9.Sleeping Beauty: True amor conquers all.
Coming in last place is Sleeping Beauty's moral, "True amor Conquers All". While many of us agree this would be a wonderful moral, it doesn't apply to real life. In real life, true amor rarely conquers anything. Certainly in real life it wouldn't conquer something to the equivalent of Maleficent. While it's a wonderful moral that everyone wishes were true, sadly it isn't, which is understandably why it gained last place in our countdown.

"True amor can't didn't conquere Hitler, 9/11, or the Vietnam War. Actually, the mais I think about it, doesn't amor usually act as the beginning of a problem." (queenbee13)

"If true amor conquered all, then there would be no War on Terror, or dictators (cough*Castro*cough) or diseases. True amor can conquer a lot, but not those things." firegirl1515

8.Cinderella: Be kind & have faith and you will be rewarded.
While many of us agree this is wonderful moral to live by, and certainly doesn't hurt to follow, many of us also agree that it just isn't true. There are many kind, wonderful people who go through hardships, and many spoiled, terrible people who get what they want all the time. Unfortunately, in the real world, it isn't always so. This moral was also condoned for being sort of passive, in that it's not a very proactive moral to live by.

"This one has the impression of handing over responsibility for your happiness to a third party "Oh, I'll just sit here being nice, and joy will come when karma gets off it's bunda and hands it to me'. Your happiness is your own responsibility to work for and find, you can't outsource a job like that." (Asvini)

"This one would be a good moral but many people in this world are treated harshly and cold without the situation ever getting better. A cruel reality, but no one can change it." (queenbee13)

3. Snow White & the Seven Dwarves: Always make the best out of a bad situation.
All in all, this is a great moral to live by. It helps keep people from diving into depression and makes them see the bright side of bad situations. It's like "every nuvem has a silver lining." There's always a good side after every storm. However, it doesn't always help to sugar casaco things. Sometimes it can be detrimental to be realistic about a situation instead of immediately being optomistic about it.

"Hopelessness is good sometimes. Once you get over it, a lot of times you're mais determined and powerful than before." (firegirl1515)

"somebody is going to push me off a cliff
well at least I'll have a nice dive
Sounds stupid doesn't it?" (BKG201)

6.The Little Mermaid: Never give up going after your dreams, even in the face of hardship.
It's always good to go after your dreams and never give up. Nothing should stop you from going after what you really want, even if the going gets tough. While this moral is good at face value, a lot of people didn't like the way Ariel represented it in The Little Mermaid. Perhaps Tiana represents it better- she went after her dreams without leaving her family or making bad decisions. So while no one seemed to dislike the moral itself, they didn't seem to like the way it was represented por Ariel.

"I guess I'll go with this one, based on the things that happened due to Ariel's decisions." (SunBurst)

"I like all of them but I find this one a bit boring." (sweetie-94)

5. Pocahontas: The only way to have peace is to accept others.
Pocahontas has a lot of morals. "Don't judge a book por its cover." "Hatred only breed violence." But the main moral it stressed was that only por having peace, could Pocahontas and John be together. While this moral applies in the movie rather well, it's not altogether applicable in real life. Just por accepting someone doesn't mean that you can have peace with them. There are mais steps to it than that.

"(It is not only about the peace among countries and peoples, it is about all people, well for me it's a big trouble sometimes to accept people with different opinions, especially when I'm sure these opinions are wrong... So it's really good one)" (ppv)

"I dunno...I don't think accepting others is the ONLY way to have peace...if I accept terrorists like Osama and just go along with what he does that isn't going to give us peace...it will just makes things worse IMO. I do however think that to have peace you have to meet in the middle." (DreamyGal)

4.Mulan:Anyone can be a hero.
I think this is a great moral, and in my personal opinion, the best. Really, if you think about it, anyone CAN be a hero, whether young, old, small, large, short, tall, any race, any gender. Even a baby can be a hero por teaching someone a lesson about caring for young ones. But then again, in that instance, hero is too broad a term. A baby
can never balanço in and save someone's life, but it can teach a lesson in a subtle way. However, is someone a hero just because they teach a lesson? In a small amount yes, but I think the moral is just too broad and vague.

"I don't think everyone can be a hero. It's a wrong moral." (ppv)

"I sorta agree with Mulan's moral, but in my opinion the ones that are left are mais important." (DreamyGal)

3.Beauty and the Beast:Beauty is found within.
This is really a great moral, and very applicable to real life. Beauty truly is found only within. Of course, you can have beauty on the surface, but inner beauty is what's most important when it comes to real life. You can never have a real relationship or really care about someone who has no inner beauty. However, people said while this moral is good, it's not as important or meaningful as the other ones left.

"This is a good moral but it won't get you out of hard situatians that don't involve this." (BKG201)

"There are mais important issues than where beauty comes from. Sure, it's important but not as important as achieving peace, not losing sight of what matters in life, and being true to yourself." (dweeb)

2.Aladdin:Be yourself
This is another moral I really like. It's been stressed all of our lives to be ourselves, and I think this is a great moral. It's always important to be yourself, because that's the only way to let your true talents shine through. Even in Mulan, a totally different disney movie, mulan sings a whole song about how no one respects her for who she truly is. You can never be truly happy unless you are yourself. However, some users pointed out that people can be evil to the bone, and therefore, you wouldn't want them to be themselves.

"I've said this a couple times, but it sums up my basic point, Jafar was being himself when he was being the villain, wasn't he?" (Asvini)

"Some people are born sociopaths. In their cases, this wouldn't be a very good lesson to teach at all." (SunBurst)

1.The Princess and the Frog: Never lose sight of what's really important.
This moral is applicable to almost all the other morals on this list. And it's mais important than the others to. If you lose sight of what's important, a lot of the points of the other morals are moot.

"princess and the frog is a great moral!!!" (Gleek4Ever)

""Never lose sight of what's really important" is the best moral in my opinion:) " (tiffany88)