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It's no secret that I absolutely DESPISE the movie The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning. It's absolutely insulting, has terrible continuity, the original characters (except for Ariel) are completely different characters, Triton is a one-dimensional and exaggerated version of his former self, the story about música being banned is stupid, the villain is lame with an equally lame song, it's full of plot holes, the new characters are unnecessary and unmemorable, Athena died in a dumb way (Leave the música box you idiot), and it puts mais effort into gorgeous animation and good songs (Except for the villain song) instead of a good story and being faithful to The Little Mermaid. However, one thing a lot of people liked about it was that Ariel's sisters were given mais personality and mais attractive appearances. This is true, although the terrible plot makes their scenes very limited and they're not as fleshed out as they could be. They ranged from one-dimensional to two-dimensional but none of them have a three-dimensional personality.

Anyway, since I disregard pretty much everything from this terrible prequel, I thought I'd make an artigo of my own fan-made personalities of Ariel's very over-looked sisters. Some of them may have their personalities from Ariel's Beginning but just expanded upon and some might not. Keep in mind, this is just my own fan-made artigo of what I gave them for personalities. If you don't like it, just ignore it or explain why. Hell, maybe even make your own artigo about this subject. I have also given most of them some redesigns because I wanted to even out the odds for them compared to Ariel. Let's face it, almost all of them had very weird hair and that was done just so they wouldn't outshine Ariel's beauty. The order I'll be going in is from oldest to youngest. I'm even going to include who I'd have them be voiced por just for the hell of it. I hope you guys like this and comment letting me know what you think. Enjoy!


The oldest daughter of King Triton and queen Athena, the heir to the trono of Atlantica. She takes her role as the future queen very seriously and tries to do her best to prove she'll be a good leader whenever she can. She often doubts herself and wonders what her mother would think of her if she was still alive, since she was the oldest sibling in her family and was such a beloved queen. However, she's also very athletic and will participate in sporting events, to which she is the champion in almost all of them. She even doubts her own wins sometimes because she thinks others might not have given their best just because her father is the king. She is very protective of her younger sisters but tries not to be bossy or overbearing to them. She's a lot like marina from Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Frankie Foster from Fosters início for Imaginary Friends, and Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She's very athletic and capable but is also very smart and dutiful. She'll always try to put the needs of her family and her people before her own. She can be quite aggressive and competitive in sports and when it comes to proving both her capability as an athlete and as good leader. Sometimes her aggression can go too far but she's still a good person and will later admit when she was wrong and went too far. She's very caring and compassionate to others but also firm and fair. She even has a bit of a maternal nature to her. It is said por many in Atlantica that out of all of Triton's daughters, Aquata's personality is the most like her mother's.
Voiced por Grey DeLisle


Much like the version of her from Ariel's Beginning, she is very sassy, witty, snarky, and sarcastic. She can also be quite the prankster and whenever she needs help with a prank will always go to Ariel and/or Adella because they have the most sense of humor of her sisters. However, sometimes her pranks can go too far and end up hurting someone and not being funny to anyone else. She'll think it was just supposed to be a joke and didn't mean for it to turn out so badly. After a while, she will apologize when a prank of hers has gone bad. She's someone who tells it like it is and doesn't care what others think but is still a loving and caring person. She doesn't even care that she's the only one of her sisters that has short hair because she actually likes it because it helps her stand out and she doesn't have to do much in the morning to get ready. Whenever someone is being dumb, she'll almost always point it out with a sassy comment. She can be too blunt a lot of the time but sometimes it's that bluntness that people seem to need. She usually doesn't even see how she comes off to people with her comments. She's a lot like Meg from Hercules.
Speaking Voiced por Nicole Sullivan
cantar Voiced por Susan Egan


As you can probably tell from her design being similar to the one she had from the TV series (A FAR superior and faithful prequel), I based her personality off the one she had in the TV series instead of just being a one-dimensional dumb blonde. Out of all the Triton's daughters, she's the most spoiled and selfish but there is mais to her than that. At first, she seems like a typical snob and a mean girl but it's to hide her own insecurities. She is jealous of Ariel because she always goes on such fun adventures and always wanted to go on one of Ariel's adventures with her but is afraid to ask (Just like in the episode Beached, which is the undersea equivalent to being grounded). She has a harsh and even kind of grumpy personality, but she cares about her family and her people. She often fights with Ariel but the two of them do amor each other and can come together as a powerful and clever duo. Arista is very creative and smart when she's given the opportunity to show she's mais than just a pretty face and is far from a dumb blonde. She has a hard time expressing her feelings and tries to cover up her insecurities and fears with a facade but she's not a bully and has a lot mais layers to her than she appears. She's very much like Rairity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in how superficial and overly-dramatic she can be, as well as her tendency to come off as a snob, but still has a good coração and is compassionate. Although, Arista is mais afraid to show that side of her and sometimes will do good and selfless acts of kindness (Without expecting anything in return) in secret because she's too embarrassed to have everyone think she's secretly soft. She is often jealous of Adella because of how she's not afraid of what anyone else things, aside from making people happy, but she still loves her.
Voiced por Elizabeth Gillies


She is very much the bookworm of Triton's daughters and her idea of a fun night is curling up with a good book. She reads fiction, history, and all sorts of things. But she doesn't just herself to books, she also likes to invent things and tries experiments. She still stays away from human things that fall from above because she knows her father wouldn't approve and she wants to make sure her inventions will be allowed to be used, which they wouldn't be if she used human things to help make them. She's usually tempted por Ariel to use human things she thinks might help the creation of her inventions and experiments faster and mais effective. She will often blow up at Ariel for constantly doing so, but will later apologize because she knows her baby sister was just trying to help. She's very intelligent but she isn't the stereotypical smart person that says a lot of fancy words that very few people understand. She'll usually think very rationally, as opposed to Ariel (Especially her, due to her experience with dangerous adventures), Adella, Andrina, and Aquata who allow themselves to think outside the box and take risks in dangerous situations with resourcefulness and rua smart (or whatever the undersea version of that is). She's very introverted and usually keeps to herself but is still a loving person that cares about her family and her people. What appears to be a crown on her hair isn't really a crown at all. It's actually one of the tools she uses when working on one of her inventions. She uses it most than any other tool, she always keeps her hair in a bun to keep it from getting in the way when she's working or leitura (In case her hair should mover in front of her since she is underwater), and on one side it looked like it could be a crown, so she thought she'd wear it as a capacete so she'd always have it when she'd need it and would never lose it. She is very stubborn in her way of thinking and thinks her way is the best way since she doesn't spend much time with others because of her introverted personality and keeping to herself. This also makes it hard for others to consider her ideas because of how she thinks her way is the right way a lot of the time, even though she's never a snob about it or ever really mean-spirited. Sometimes her ideas work out for the best and sometimes they don't and she has to listen to someone else's ideas. She hopes to become mais well-known for being a famous inventor instead of just one of the princesses of Atlantica.
Voiced por Bella Thorne


As you can tell, Adella isn't skinny like her sisters but she's not exactly fat either, mais just overweight and stocky. I based this off her design from the animated series. Plus, even in the original movie, she looked heavier than her sisters. She's not the stereotypical loves to eat all the time overweight character and she doesn't have any insecurities about her body at all. She knows she's just built differently from her sisters and doesn't let it bother her at all because she knows she's beautiful in her own way. She's very energetic, positive, loves music, always wants to dance whenever she can, is a party kind of girl but not reckless, is confident, outgoing, and would amor nothing mais than to make someone smile. She's a lot like Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray. Much like Pinkie Pie, people will think because of her silly and party-loving personality that she isn't very bright when both are actually very smart and notice things others don't but are too unfocused and hyper to show it in a conventional way. Because of how unfocused she is, is also the most observant of all of Triton's daughters and thinks outside the box even mais than that of Ariel. She's impulsive, but not in the same way Ariel is since Adella doesn't go on dangerous adventures. Her impulsive behavior is mais in trying different experiences in social situations, due to her energetic and optimistic personality. She is an attention seeker at times and wants to be considered the life of the party, which can sometimes blow up in her face. She's definitely eccentric and silly but is still smart and not an airhead. If anyone were to harm her family or her people, she will become serious, protective, and even a little aggressive. She's very creative in both fun and games but also in intelligence, despite not being focused enough to channel it. She will not stand for injustice and seguinte to Ariel (of course), is the most upset about the prejudice against humans but isn't vocal about it because she doesn't want to make her father anything but happy. She even tries to make the grumpy Arista and Sebastian happy. Unlike Arista, who keeps all her soft and sweet qualities hidden while her harsher qualities show as a facade to cover her insecurities, Adella is very much the opposite of that. However, she still does all she can to make Arista happy and help her bring out her softer side. She is still far from a pushover usually doesn't let things get to her but when they do, you better watch out.
Voice por Mae Whitman


At last, we come to Alana, the segundo youngest daughter of Triton. Much like how she was in Ariel's Beginning, she cares a lot about health and beauty, especially her own. Out of all of Triton's daughters, she's the one who takes the longest to get ready in the morning. She and Andrina will have arguments very often, due to their personalities being polar opposites. She also cares about fashion, well as much fashion as there is for a mermaid. She wears a crown because she likes to think of herself as the queen of fashion. However, while she can come off as self-centered and vail, she is still a good and generous person. Whenever there is an event coming up, she always volunteers to help her sisters decide what they're going to wear and help them fix their hair. She loves to look at her own reflection and is pretty superficial, but she never looks down upon anyone like a snob, despite being a little cocky and vain. She is a lot like Rairity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because of how she focus' on very little details and can end up wasting time because she's a perfectionist. She is also a lot like Rosetta from the sininho filmes and Blanche from The Golden Girls. She can be a drama queen in a very comedic way. She cares a lot about style and presentation. While she is a bit spoiled and selfish, in the end she'll put the needs of others first. She also has her own form of intelligence and can come across as dainty and helpless but she can be a force to be reconned with that can hold her own, especially if her family and people are threatened. She hates things like dirt and anything slimy and is the girliest out of all of Triton's daughters. She also is very flirtatious with mermen and has broken quite a few hearts. She even makes her own beauty products that make one not only look good but gives them healthier skin. She makes sure her products are 100% organic. She's very knowledgeable about science, which makes her come in handy when Attina needs her help in a certain area that she is actually mais knowledgeable about than Attina herself, which Attina hates to admit.
Voiced por Kristin Chenoweth
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oi guys here are the ages of your favorito prince and princesses

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Snow White Age-14
Prince Florina Age-17-18

2. cinderela (1950)
cinderela Age-19
Prince Henry Age-more than 19

3. Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Aurora Age-16
Prince Phillip Age-19-20

4. Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Belle Age-17
Prince Adam Age-21

5. The Little Mermaid (1989)
Ariel Age-16
Prince Eric-18

6. Pocahontas (1995)
Pocahontas Age-18
John Smith Age-more than 20

7. mulan (1998)
mulan Age-16
Li Shang Age-more than 18

8. The Princess and the Frog (2009)
Tiana Age-19
Naveen Age-more than 20

9. enrolados (2010)
Rapunzel Age-18
Prince Eugene Age-24

10. Valente (2012)
Merida Age-16

11. Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante (2013)
Anna Age-18
Kristoff Age-21
Elsa Age-21

12. aladdin (1992)
jasmim Age-16
aladdin Age-18
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This is an update to my original list.

My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music
Video: link

This song reminds me of the scene in the woods after she's been scared por the dark shadowed shapes of the trees. When she asks the animais what they would do and starts cantar With a Smile and a Song. Well this be an alternative song or whilst she' cantar she could be imagining her favourite things. I can also Snow White cantar this. It does require a positive sounding vocal so it makes sense.

Earth angel por Llewellyn & Juliana
Video: link

Her relationship with the Dwarves. She helped them grow and...
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Barbie/Cinderella Mashup
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Hello, everyone! Here is the compilation of the results of this spring's DP movie countdown. The ranking was based 32 lists: thirty-one enviado por fanpop users link + mine. Click on the link for mais information on how this countdown works, but in case you are wondering, I awarded one point to the first of each list, two points to the second, and so on. Which means that the movie with the least points was the winner of the countdown.

This artigo includes:

1. The no geral, global ranking;
2. The individual placements;
3. The total of points;
4. Two comments for each film (four for the first place).

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Congratulations to our fã of the mês winner for May 2015, Reflection11!

1. How does it feel to be fã of the Month?
Amazing! I know that sounds a little stupid, but is pretty cool to know that the spot appreciates my work! I’m a little shocked, but happy nonetheless.

2. Your favorito Princess? Why?
Mulan, no question! I amor how quirky and relatable she is, while still being admirable and brave. She’s realistic and highly intelligent and creative. I amor her so much words can’t describe.

3. Your least favorito Princess? Why?
Pocahontas. I find her bland and uninteresting. She is very...
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a bela adormecida
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This was reposted due to an unwanted and frankly annoying troll spamming my last article

Over the years, I've noticed that people really HATE Aurora in Keys To The Kingdom from disney Princess encantada Tales: Follow Your Dreams. I've honestly never understood the hate she received, mainly because no one ever freaking EXPLAINS it! I've always asked and they just say "SHE SUCKS," or "SHE'S A GIRLY STEREOTYPE," or "SHE HAS A POP VOICE," and all that but they don't EXPLAIN! The reason this version of Aurora is so hated is even less explained than the plot holes in Frozen. First of all, Enchanted...
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