oi i'm new here so I just want to say that I will give my honest opinion and I probably don't swear half as much as the average teenage girl. I think. Just a little uh...preview of me there hehe.

Moving on, I will evaluate the princes on not only looks but what I found hot about their personalities too since I believe in all that "looks aren't everything" crap. Also keep in mind that this is just MY opinion, some may agree some may not that's your prerogative just please don't fight me about this.

PS: I know I should've put imagens but I just found out how and will probably add them later.

9. Prince from Snow White

No...just no. I get what everyone is talking about when they say he looks like a girl. He totally does, I bet he'd fight and act like a pussy I mean The Evil queen would pwn his bunda in a fight. Which is a good thing it was the Seven Dwarfs and not he who had fought her. I mean where was he during that anyway? He just like vanished for most of the movie...probably crying because he thought Snow White rejected him.

8. Prince Charming

Charming my ass, he barely said fuck all through the whole damn movie. All he did was dance. At least he actually looks like a guy though the animators did a poor job drawing him he looks like...I don't know so BORING! He did mais than Snow White's Prince and actually got off his bunda and LOOKED for Cinderella.

7. Prince Phillip

Better than the other two, but still lacking in the whole animation aspect to make him look appealing. Not his fault, animation wasn't really that brilliant back in those times either but still. Plus it was his stalkerish possesive tendencies that were the real turn-off. I mean Edward Cullen totally ripped him off. And ugh, I can't stand Cullen.

6. The Beast

Liked him better human though he could pull of the whole "hot and hairy" look better than Gaston did anyway. I mean, he was just disgusting. A trait I adored about the Beast was his blue eyes they were lovely but it was the borderline abuse that put him down here. Never noticed it until now though but I do amor the whole tortured soul thing.

5. Shang

Despite having a completely delicious body and a kickass uniform Shang's personality was his downfall. Total killjoy and doesn't have much of a way with the ladies which is furtherly proved in the sequel. Plus his face isn't all that, I like it but his nose is just...bleurgh.

4. Eric

Most will probably disagree and that's okay with me. I will admit that Eric is por far topo, início three in looks but he doesn't really do much for me in personality. I mean eye candy's okay and all but it's a little boring and bland. mover over Justin Timberlake Eirc's bringing sexy back!

3. Aladdin

I had a HUGE crush on aladdin when I was younger. Mainly because he was kind, romantic, adventurous...the perfect boyfriend. Isn't much of a looker and that's his only flaw but that's cool he totally works that boyish charm that makes me want to squeeze the life out of him.

2. John Smith

I kinda have a thing for cocky guys...okay I completely have a thing for cocky guys I think it's pretty hot. And John Smith just oozes sexiness, I'm not usually a blonde type of girl but for him I'd make an exception. Adventurous, prejudiced (which changed luckily) I'd follow himn anywhere he went.

1. Prince Naveen

Yes I have lost my coração to Prince Naveen. Like I said I have a thing for cocky guys and Naveen is charming, musical yet has a softer side. Plus his voice and accent is just pure SEXY oh myyy...I don't care if it's weird but if Naveen was real I'd be havin' me some of that fine ass. Tiana is one lucky bitch!

Tiana: "You've just kissed yourself a princess"
Naveen: "And I'm about to do it again"