PLEASE READ!! This was a long, hard, highly debated countdown. (hahahaha...i said "long" and "hard") On each princess picture, I have a link to the score I think is the best of each princess movie.

I'm not putting a score for this one. They all suck.

9.The Princess and the Frog
This is what you get when you replace Alan Menken with Randy Newman. A stupid backround score that's generic and basically an instrumental version of the songs. Even when raio, ray dies, instead of being sad it was just sort of bland. The only minorly inspiring backround piece was where Tiana & Naveen transformed, and even that was an overdone rehashment of things already done. It was a highly dissapointing backround score, especially with all the technology and brilliant minds they had to offer. I think it basically equates to elevator music....just kind of there. It's like they threw it in last minute. Basically it sucked. It was like the música supervisors farted this score onto the movie.

"[The Princess and the Frog]... I'd say has the worst background score, kind of forgettable." (AllegroGiocoso)

""it was surprisingly lame." (princesslullaby)"

With most of the disney Princess movies, I can remember a score from each of them off the topo, início of my head? With Cinderella? No. I only remember the short violin piece when cinderela puts the slipper on. Other than that, I don't even REMEMBER the score at all, it was so forgettable. This movie isn't exactly an epic piece that requires an epic score, so it's not a big deal that the score isn't amazing, although the score WAS nominated for an Academy Award. Still though, it deserves this spot on the countdown.

"really bland, nothing comes to mind when I think about it. Super forgettable." (princesslullaby)

"Aladdin has a better background score than Cinderella.." (Mongoose09)

7.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Mostly I'm just glad this isn't in last place. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves has some very lovely, classic music, and I think it has much mais feeling. I amor the score that plays when Snow White is running through the woods. The música is very haunting. The rest of the score is like a bell, very clear and striking. However, lots of people found the score forgettable and too old-fashioned.

"I don't find it as good as the other ones." (BelleAnastasia)

"This música didn't really mover me as much as the others did" (boolander25)

This score is on the same barco as the anterior two. Many people found this score very pretty, but altogether forgettable. It has a beautiful violin accompaniment in a lot of scenes, and has a very uplifting score. However, when you finish the movie, it just doesn't stick in your head. It definitely isn't the highlight of the film, but it's por no means a bad score.

"The score here is kind of forgettable in my opinion... I actually can't really remember the score much at all." (AllegroGiocoso)

"There is nothing special about Aladdin's score in my opinion." (VGFan30)

5.Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty has a very chilling, beautiful score. The movie even won an academy award for it. Personally I think it's probably the best point of the film. The score when Maleficent shows up is haunting, and very beautiful, as well as where Aurora is hypnotized. Sleeping Beauty has a very powerful, but still very classic score.

"Sleeping Beauty's background score is a bit slow." (BKG201)

The score of mulan is epic. Loud trumpets, beautiful, powerful scores encase mulan throughout the whole movie. The score for when mulan transforms is so motivating and passionate, and the score when the Huns attack is both exciting and scary. Mulan's score fits this battle-filled movie perfectly, with lots of strikes and blows that pierce you with great melodies and harmonies. It's a beautiful complement of haunting and rage.

"Mulan deserves to win." (Straggy)

"how about when she cuts her hair, and whenever we see the huns...the score is epic. " (princesslullaby)

3.The Little Mermaid
Hardly anyone had anything bad to say about The Little Mermaid's score. And rightly so. It has a wonderfully clear score, very poignant and fun. All of the backround música feels like something you could dance too. The scores in this film are fun, epic, and heartwarming. My coração swells at the música played when Ariel glides out of the water at the end. And it's so pretty and twinkly in the beginning score, when you first see Atlantica. The choir in this film has to be the bet of any disney princess film.
"Pocahontas and The Little Mermaid have the best ^^" (Anaji)

"The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast pretty much have perfect background scores in my opinion." (AllegroGiocoso)

This has got to be the most beautiful, bittersweet score of a disney Princess films. The instruments are different from the ones they used, with lots of loud drum beats and flutes. It's beautiful, poetic, and tugs at your heartstrings like no other. The score at the very end of the movie has got to be one of the most, if not the MOST, powerful score in a disney princess film. It's just so beautiful, powerful, and sad, all rolled up into one delicious score sandwich.

" I think I was moved mais from Pocahontas's score." (TigerRanma)

"...the score whenever Pocahontas is posing dramatically is awesome. " (firegirl1515)

This score is awesome. It's beautiful, poetic, epic, angry, sad, soft, loud...everything. Each scene has a perfect score. There's not one scene where the score is forgettable. I almost feel like they made the movie to match the score, that's how amazing it is. I sincerely think it's the highlight of the film. The main theme score is the most beautiful of any disney princess movie, in my opinion. This is truly one of Disney's masterpieces in terms of scores. I think it's the highlight of the film, and it definitely deserves its number one spot.

"The música in Beauty and the Beast helps in telling the can be exciting and fun, and then romantic and sweet, then dramatic and sad." (DreamyGal)

"i think that beauty and the beast has an incrível score!" (Gleek4Ever)