Team Belle?
Hi guys, I'm going to be composição literária why I felt that cinderela is better than Beauty and the Beast. No, it's not their animated counterparts, I'm referring to their respective live-action counterparts.

The Characters

In Cinderella, the título character's role was expanded unlike her animated counterpart. Her character development has significantly improve and I'm very happy about it, because we get to mais about cinderela and how she got her trademark name. Which is taken from the original fairy-tale!
Whereas in Beauty and the Beast, they actually copycat the animated feature, Belle's and the Beast's characters are almost identical to their animated counterparts. I was not particularly very happy with the Beast at all, because he's not very hotheaded and ferocious enough, especially during the West Wing scene!
Honestly speaking, I have no comments on both Gaston, Lady Tremaine. But anastasia and Drizella were also for comic relief, to which I truly appreciate it! Finally, the encantada objects are not so self-centred as their animated counterpart. To which the latter's true nature were shown in Humans Again, a song to which I grew to dislike!

The Songs

As mentioned, cinderela isn't a copycat of the 1950 animated feature because it's not a musical, disney was breaking traditions from this film. They didn't want to be the stereotypical musical film that we all grew up with, so good job Kenneth!
In Beauty and the Beast, it IS definitely a copycat of the animated feature. I wasn't particularly fond of Emma's cantar at all, which they had Emmy Rossum as Belle instead despite the fact that I'm a fã of both actresses! But on the other hand, I fell in amor the 3 new songs written specially for the 2017 reboot.

Character Interactions

I wasn't very fond of Belle and the Beast's interactions at all, I felt that it was force and lacks emotions. Especially during the dancing scene of título song, it lacks the magic and amor surrounding the 2 characters.
In Cinderella, We get to see Prince Kit and Ella interacting with one another during the Ball scene, Kenneth Branagh the magic quality in this particular scene. They also got to meet each other before the Ball and it was there, that their friendship blossom into love.

Who Do You Choose?

So, do you agree with my opinions on both films? I hope that I don't mean any hard feelings to those who amor the Beauty and the Beast reboot.
Team Ella?!??!