cinderela is made a slave forever and lives unhappily ever after. Just kidding we all know what happens at the end. So lets find out what happens when she's taken to the castle. So cinderela fits the glass slipper and is taken to the palace into a room

"Now my dear if you will please have a seat, the prince will be right with....." said The Grand Duke

The prince opened the door, which fit the grand duke before he could finish talking.

"Your the one I met at the ball, please tell me your name" said The Prince

"It's Cinderella" said Cinderella

"Excuse me? What did you say your name is again" asked The Prince

"Cinderella" said Cinderella

"Oh I see would you happen to have any mice friends" asked The Prince

"Why yes my two best friends are Gus and....." said Cinderella

"Jaq" said The Prince

"Yes how did you know" asked Cinderella

"I'll explain later I have to get something. I'll tell you what stay her and talk to my dad and I'll be back" said The Prince

"Okay when will he be in....." said Cinderella

"WHERE IS SHE?" shouted The King

"She's right there father now keep her company while I go and get something" said The Prince

The prince talks off. The king has a coração shaped gold box with a red jew with him.

"My dear you seem to have won my sons heart. I want to thank you this is all his mother and I have ever wanted for him. To know that our son has found true love. I have something for you, something of extrodinary value" said The King

He opens the box and inside is a sea shell.

"Isn't it lovely" asked The King

"A sea shell your highness?" said Cinderella

"This was the queens most prized pozetion, we found it while walking be the water fall. You see our hands touch, and that's when I knew I found true love" said The King

"Oh how romantic thank you your highness, I will treasure it forever" said Cinderella

The Prince came back in with a presant behind his back.

"Dad can me and cinderela be alone for a moment" asked The Prince

"Okay son" said The King

The king walked out of the room but listened in on the conversation.

"It's great to see you again after all these years" said The Prince

"All these years" said cinderela in confusion

"I have something for you" said The Prince

She opened it and she found the picture of her and her parents. cinderela was speachless, but then she finally was able to say something.

"Christopher is it really you" asked Cinderella

"Yes it is" said The Prince

"Oh it's good to see you after all these years" said Cinderella

"It's good to see you too. Will you marry me Cinderella" said Christopher

"Yes I will marry you" said Cinderella

Then there was a crash.

"Stop that mutt" said The Grand Duke

It was Bruno he can in and jumped on Christopher. He licked him in excitement.

"Okay Bruno, okay I'm glad to see you too" said Christopher

"Chrisy it that you" asked Jaq

"Hello Jaq" said Christopher

"This is Gus, Gus" said Jaq

"Hello Gus. I'm so glad to see you cinderela I thought you were dead" said Christopher

"Why" asked Cinderella

"A woman told me" said Christopher

"Oh no that must have been my step-mother" said Cinderella

"Well I will make sure you never have to go near that woman again. We have our endless love" said Christopher

Then the king went in very excited


Than a magic woman came out of nowhere.

"Oh it's good to see you two together after all these years" the woman said

"Fairy-godmother? You were that sweet old woman" said Cinderella

"Yes I was" said Fairy-godmother

Than it was night time and the wedding took place. Everyone was invited, well almost everyone all except Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and Anastasia.
Of couse they lived
Ever(picture por dweeb)
The End