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Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante is a 2013 animated disney film that has become slightly popular if you consider slightly popular to mean a worldwide hit beloved por millions of people. It has become 1 of the most popular animated films ever made as well as the most successful in theaters. Because of all that there's several people that think the film is overrated as well as people who thinks it's 1 of the best films ever made. This film is about what I think of the film.


People say that the film is about the 2 main women (Anna and Elsa). Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante is actually about several different things. There's Anna and...
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 J-Pop Moment.
J-Pop Moment.
Hi guys, this list is something like the K-Pop list that I made previously. Only this time, it's their Japanese counterparts. Ready?

1) Moonlight Densetsu (DALI)

Taken from the popular Japanese anime, Sailor Moon. This song has always been part of my childhood and being a Die-Hard Sailor Moon fan, the princess will support them, especially on International Women's Day!

2) Shunken Sentimental (Scandal)

This is the first time that I'm listening to it, and while doing so, I notice that it sounds like some of Paramore's songs. In particularly, Misery Business.

3) Hitohira No Hanabira (Stereopony)

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 The Danish Lads
The Danish Lads
Hi guys, I haven't been doing this in a while, only this time it is the popular Danish rock band called Michael Learns to Rock (known por their abbreviation MLTR). Ready?

1. Sleeping Child

Snow White and Princess Aurora will definitely sing this song because they both sleep till they wait for their true love's kiss!

2. Blue Night

Considering that cinderela dance with Prince Charming during the night at the ball. It would be the perfect dance and duet for them to sing too!

3. The Actor

aladdin would sing this song to Princess Jasmine, looking at the lyrics itself especially when aladdin is not...
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posted by TheMusicalMolls
My friend Rowan (Bubblegum139) recently joined Fanpop, and to get her off to a good start I'll write about her! This is her page: link I hope you guys give her a warm welcome :)

With Rowan/Bubblegum139, there's lots of fun and games to be had. She is a really fun person to hang out with, and is very crazy. She's also smart and in advanced classes. She is friendly, cool and funny. She likes to post weird selfies and make up dance moves. Here are some frases about Rowan/Bubblegum139 from people who know her:

"She's weird and crazy. Rowan likes quadricorns."

"She scares me sometimes!"

"She's crazy, but Rowan's very nice. She's very full of energy."

That's what I have to say about Bubblegum139!

*P.S Everyone knows to never give Rowan scissors...*
The dia began as hectic for Pocahontas. She had a teething Mace who was NOT happy at all, she had dishes that needed to be washed, she had the whole inside of the cottage to clean, and she had further arranged plans to visit Merida. Pocahontas just wanted to go "Shove it!" and just escape from it all. (A/N: That expression is inspired por an old country song! XD) But, she knew she couldn't do that. Especially now since she was a mother. Yet, like all new mothers, she didn't know what to do to make Mace feel better. She took a deep breath.

"Pocahontas, what's wrong?" John asked entering the cottage....
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Aurora was starting to get mais confident. After being scarred por Maleficent, she had felt very uncomfortable with her appearance, and would refuse to go out in public, unless her face was covered. But she would still avoid people either way. She placed a lot of value on her appearance. But now she was mais confident. Her parents had convinced her to go out into public, without her face covered. She was worried. She didn't know how people were going to take this.

What if they hate me? Aurora worried.

"Stop worrying," Her mother told her.

"How did you know I was worrying?"

"Pretty obvious, Aurora....
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As the sun settled down into the sky, Ariel watched as steam poured out of the crock-pot the cook was using. It made a popping noise once in awhile from all the boiling it was doing, which made her jump. She was curious, and wanted to ask what made it do that. But, she couldn't. Not after she gave her voice away. She touched her throat a bit, until someone pulled on her back. She turned her head to see the maid, short and plump, grumpy faced.
"You should be getting ready! Dinner's only in less than thirty minutes."
Ariel had a strong urge to fight back and tell her she couldn't boss her around...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
"She went off in that direction."

The man then pointed towards a building very far away from them.

"She went into the building?" Someone else asked the man.

"I don't know."

The person narrowed his eyes, "Are you sure about that?"

"I'm telling you the truth. I. Do. Not. Know."

"Fine, I believe you. Let's head towards that building then."

They started to go to the building.


Ariel was sitting in the building the person had mentioned. She was worried.

Belle's body was sitting seguinte to her. Ariel didn't know why she had taken the body with her, she had no use for it.

Maybe it's because I didn't...
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posted by andy10B
I promised I would write a biography about myself so here goes:

I am andy10B my first name is Andrew. I am 23 years old(24 on March 12th) I come from England in a town called Northampton. This is based in the centre roughly 60 miles north of London. It's not the prettiest place but it will do.

I'm mildly Autistic which means I'm not the best speaker but that does not mean I can't do it at all and I do have friends in Northampton. At the minuto i am a mail sorter for a British company called Royal mail. I would like to be a journalist or news reporter or an actor. I don't have any of those degrees...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Aurora and her mother arrived at the hospital.

They walked in only to be alarmed.

"Please, evacuate the premises." Somebody told Aurora and her mother.

"My daughter needs help!" Aurora's mother yelled.

"We would amor to help your daughter, but we're having a serious situation here."

"What kind of situation?"

"That is secret information. I'm sorry, but I can't tell you."

"Then at least let us in."

"It's not safe!"

"How is it not?"

"Because of our secret situation."

"This is the only hospital in town, we can't go anywhere else, and my daughter needs help."

"From the looks of her face, she's been scratched...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
"Are you okay?" The people asked.

"I'm- I'm fine!" Aurora yelled.

"I think you need help!" One person said.

"Let's get you to the hospital!" Another said.

"Just leave me alone!" Aurora screamed as loud as she could.

The people backed up.

"We need to get you help though." One person said.

"I. Don't. Need. Help." Aurora said, annoyed.

"Are you sure?"


Then Aurora ran off.

I can't take this anymore. Why do people base so much off of appearance?

Aurora didn't understand that the people wanted to make sure she wasn't hurt. She thought they thought she was ugly and needed help.

When she got back,...
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I promised myself that I wouldn't make this artigo until enrolados comes out because I knew from the beginning that it's going to be in my top5

I gave each movie ratings for
the princess, prince, songs, kiss, ending, sidekicks.
*the following filmes r arranged from my least to my favorito DP.

Princess:Jasmine 1/10 I never liked her,personality and I never related to her.
Prince:Aladdin 4/10 I like him but I don't amor him.
Songs: 8/10 I really like Genie's songs, jasmim and Aladdin's voice r amazing.
Kiss: 8/10 very romantic.
Ending: 9/10 I really like the ending when the r cantar A Whole...
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This is an artigo that disputes whether the events that take place in Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante were Anna or Elsa's fault. These are my own observations so I apologize if you don't agree, but feel free to comment your opinions below.

Disclaimer: Most of the actions depicted por Anna and Elsa are not really their own fault, but I thought this artigo could be fun to see how they're actions had consequences to each other's lives. I hope I don't upset anyone with this post, it is honestly just me thinking out loud. Also, a lot of the parts I point out aren't really that characters fault at all and it was really just...
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Ayeeee. It's been a while since I posted my last article, and while I've kind of gotten tired of the whole "list" thing, I was out of ideas so alas :P Regardless I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for leitura c:

13. Ariel

Yeah..I just can't cut this girl a break :/ Sorry..but really, her hair is the main reason she's my least prettiest. The red ketchup color it is is just extremely artificial looking and while the hair can look AMAZING at times (Part of Your World) on land it looses the magic of how it looked in the water. If her hair was a mais muted red it probably would've been higher....
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It's been ages since I wrote this artigo last time, I've only written this artigo once so this is my 2nd article, hope you'll like this artigo :)

Snow White - link

If you change some of the lyrics this one totally suits Snow White, she knew that her stepmother was dangerous, but despite that she took a bite of the poisned maçã, apple that her stepmother (who at that point was in a disguise) had offered her

Cinderella - link

This song suits most of the princesses, but I think it suits cinderela best, after she danced with Charming she didn't have time to tell him how much she loved him,...
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 *credit to PetiteTiaras*
*credit to PetiteTiaras*
Lately I've been thinking a lot about how the princesses make their decisions, using their coração or their head (don't ask why I've been thinking about this so much..) and I really wanted to make an artigo about it! I decided to dividido, dividir it up into three parts, the Classics, Renaissance, and Modern. So if the princess makes decisions using her heart, she's mais rash and emotional, and if she makes decisions using her head, she thinks things through mais and is mais patient. So, without further ado, let's start! :)

Snow White-Head

This was a pretty tough choice, because I do think she shows characteristics...
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This is my first artigo here and I hope you like it. I'm getting tired people calling disney (Especially disney Princess) sexist. So I decided to write an artigo about why I think the Princes don't really save the princesses.

Sorry for no pictures!

1.Snow White
The Prince in Snow White doesn't really do anything. He just sings a serenade and disappears till the end of the movie.
He didn't fight the Evil Queen. He didn't really do anything.
Snow White should thank the dwarfs for saving her life not the Prince. If the dwarfs buried her, the Prince would never find her and kiss her.
So all he did...
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Here are the results! I didn't include Naveen for obvious reasons. Also, people have to keep in mind that I meant who was a player BEFORE he met his Princess. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Definition of a player in the Urban Dictionary: A male who is skilled at manipulating ("playing") others, and especially at seducing women por pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex.

9. Flynn Rider
It might have been because of the mask Flynn wore all along. But regardless, it's obvious that he used to try to get what he wanted from women por using his famous...
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Amanda Seyfried, Mila Kunis, and Gemma Arterton have played or are going to play leading ladies of well known storybook characters on the big screen. The problem I have is not with the atrizes personally but the ever pattern in beauty.

We had Snow White and the Huntsman, Once Upon a Time series, Mirror Mirror, Red Riding Hood. 2013, we’re going to get Jack the Giant Slayer, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, Oz: The Great & Powerful, and disney will be making an adaption of The Snow queen sometime soon. There probably are going to be mais fairy tale adaptations in 2014. The filmes are...
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posted by BraBrief
As you can deduct, in this artigo I'll explain how I paired the disney Princesses, analysing what they have in common, so what could make them a good couple of friends. I was inspired por the Most Similar Princess Pair Countdown, made por sweetie-94.

Ariel & Jasmine.
It was very hard to choose who could be Ariel's best friend among Belle, jasmim and Rapunzel because these four princesses have a strong spirit of adventure. At last, I chose jasmim because she has a lot of things in common with Ariel: both hope for a their own freedom and dream to see the world out of their kingdom/palace....
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