cinderela was dragged off to Lady Tremaine's house. cinderela tried as hard as she could to break free but it was no use. Lady Tremaine took cinderela up to the attic.

"You worried me to death young lady. Me and your step-sisters cried every night because of how much you worried us. When your father died I could have thrown you out into the streets but did I?" said Lady Tremaine

"No you didn't" said Cinderella

"Who let you stay? Gave you food? A room and bed? A roof over your head?" asked Lady Tremaine

"You did" said Cinderella

"Yess not cinderela you were lucky to just be in the woods. The villiage it cruel and wicked. It is I and your step-sisters alone you can trust, we are your only family. I fed you, teach you, dressed you and you ranaway from início this is the thanks that I get" said Lady Tremaine

"But I....." said Cinderella

"How can I protect you girl? Unless you always stay in here away in here. Remeber Cinderella, you are an orphan and a servant, these are things the world shows little pitty my dear" said Lady Tremaine

"But the boy I met he....." said Cinderella

"Stole the picture of you and your parents, the last thing you have left of them. Why be with invite his cruelty and lies stay in here, be greatful to me. Do as I say obey and stay in here" said Lady Tremaine

"Yes step-mother I'm sorry" said Cinderella

"You are forgiven, but remeber this is your life" said Lady Tremaine

Down stains

"Mother that was a great plan we scared the horse with a fake snake. Lusifer scratched the mutt. Last but not least you made cinderela trip, disguised yourself as a ugly old hag and told that stupid boy that she's dead" laughed Drizella

"Shut-up cinderela might hear you" said Anastaia

"Girls, girls quite now lets go shopping" said Lady Tremaine

"YAY" said both Drizella and Anastasia

At the palace

"Your highness the prince has been found" said The Grand Duke

"BRING HIM TO ME YOU IDIOT" shouted The King

Christopher was brought to the king. He was still sad because his best friend is dead.


"I met a girl she was my best friend and now she's..... dead" said Christopher

"Oh son I'm sorry, but sometimes these things happen" said The King

"All I have left of her is this música box that plays the song mom use to sing to me, and this picture of her family" said Christopher

Christopher sadly walks to his room. At his room he thinks of cinderela his best friend that he will never see again. cinderela was sad that she's back to her horrible life and she felt she'd never see Christopher again. NOw for the song "Endless amor Reprise".


Both: Sun goes down, moon comes up ,the stars have lost all their endlessly sparkle
Christopher:Once I had for once a friend now she's gone forever
Cinderella:Where can he be
Christopher:I would give my life
Both:If I could only see my friend one last time and share our endless love. Oh tell me dear god, where ever can I go? Where the face of my true friend won't follow me
Christopher:Though she's gone forever I can feel her endless love
Cinderella:I can feel his endless love
Both:I will never forget our endless love, I'll never forget I'll never lose that endless love

cinderela knew he was out there and knew they would meet again someday. Find out what happen in part 11 the FINAL chapter.