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Since I am trying to make the Princess Of The mês mais popular, this is another one of my ideas. In the end of each mês I'll post articles, based on the countdowns for songs, hairstyles and outfits. There everybody will have the chance to discuss whether they agree with the results, what corresponded to their expectations, and what they wish would have been different!

Once again, I will be using pictures for my articles. A few months back I would have made a detailed explanation about each result, but since the recent changes, fanpop has been atuação really weird. And yes, I don't like the option of composição literária long paragraphs with text, while the pictured are all clustered in the bottom of the article! So under each picture I will be posting one comment, related to the result. So in case you don't want your comments posted in my articles, please contact me!

Here are the results of the POTM Songs Countdown: ~*Rapunzel*~ (January 2013)! Enjoy and share your opinion!
 "It is one of the only two songs I like in the movie." - rhythmicmagic
"It is one of the only two songs I like in the movie." - rhythmicmagic
 "Aww the Healing Incantation is por far the best song in the movie." - tiffany88
"Aww the Healing Incantation is by far the best song in the movie." - tiffany88
 "The reprise has mais or a beat to it which is why I like it mais and I always have the passion to sing it.." - LatinoLollipops
"The reprise has more or a beat to it which is why I like it more and I always have the passion to sing it.." - LatinoLollipops
 "Call me crazy, (not maybe) but I like When Will My Life Begin the best. It's got a good rhythm, and the lyrics are creative." - hajirah4
"Call me crazy, (not maybe) but I like When Will My Life Begin the best. It's got a good rhythm, and the lyrics are creative." - hajirah4
 "I like I See the Light best out of enrolados songs" - LightningRed
"I like I See the Light best out of Tangled songs" - LightningRed
 10th Place
10th Place
Series so far:

Favourite Ballgowns: link

Favourite Formal Dresses: link

10) Mulan's Green / Multi-coloured Dress

I don't like this dress. The topo, início green part really suits her so does the red sash. But the rest of the colours doesn't do her any favours.

9) Aurora's Cottage / Forest Dress

This is proof that Aurora looks good in any thing. It's a very plain dull looking dress, but Aurora's graceful movements and natural beauty make it seem elegant. But I can't put it any higher because the grey makes it too dreary!

8) Snow White's Forest Dress

I don't like the back-collar high neck piece. The saia is...
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posted by BookWorm26
Beauty and The Beast
The actual story was written my a french author. Beauty(Belle) was rich and had snobby siblings. Her father lost his job, and was finding his living. He stubbled upon a rose, and reminded him of Beauty. He plucked, and there is this Beast he's like "That rose is mine!" and then punishes him! So the father goes back and tells Beauty. She loves her father very much, and she wants to takes his place. In fact, the beast is perfectly fine with that. They grow amor over time, and Beauty gets a letter. One of her sisters are getting married.She wants do go so the beast lents her...
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 10th Place
10th Place
Formal dress for this countdown are Princess dresses or honourable engagement dresses in Mulan's case that are worn for celebrations, royal visits, formal evening meals and simply as fancy attire to wear in the castelo during the day

Ball Gowns, Everday oufits, Work outfits, Costumes, Home-made Gowns and Wedding Dresses haven't been included.

However if you would like to read about my favourite ball gowns please go to this link: link

10) Cinderella's Return to the Palace Dress

This one is dull. Although it seems softly pretty when she's in the carriage. Outside the carriage it looks horrible.

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With animation a current “hot topic” on here, I thought I’d post my list of personal favorites. These filmes are all just pieces of art, and I definitely think the animation has been overlooked on this spot! These are all just my opinions on what I like and dislike, and I should probably stop rambling and get on to the list!

10. Tangled
I’ll admit, I don’t like CGI animation as much as I like traditional animation. Also, I’m not an “art person,” art galleries bore me, and I think people who aren’t “art people” have a much harder time appreciating something as a piece of...
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10. Snow White
Although she is one of the classics, her voice, oh the voice!!!
She looks decent,she cowers over everything! Her dress is cute but she is dumb. She eats an maçã, apple to a complete stranger that was so suspicious. Even the animais didn't like the witch.

First, the movie was historically inaccurate. Second, she falls in amor with John Smith, which is again, historically inaccurate. She possessed an ability to talk to a árvore who guided her. No other princess talked to a tree. Not even Snow White. If Pochantas was is your favorito princess, I am sorry...
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10. Snow white's prince
He is the first one on my list. Will, he was just walking along with his horse until he heard an annoying cantar voice. He saw a girl of rags, and than sang to her. That is what he only said! Besides, he finally kisses her! Is that the only way to get a man?

9. Prince Charming
Will, he was charming. He saw cinderela and then, because of his manly instinct, he asks her to dance. He has a song, and then, a line.

8. Buzz

He is higher on my list, because he deserves to be on this list in my opinion. He is cool, smooth talking,...
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posted by Jayden-G
There are 10 disney Princes so far, and they are a unique group. Some barely have a personality, others are really full of themselves, insecure, and some are really cool. This is my list of my favorito disney Prince

10. Ferdinand
Snow White's prince is in last place because despite him being the first hero and prince, he's practically only a plot device. His only purpose in the movie is for Snow White to fall in amor with him, so he can break the curse. He is in maximum 5 minutos of an hora and twenty minuto movie (I've counted), so we do not get to see his character, and he appears the least...
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posted by Jayden-G
I have wanted do do a favorito disney Princess list for a while now, and I have finally gotten the time to do it. Number 10 is my least favorite, and Number 1 is mt favorite.
10. Aurora
The problem with Princess Aurora is that we do not get to know her, as she only appears in about 18 minutos of an hora and twenty minutes, and half of her time is spent in the forest. She is unfortunately very one-dimensional, if you can even call her that, and she does not do a single thing on her own that has any part of the plot. The 3 fadas the only personality that we see (the christening), they also...
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posted by dimitri_is_hot
Congratulations for being January's fã of the mês hajirah4! I noticed you like to voice your opinions so I'm going to ask why in every pergunta haha.

1) How does it feel to be fã of the month?
It feels great. Even though i'm thankful, i'm quite surprised. A lot of the times i'd vote for the ones who I thought deserved it, and i'm surprised (but thankful) for people to choose somebody like me :)

2) Who is your favourite princess and why?
Ariel. When I was little I loved mermaids, and I always thought for the character (when I would read the book) to be very calm and peaceful, but when I saw...
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posted by rhythmicmagic
Yeah, I know, Valentine’s Day, it’s cliché, but I’m a singleton, as well as one of those nerds who does her homework early, so I really have nothing better to do. Why not write an artigo about the couples on the dia of love? So, I decided I will do a DP couple artigo today while I watch aladdin so I can tell my dad where it pixelates so we can get it replaced.

10. cinderela and Charming
Cinderella is a lovely woman, sweet, gentle, kind, beautiful, there’s really nothing bad about her. Charming, he doesn’t really do much, but what he does really rubs me the wrong way. He seems very...
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posted by Swanpride
Jessikaroo and I were recently talking about the animation in the disney filmes and realized that this is one aspect which hasn’t really been discussed in the spot so far. And isn’t that what disney makes different from most of the other studios, the quality of the animation? Yes, animation is not everything. One of the best filmes disney ever made is “Robin Hood” and it is also the one with the worst animation por far. Well, that’s unfair. It is the cheapest animation, but it is not really bad for the budget they had. Even though the animators reused a lot of animation, not just from...
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 disney Princess Award
Disney Princess Award
Author’s Note: Hey fanpop fans!
Here is last part of my first fã fiction “Disney Princess Awards”. I know that it is been long since the last part! I tried to do it mais interesting and enjoyable! I want to tell you that this part is a little long, dramatic, interesting and mais romantic. I amor Mickey and Minnie that I really want them to get really involved in the story and make recognition of their relationship. All these characters are own por the Walt disney Company. The names in the parenthesis are the titles of the desenhos animados were the situation happens. I hope that you like this...
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posted by DsnyPrincess
1. Congratulations for being December fã of the Month! How did you feel?
I think it's so sweet when people give me good feedback. I'm happy that my contributions are appreciated. So I feel honored to be FOTM.

2. How did you first get on fanpop and disney Princess spot?
I was searching for aleatório DP lists and images, then discovered Fanpop.

3. What is your favorito activity on Fanpop? The polls, I amor making them and voting on them. I'm not good at expressing my opinions though.

4. Is there a disney Princess whom you can relate yourself to? If yes, who? If no, to which Disney/non-Disney heroine...
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Ahh, feminism. What is it, really? Because apparently, the majority of fanpop does not have the faintest idea what it is. por definition, feminism is a noun meaning, "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men." For those who were confused, this does not mean the most "man hating" princess or the most feminine princess. Now that we've cleared this up, we can mover on.
One might argue it's insanity to even consider mixing feminism with its most feared foe, the disney Princess franchise. There are people who would suggest I am trying to, "pick...
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Another updated list, well hope you'll like it :)

10. Pocahontas
Apart from the color and how gorgeous the hair looks when it blows in the wind I don't like her hair, why? Because it looks like paper since it's so thin and I hate hair that looks like paper. But I don't hate Pocahontas' hair since she actually has one hairstyle that I amor and that's the braided hair which we don't see for so long in the movie, but compared to the loose hair I much prefer that hairstyle even though she looks older with that hairstyle.

9. Mulan
Other than the long and loose hair I don't like her hair that much, it's...
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 Meeting Snow White in Germany, EPCOT.
Meeting Snow White in Germany, EPCOT.
Here are mais pictures since you can only put 20 per article, I made a part 2!

These are mainly pictures of EPCOT. There are always a ton of characters in all the different countries. mulan can be met in China, jasmim and aladdin in Morocco, Rapunzel or Snow White in Germany, Alice, Mary Poppins and Winnie the Pooh and friends in the U.K., and Belle or Aurora in France. I'm kind of just droning on because my artigo needs to be longer hahaha it says to post it to the forum.

Oh! Tiana and Naveen are probably the best characters I've ever met. Tiana was gorgeous and Naveen was very handsome. They're...
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posted by jainabieber7
 Cinderella's Castle!
Cinderella's Castle!
I did this pesquisa awhile atrás to see if anyone was interested in leitura about my trip! Lots of people were so I finally decided to write it. I met every Princess (except Pocahontas) and other characters
So I'll start talking about it now.

I went for 4 days a couple weeks ago. Both of my parents and their friend ran the 25th Anniversary disney Marathon so we got to go on a trip to WDW! We stayed at a WDW Resort, Port Orleans Riverside. Its a very cute, southern hotel. We stayed in the Royal Guest Rooms. They're princess themed! All over the walls were pictures of all the DP's hanging out and going...
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Like all young girls I amor the disney Princesses I was undecided who I liked because I liked the bran new one when it came out it wasn't until I got older that I placed them in a ranking from my least favorito to my all time. I'd like to apologize in advance if I offend anyone this isn't intentional I think all the disney Princesses are beautiful and inspiring in there own way :)

# 10 Jasmine: I've never really had a thing for her even when I was little I always found her immodest granted now I know its part of her culture but she just seems like a spolied brat who doesn't seem to be grateful...
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A ano atrás i wrote an artigo about my favorito DP eyes, today I'll write an updated list, hope you'll like it :)

10. Mulan
I hate the shape, it's just too crazy for my taste and I really don't like the color, since the eyes are black there are no pupils in her eyes and I don't see any highlights in her eyes either. Seriously I would've loved to see mais details in the eyes.

9. Pocahontas
Okay, these eyes at least have some color and doesn't have a crazy shape, but they're so small, sometimes it's like you can't see the eyes and in some shots (like the one down below) her eyes are black.

8. Rapunzel...
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