few things from one another. Anyway after seeing it I'm sorry I judged it prematurely and only on its Title. I still think that part is lame. But life will go on. Wonderful movie and I certainly hope that is only a rumor about no mais disney Fairytales. Its what they do best.
List by chericherry posted over a year ago
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chericherry productions
If it helps, read my link first. You know the drill, from 9 to 1, the countdown goes. I'll try not to be bias and be different from what you see. But I am pretty bias and sometimes I agree with others, so here goes nothin'!

9. Mulan
Yes, here we are again. mulan is last on my favorito princess list and now this. For a major part of the film, she is disguised as a man. Not very attractive for a woman. She looks pretty with her make-up on and her dress...that's about it. Her eyes are exotic but I don't like them very much.

8. Tiana
She was #7 on my favoritos she is at 8th place. Her eyes are cartoony and not very detailed in my opinion. I like her eye color, though. I might have different opinions if she lets her hair down for once.
List by ALetterToElise posted over a year ago
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I didn't base this of my opinions. This list is based of which princess filmes the critics like/dislike.

10. Pocahontas

Rating: 55/100
Consensus: Pocahontas means well, and has moments of startling beauty, but it's largely a bland, uninspired effort, with uneven plotting and an unfortunate lack of fun.

9. The Princess and the Frog

Rating: 84/100
Consensus: The warmth of traditional disney animation makes this occasionally lightweight fairy-tale update a lively and captivating confection for the holidays.

8. Mulan

Rating: 86/100
Consensus: Exploring themes of family duty and honor, mulan breaks new ground as a disney film, while still bringing vibrant animation and sprightly characters to the screen.

7. Tangled

Rating: 87/100
Consensus: While far from Disney's greatest film, enrolados is a visually stunning, thoroughly entertaining addition to the studio's classic animated canon.
List by Gleek4ever posted over a year ago
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oi everybody! I just saw the enrolados midnight premiere last night so I've rewrote my disney Princess List and I tried really hard to make it the most accurate out of all my anterior lists (my favorito disney Princess list changes like the weather). One mais thing, sometimes I think that my ratings don't truly capture how I feel about a certain princess so I've included a simple rating to tell you how I feel about each princess. This is my first artigo so please be nice! :)

10. Cinderella
Yeah, i've never been much of a fan. I mean it's great that she works so hard and still retains her pleasant personality, i just find her extremely boring and a push over. I don't think she's pretty and she's just way too passive for me. I prefer the spunky princesses as you will see later on.

I am neautral.

9. Aurora
Aurora is beautiful, elegant, and a true princess. However, I think she's a little too passive and old-fashioned. I think she does have a personality, it's just boring compared to some of the other princesses. However, she does embody a disney Princess and must be praised for that.
List by ALetterToElise posted over a year ago
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10) Tiana

Tiana is cute, goal-oriented, and has a great cantar voice! So why is she so low? It's simply because she doesn't have a fairytale aura about her. I like that she believes in her dreams, and goes and makes them happen. I don't like that she has no time for family and friends because she works so hard. My favorito scene is when she is swaying to the música as charlotte dances with "Naveen". You just knew she wanted to dance with that prince!

9) Mulan

My favorito thing about mulan is that she proves that being a princess comes from within(not from a royal title). She also proves that being awkward and not fitting in can be a good thing. It is very beautiful that she saved her father and found herself at the same time, but like Tiana she does not have the fairytale aura, and I believe that's why she didn't stick to me like the seguinte 8.

8) Pocahontas