My first favorito princess is Ariel. She is pretty and she's got long hair like I do but different color. I really amor her cantar voice and dresses. I amor her best friend linguado, solha and he is my favorito character of "The Little Mermaid". I amor Ariel a lot in my life like jasmim and Cinderella.

My segundo favorito princess is Jasmine. She is pretty too like Ariel. I amor her is because she is pretty as a princess like she is now. I amor her hair with bands around her hair but her high ponytail is okay but I amor her low ponytail better like close at the end of the movie Aladdin.

My third favorito princess is Cinderella. She is cool with all of her dresses that she wears and her cantar voice. She is pretty like jasmim and Ariel. She is different though is because her hair is blonde and pretty like me when I was little like 5 years old. I amor her dresses though.

My fourth favorito princess is Belle. She has brown hair like I do but I'm light brown than regular brown hair though. I amor her gold or yellow dress when she danced with the beast and they are so cute couple though.

My fifth favorito princess is Snow White. She is pretty like the other 4 princesses. I amor all 5 of them are the best. The rest of the princesses are okay for me but the 5 are better because of the dresses and cantar voice and also the personality too.