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posted by Windrises
Notes: The characters and locations are owned por Disney.Since fanpop members voted for emotional stories story will be mostly serious.

Anna said "Elsa what's going on today?"

Elsa said "I have important business so I'll be gone today."

Anna said "This means I have nothing to do."

Elsa said "I'm sure you'll find something to do. Please don't eat too much chocolate."

After Elsa left Anna was bored. She felt like she had no reasons to do anything. She said "Well I'm sure that somewhere in my city there's crimes and Super chocolate Lover will stop them." Anna put on her super hero costume and tried...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
I actually got this idea from disnerdtobe, who got this idea from anukriti, and I actually want to do the same, since I have a lot of princesses I relate to. That being said, this will be very hard, but keep in mind, these are princesses I myself relate to. It is also set up a little differently than disnerdtobe's

Not Relatable

Making up a majority of this part of the list are Golden Era princesses. I think they were relatable to the girls in their time period which I think is why I personally don't relate to them. That isn't to say that there aren't people who relate to these princesses-...
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My favorito princess list has been change in some placement since I wrote link several months ago. I was inspired with link, so I would include Anna, Elsa, and Moana too in my list. Although they aren't official, but the mais the merrier!
Okay, here's my latest favorito disney Princess list:

Bottom 5

14. Jasmine

She’s still on my least favorite, ever. I don’t get what’s so special about her, all other Princesses at least have their own uniqueness, except for her. She’s nothing mais than a princess who was forced to marry, and again it’s really common. She shown sassiness but just...
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I haven’t written an artigo in ages…. Ah, well. Doesn’t matter. Since there has been a great frou-frou and a tizzy storm over Disney’s recent live action Beauty and the Beast 2017, I thought I would be remiss if I did not watch it. And watch it I did. So here, below, I’m sharing my thoughts on Disney’s revamped Beauty and the Beast 1991 as a live action feature circa 2017. Please don’t read this artigo if you haven’t seen the movie yet, and don’t want any spoilers!

Spoiler Alert!
The Prologue
    The first scene featuring the prince’s hosted party was...
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 Elle Fanning
Elle Fanning
Hi guys, since Emma Watson did hers, now I'm going to write down my 3 favourite outfits during the world premiere of Maleficent, cinderela and Beauty and the Beast.

Elle Fanning's Maleficent Premiere Dress

I just amor this dress and the hairstyle, because I think it really suits Elle very much. It's mais feminine and very modern, in fact it looks like a modernised version of Cinderella's dress!

Lily James' cinderela Premiere Dresses

When I first saw this dress during the World Premiere, I was really amazed that it slightly resembles to Elle Fanning's dress. Including the hairstyle too, but...
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My opinion changes a lot almost weekly but every few months I update my favorito disney Princess list, and I pretty much stick with it, until I update it again. This is my latest update of my disney Princess list. Enjoy:)

14. Elsa

Honestly, she was sixth on my disney Princess list for a while, but I think that was the only length of time I actually liked Elsa. Other than that length of time, I've never really liked Elsa. I mean, I guess I like seeing so many girls relate to her, but I really don't like much about her.

She has a horrible personality, she blames everyone else for her problems,...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
I may be a little late for this but here we go...

So I have this opinion that I don't know whether or not it's popular, but I know at one point it wasn't. Everyone is just like "oh, she's going to be horrible as Belle!" But I strongly disagree, and here is why.

People say she looks nothing like Belle, so I'm just sitting here like soooo....? She looks no less the the same as Emilie de Ravin does, and she makes a great Belle on Once Upon a Time! I get it, when people see the live action versions of these movies, they want to see the characters similar in both personality wise and design...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Go ahead and get the soundtrack!
Go ahead and get the soundtrack!
Hi guys, since I had done a pesquisa earlier, now it's my turn to write down 3 motivational songs and the reasons why.

1) Let It Go (Frozen)

Since this song has been overplayed, I'm very glad that disney release an international version and it became an international anthem! It teaches me to let all of my anxieties go, and this is why I always listen in the car while driving sometimes.

2) Strong (Cinderella)

The other song that I love, it motivates me to write down the singers who sang Let It Go and show it to them on their Facebook. I was very happy that some of them thanked me for it!

3) How Far I'll Go (Moana)

As Belle says, I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, so this is how the song inspires me to travel around the world on my own!

Get Inspired!

So here are my reasons on why these 3 songs are motivational, do you agree?
 Hello Ella
Hello Ella
 I want to get the soundtrack!
I want to get the soundtrack!
posted by andy10B
To all disney princesses fans

My pesquisa i created about the new ícone has raised some negative feedback about the new proposed one. Mainly because I have not commented about it on the disney Princesses forum.

Therefore I am very sorry I had no idea you had to voice out your idea first and the pesquisa will be abandoned. I'm not sure how you eliminar a pesquisa but it's fair to say that the original ícone has 80% so it should win.

Please any perguntas or concerns please comment below.

I hope I haven't lost any popularity because of this.

posted by deedragongirl
 Hello Lily!!
Hello Lily!!
Hi guys, again I'm neither being prejudice nor am I putting down Emma Watson in any form of way, especially her atuação skills. So are my thoughts on what would really happen if Lily James played Belle instead.

Interesting Idea

In a recent interview with Lily, she doesn't mind being typecast in periodical costumes since she was previously from Downton Abbey.
Secondly, Lily can actually sing as we all heard her at the 2015 cinderela reboot ending credits with her rendition of A Dream Is A Wish Your coração Makes, so playing Belle would be a challenge for her.

Not So Good Idea

I personally think...
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Alice Kingsleigh is the estrela of the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland and the 2016 film Alice Through the Looking Glass. She is played por Mia Wasikowska. She's a young adult. Her dad died, but her mom and sister are alive. Her best friend is Tarrant Hightopp.

Alice may seem like a eccentric person to add to the disney Princess group, but pretty much everything about Alice in Wonderland is weird.

The disney Princess group needs Alice, because she's Disney's best female character. That's a fact, not a opinion. I'm joking. Well kind of.

Alice is a inspiring hero. She was basically forced to have a...
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While the Princess Party line of DVD's had the goal of accompanying disney Princess-themed parties, the Princess Stories line has the much mais general purpose of serving as everyday entertainment for young girls everywhere. As a result, there's a significant dip in quality from the Party line to the Stories line. We're going to take and look and see just how bad that decline is!

DVD Content
Just like in my last review, I'll go over all of the categories of the DVD one at a time. But first, it's necessary to talk about the presentation. When you first pop in the disk, you're shown a young girl's...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Party time girls!
Party time girls!
Hi guys, so basically this list is about the princess's favourite Korean Pop Songs if they're organising a Disco Party.

1) Sorry, Sorry (Super Junior)

This song is very catchy that I could not get it out of my head! Definitely the best Disco música ever.

2) Hallelujah (Big Bang)

Taken from the popular 2009 Korean drama, Iris. This song actually suits Tiana and Naveen, I feel.

3) Oppa Gangnam Style (Psy)

The most popular dance that took the world por storm back in 2012, this will definitely the other choice for a disco.

4) Gentlemen (Psy)

The segundo single from Psy, I watched a video with the Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante cast dancing to this song. Go check it out!

5) Mr Simple (Super Junior)

Another song that I grew a liking on, it is another catchy song in fact I hope to download their album soon if I'm lucky.

Check Them Out!

Only 5 songs make it through the cut, anymore suggestions?
 Hello Psy!
Hello Psy!
big bang
Big Bang
super junior
Super Junior
Well, I managed to be able to see the Broadway show of The Little Mermaid, something I’ve dreamed of experiencing since the moment I heard about the Broadway show years ago. Most of you know that Disney’s The Little Mermaid is both my favorito disney movie and one of my favorito filmes of ALL TIME, so this was MAJOR for me! I also was lucky enough to see the original Broadway show on youtube, starring Sierra Boggess as Ariel herself, that show was amazing with many great new songs, capturing the characters I loved so much while giving them a new spin, and clever writing.

However, the show...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Princesses with their voice actress!
Princesses with their voice actress!
Hi guys, I would like to write down my favourite disney Princess Signature Songs and the reason why I amor them!

1) How Far Shall I'll Go

Since watching Moana on the big screen, I could not get this song out of my head despite that I don't have the soundtrack yet.

2) Let It Go

Same reason as How Far Shall I'll Go, I also could not let it go! For the past few days, my brother have been listening it on his iPod and it is his favourite movie and song!

3) Beauty and the Beast

Another disney Princess that I grew up with, it is one of the most popular songs in disney history.

4) Part of Your World

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Today was the happiest dia of my life, not only did my handsome prince wake me up and I'm heading to my castelo but for the first time in my life I am safe. Even the dwarfs house I still was scared from my own step mother could be there. I had heard that she had died from killing me and that I was to take over.

As we walked por prince Ferdinand said " you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, I amor you so much I would fight and die for you, you complete my heart. That wicked queen stopped us from being together longer. So it would be an honour Snow White if you would marry me." The prince...
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 disney amor songs.
Disney love songs.
Hi guys, since I amor traveling, I would like to write down some nice cities on which the disney Princess and their respective princes will fall in amor with since Valentine's dia is coming soon.

1. Manchester, England, UK

Snow White and Prince Ferdinand will definitely amor this city, it is very country-oriented and Snow White will consider this as her segundo home!

2. Milan, Italy

Since France is a neighbour to Italy, cinderela will carry her duties with Prince Kit por making her first official state visit there. They will definitely amor this city even mais than Paris.

3. Prague, Czech Republic...
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 Team Moana?
Team Moana?
Hi guys, since I have seen both films, what I'm going to write are famous filmes on how are they connected to each other and how they inspire millions of people today! In terms of story-line and songs.


When I first watch this movie on the big screen with my younger brother, I initially thought that Elsa would be like Darth Vader and the film will be copycat of the estrela Wars movie. But, I guess not! The film itself actually promotes forgiveness and sisterhood on which British actress Lily James mentioned the latter in one of her interviews shortly after the release of Cinderella.
The songs...
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 The other favourite poster!
The other favourite poster!
Hi guys, an idea had struck me if disney were to make their own film about the famous Romanov princess. Here we go!

They Should Make It!

Since Don Bluth had done it back in 1997, disney should do it. In this version, they would make her mother Alexandra Fyodorovna along with Rasputin the main antagonists with the latter brainwashing the latter, prompting mother and daughter to be estranged or however the relationship should be. It wasn't until the final scene that Alexandra came to her senses!

They Should Not Make It!

I personally think that should not make it, because if they make Rasputin as the bad guy again. The story will be so familiar with the 1997 version! Unless they change the story and choose a brand new antagonists for the film.

An Imperial Moment

So, what do you think? Should disney really make it or not?
 Paris & Moscow
Paris & Moscow
posted by AudreyFreak
Yes, my MBTI posts are back! I've studied the cognitive functions a lot mais so they'll be a little different. I have many other disney MBTI posts ready on my link so I'll be posting mais soon.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Though Belle says she wants excitement and adventure, she never actually does anything about it. She stays in town, performing the same routine every day: go into town, get books, read them, do some chores around the house. It bores her, but it's what she knows and is comfortable with. Later, she eventually falls into the same routines, reading, taking walks, feeding the...
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