I have seen other people post their own ranking of the disney Princesses, and since I'm new here, I thought it would be fun to do my own ranking.

I would amor to hear your comments about your own ranking and thoughts about my ranking of the disney Princesses.

Thank you so much for creating a welcoming community where I feel comfortable enough to post my personal opinions.

My ranking of the disney Princesses has changed a lot over the years, but this is my current ranking for 2019.

14. Merida: I really wanted to like Merida as I have a Scottish heritage and family still living in Scotland, but she harmed her mother and didn't seem to care.
I like that she mended her relationship with her mother later, but I wish she had thought about the possible consequences of her actions.
13. Tiana: I like how Tiana works hard for what she wants in life, but I also feel like she works too hard at times. She doesn't take a step back from her life and realize that sometimes things happen for a reason.
12. Belle: I like how Belle doesn’t judge others por how they look, and that she is willing to stand up to the Beast when he is being mean to her. She truly sees the beauty within the Beast.
Belle can have a temper at times and not really find the happiness in her situation at the beginning of the movie, so I don’t relate to those parts of her as much, but she is still a great character.
11. Cinderella: I feel sorry for placing cinderela so low on this list. She is the princess that shares my personality. We are both ISFJ personalities, and I relate to her so much.
I preferred the live action version of cinderela mais as she was willing to stay optimistic and tried to keep the deer seguro from the prince as I am an animal lover.
10. Mulan: I really appreciate Mulan’s courage to stand up and fight for her family. She showed that she was willing to die to keep her father safe.
Family is very important to me, and I would do anything to keep them safe, but I am not even close to being as Valente as she is, which is why I don’t relate to her as much as others on my list.
9. Moana: I amor the relationship Moana has with her grandmother as my grandmother is a lot like Tala. Moana was hesitant to follow her dreams as I was when I decided I wanted to become an elementary school teacher.
My mother wanted me to become a doctor, and I actually started college to become one, but my dream of being a teacher kept calling to me just as the sea called Moana.
8. Elsa: I relate a lot to Elsa as I have struggled with anxiety for a long time. I like that she overcame that anxiety as I am learning to in my own life. I don’t like how she shut her sister out, though.
Even though she was scared of hurting Anna, I feel like she should have at least spoken to her rather than being too afraid to leave her room. Family is really important to me, and I can’t imagine shutting them out the way Elsa did.
7. Ariel: I like Ariel’s curiosity and that she pursued her dream, but she did not go about things in a logical way and put her entire kingdom in danger. I amor her carefree and happy personality, though.
6. Jasmine: I like how jasmim sought to fight against the injustices in her country. She saw that there was a problem with the rule that she must marry a prince, and that the circumstances aladdin found himself in were unfair.
She stood up for what she felt was right while looking on the inside rather than on appearances. I think that she was a little rude to the suitors, and she could have just said that she wasn’t interested in them rather than embarrassing them.
She was my favorito princess growing up, and I still amor how strong she is as a character.
5. Snow White: I have recently come to appreciate Snow White’s kindness and optimism.
She prayed for those who disliked her and continued to dream about being with her prince all while working and staying strong during her horrible circumstance.
I also try to be kind to those who may have wronged me in my life, and people may see me as naïve or gullible as I do tend to give people many segundo chances, so I relate to Snow White in that way.
4. Aurora: I amor how she is shy, sweet, and kind. She is also so nice to the forest creatures, and she accepts her responsibility as a princess despite being upset that her dream to be with Phillip would not come true... or so she thought.
She didn't run away, and she faced the life that was meant for her head on. I am also a little shy and can relate to Aurora having to accept what life throws at you.
3. Pocahontas: I amor how Pocahontas protects animais and nature. She is very mature as she tries to make difficult decisions in her life. I have faced similar choices in my life.
I had to decide if I should choose the path that would please my family por becoming a doctor, or if I would follow my dream of becoming a teacher. Pocahontas is truly inspiring how she doesn’t waver in her beliefs and follows her dreams.
2. Anna: I relate so much to Anna and her relationship with her sister as I have an older sister who has a lot of anxiety and shut me out for years. I also like Anna’s optimism and hope that things will work out in the end.
I relate to her because I have been sheltered most of my life and want to find my prince someday, but hopefully I will be able to discern his character better than she did. I am also a little awkward.
1. Rapunzel: Rapunzel is so optimistic, kind, and curious. I relate to not knowing when my life will begin and trying to stay positive and hopeful despite having been sheltered growing up.
I also relate to Rapunzel as I try to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. I hesitated to pursue my dream because of not wanting to make my mother upset, just like Rapunzel felt conflicted about leaving the tower because of Gothel.
Also, I wonder if it will be all that I dream it will be, just like Rapunzel wondered if the lanterns would meet her expectations. She is realistic as she realizes that sometimes reality is different from our dreams.
She makes the best of her situation and finds joy in the little things in life. She is so inspiring as she made her dreams a reality.