A bit of a disclaimer:I think the main issue with ranking Elsa's favorito princesses is how mysterious her character truly is giving that it is drowning in anxieties and fears, and is also frankly mais of a cardboard character- easier to project onto then to discern an actual personality. There are also 3 different Elsa's throughout the film- beginning movie Elsa, who is in control but paralyzed por fear, middle-movie Elsa who is on a high of letting her emotions take over and end movie Elsa who now understands that her emotions and powers can be controlled through "love" but is still practical and reserved. I went mostly por Elsa's end personality because that's who she will continue to be, and continues to be in the two following shorts. Elsa's list is probably the hardest to decipher because we are given so little access to her personality, thus because there are so many unknowns, this will probably be the most controversial list (in terms of users agreeing with me).
Thanks to wavesurf and UnholyNoise for the help!

11. Jasmine

Frankly while I think Elsa would make some allowances for princesses who feel oppressed in some way, as Elsa was, I'm not sure at all what Elsa would see in Jasmine. jasmim has virtually no responsibilities, fears, or anxieties and spends much of her dia lounging around the palace, whereas it seems Elsa at least has royal duties to focus on and her powers to keep under control. Elsa also highly values family, and jasmim and the Sultan live in two totally different worlds; in the context of the movie it seems neither has any regard for the other. jasmim also doesn't personally overcome anything during the course of the movie; she just has a lot of romantic notions and does a lot of tagging along with aladdin rather than venturing out on her own accord to discover herself (besides one roughly 2 hora attempt). Jasmine's only real plague is the pressure for her to find a suitor- while I think Elsa would sympathize with this, it's nothing that Elsa herself has personally gone through. I'm sure Elsa wishes she could as freely express herself as jasmim does without consequence, but as Elsa is queen and has to maintain composure, I think she may look down a bit at jasmim constantly exercising her voice on every matter.

10. Merida

Like Jasmine, I think Elsa may look down on Merida's attitude and frequent clashes with her mother, Elinor. Elsa would likely adore and admire Elinor, who retains her calm and composure at all times, despite her own feelings and reservations. This is someone who Elsa is striving to be. Elsa seems both practical and traditionally feminine which Merida is not. Elsa sees value in tradition and adheres to social expectations. I feel that has become part of her identity for better or for worse. She does not value behavior that complicate things but rather brings about harmony. She’s all for playfulness and passion but she as a queen has to abide por rules for herself and those around her. She has to maintain a status quo which doesn’t always leave room for personal whims. She has to walk the line of keeping people at baía In order to maintain authority. This clashes with Merida, who brings about all her personal opinions and feelings first rather than royal duty, and who would much rather start conflict than settle for something she doesn't want or peacefully reach a compromise.

9. Snow White

I was honestly baffled as to why some of fanpop thought Elsa would like Snow White so much as to have her in her topo, início 5. Snow White is very similar to Jasmine, she has virtually no responsibilities, overcomes absolutely nothing (besides a minor scare in the forest), and if there's any princess who has no fears and anxities, it's Snow. I think Elsa may find some similarities between Snow White and Anna in their hyper and bubbly personalities and positive attitudes, which would probably give Elsa a bit of a soft spot for Snow, but Snow White's main motivations are romance and her prince, and Elsa isn't even on the same planet in that aspect. I thinks he may also find Snow irritatingly naive and probably roll her eyes at Snow taking the maçã, apple from the Queen. Elsa has so many walls up and I think Snow White would just be way too trusting for Elsa's taste.

8. Aurora

I'm sure I'll get a legion of fanpop users disagreeing with me on this one (honestly my #6, 7, and 8 can all be switched around with each other because these are the 3 that I am the least sure about their placements). But other than having a 'regal' air and giving up Phillip for royal responsibilitiy, I really don't see why Elsa would have any proclivity for Aurora. While I do see her liking Aurora's proper and tranquil nature, I see Elsa as a fairly modern woman whose only preoccupancies are maintaining control of her powers, protecting her sister, and running her country. I think she would have a tougher time relating to the classic princesses whose motives, for all intents and purposes, rely heavily on romance. I also might think Elsa would be a bit...bitter?? towards Aurora. She has no duty to rule, the country adored her from the get go, she still has her parents, she has the magical gifts of beauty and song, had several parental figures. I don't personally see Elsa as a amargo, amarga person, but I also don't see her falling for Aurora's charm mais than any other person. (On the other hand, I can see a perspective where Elsa would amor Aurora because of this. It could go either way, and that's why I think these rankings aren't so clear with Elsa.) I think Elsa would like Aurora, and respect that she chose her duty over Phillip. She also would connect to Aurora's loneliness and longing for companionship.


If this were beginning-of-the-movie-Elsa, it would be easy to say that Elsa would dislike Ariel the most. Since I am using Elsa at the end of the film as the basis for making this list, I see her opinion on Ariel as being mais understanding and favorable. I think to summarize Ariel, Elsa would like Ariel's sense of fearlessness and secretly wish she (elsa) could be like that. I think she would harbor a secret desire to be as devil-may-care as Ariel is. HOWEVER, I still think she would dislike Ariel's teenage antics and the fact that the catalyst to her leaving Atlantica was a teenage crush.. That being said, I still think she would like Ariel and have a soft spot for her, given her similarities to Anna, but also see a lot of her least favorito things about Anna in Ariel.
I also wanted to add one mais point about Ariel--- I think a lot of Elsa's opinions on Ariel will rest on Elsa's opinion on Ariel's relationship with Triton. I wonder how Elsa feels about her parents in retrospect. Were they actually horrible and paranoid to the point of traumatizing her? Has she romanticized that trauma like many people do (ie “it made me who I am”)?? So would she think Ariel was particularly reckless and disobedient to a well meaning father? Or that she was a Valente young woman who questioned oppressive parenting? We will never truly know how Elsa will think of her parents later on, although I'm inclined to think that Elsa will sadly and slowly realize that while they may have had good intentions, they ultimately parented her the absolute WRONG way that they should have and that a lot of her internal problems come from them. In this sense, I think she would understand Ariel's needing to leave, but unfortunately we will never know this, so I think Ariel is sort of a floater in the rankings because of perguntas that will remain unanswered.

6. Pocahontas

I think Elsa would applaud Pocahontas’s sense of duty, bravery, introspection. But she’d be that free spirit that simultaneously frustrated and fascinated Elsa. Pocahontas doesn't have nearly the same responsibility that Elsa does, but Pocahontas is torn between two sides, and I think Elsa would actually relate to Pocahontas' attitude during this period (being indecisive, conflicted, and confused), since that's how Elsa acted as well. The only thing I think Elsa may not be crazy about is Pocahontas repeatedly running off with John. Somehow I think she'd see Poca as a little bit childish and also self-centered. Poca didn't really care much about her responsibilities or duties until it directly affected her. I think she would like Pocahontas' arc, and like Pocahontas better at the end of the film rather than at the beginning. I also think Pocahontas lives Elsa's dream life. She is mostly carefree, has a great relationship with her father, is well respected por her peers, can speak her mind (and does it thoughtfully and concisely rather than abrasively like Jas), without being penalized, cares a lot about peace and avoiding conflict, and still has authority and rule over her tribe. Elsa would hold Pocahontas in warm regard.

5. Cinderella

I truly think Elsa would feel a protective tenderness towards Cinderella. Elsa would amor Cinderella's quiet strength through all the abuse she endures from her stepfamily and admire the poise that cinderela retains through her hardships. She would also enjoy Cinderella's subtle snark because Elsa has that sense of humor as well. She may not care so much for Cinderella's romantic encounter with the prince or that she marries him not knowing him for long, but those negative feelings would be mais than cancelled out por her admiration for Cinderella's composure, grace, humility, and kindness.

4. Tiana

Elsa and Tiana have a lot in common. First and foremost, I think Elsa would strongly relate to Tiana having the need to put responsibility and duty first (in a liberal sense, Tiana does have some sense of 'duty' to her father to obtain the restaurant to carry on his dream) and fun second. Secondly, both Tiana and Elsa have a very practical, realistic, and introverted personality where they can both be very single-minded and have a hard time with change. I think Elsa may feel relieved and grateful that there is a princess who shares this quality with her because I think it's something that Elsa is probably insecure about. Both have big trust issues with others and sometimes don't give people the time of day; although I think Elsa would never have kissed Naveen. In a loose sense, I also believe Elsa may understand well the way Tiana is stereotyped and the prejudice Tiana feels because Elsa is also deathly afraid of this type of rejection from her subjects, and would admire how Tiana powers through it to get to her restaurant. While she would have a high regard for Tiana's goals, I don't think she would necessarily care one way or the other for Tiana's passion project because it is, in the end, an indulgence for Tiana and Elsa doesn't get to have the luxury of indulging in what she wants very often. However, everyone has their own private gratifications and I think Elsa probably likes that Tiana gets to do something she loves every dia for a career.

3. Rapunzel

For all that Tiana and Elsa have in common in personality, Rapunzel and Elsa have connections in spades. Like Elsa, Rapunzel also has powers that cause her to be locked up, far away from society, although for nearly opposite reasons -Rapunzel because in the wrong hands her powers could be deadly and be exploited, Elsa because Elsa HERSELF could cause mayhem with her powers. The main difference here is that Rapunzel's powers can't harm anyone, but can be used to aid someone with bad intentions. Elsa would sympathize with Rapunzel being cooped up from the outside world due do a power she was born with beyond her control and be furious at the way Gothel uses Rapunzel for her own benefit. Like Elsa Rapunzel is an insecure, anxious, and indecisive person and also has a guilty conscience about Gothel, just as Elsa does about Anna. I think she may also draw a lot of similarities between Rapunzel and Anna; if Ariel has some of Anna's qualities that Elsa isn't fond of, Rapunzel has the qualities that Elsa LOVES about Anna. Like Anna, Rapunzel is all about looking for the good in others, and I think Elsa would really appreciate this about Rapunzel because it's something that is displayed in Anna. I also think Elsa would see a positive role model in Rapunzel in how Punz uses her powers for good and to aid on her adventures. Elsa may see some inspiration in how Flynn isn't repulsed por Rapunzel's powers and how Rapunzel isn't ashamed of them or made to feel like she should be.

2. Mulan

I think Elsa may admire mulan above all the other princesses. Elsa would see so many idiosyncrasy's in Mulan's character that would be reflected in her own. mulan has pressure to take on responsibilities she's not cut out for-- being pressured to be the "perfect bride" as Elsa felt to be the "perfect daughter". Both women have a lot riding on their shoulders. I think at their core, both mulan and Elsa feel like they have to hold back some core part of who they are in order to make their families (and in Elsa's case, kingdom) proud. She would respect mulan for her dedication to her family and how she returned to them after the war. Small notes to Mulan's story like how romance isn't a focus at all may also be important to Elsa.

1. Belle

Some things I have noted about Elsa is her attention to duty especially in regards to family and how she has an admiration for those who see the good in others. Belle encompasses all of these attributes and more. Belle has a gentle closeness with her father and defends him for being "crazy" or "weird". This staunch defense against those who are "different" is what I think would foca, selo the deal for Belle to be Elsa's favorite, because it works on a number of levels. First, Belle continues to be herself despite the drone-ish, monotonous quality of the people in her town who are easily led and persuaded, much like the subjects of Arandelle. On topo, início of continuing to be her genuine self, Belle defends her father against numerous insults big brutes like Gaston who she also smartly but politely rejects several times, something else I think Elsa would admire. Elsa would relate to feeling outcasted like Belle, but mais than that, would think the world of Belle in how she sticks up for the Beast. Beast is seen as a terrifying monster who should be locked away from the world-- and I think Elsa would amor how Belle never judges Beast for his appearance or outwardly horrifying qualities but rather on what's on the inside. Belle also vindicates the Beast several times but also falls for the Beast despite all his outward monstrous qualities, be it his attitude, his lack of culture, or his appearance. Belle is someone who Elsa would have loved to have in her life because Belle would show Elsa that she is capable of being loved and being seen as mais than just a monster. I also see a similarity in attitude, in both being reserved, mannered, having that muted sense of humor that's almost so sly you miss it, and both strike me as being well-read given how much time Elsa spends cooped inside. I think she would amor and understand how Belle gives up her freedom on behalf of her father; Elsa mais or less did this for her family and for Anna. Elsa would commend Belle's bravery, her wit, her patience, and adore that Belle has a sense of adventure (venturing into the West Wing) but that she isn't too rash or impulsive and has a persistent sense of loyalty.

*i now ship Elsa and Belle, so badly.